What is fish pedicure and how can it be dangerous?

Recently, fish pedicure has become very popular in various SPA salons. What is this procedure, and why I wrote that it can be dangerous?

There are such fish, which are called Garra rufa (Garra rufa). Their homeland is considered to be Turkey if specifically, a small lake near the town of Sivas.

These fishes eat with pleasure skin scales. Some medical centers offer this fish pedicure to patients with some skin diseases, in particular – with hair loss or neurodermatitis.

It is difficult to say what effect this has. Under the pretext of medical secrets, information about the effectiveness of fish pedicure is hidden secretly.

The fish pedicure is offered not only for medicinal purposes. Often such a procedure is offered in conventional SPA. After the procedure, the skin on the legs is cleared of horny layers.

How is the fish pedicure?

Clients dip their feet into the pool, or rather, the aquarium, where up to several dozen Garra rufa fish (about 7-8 cm in length) swim. Fish nibble skin scales, leaving, after the session, tender, almost like a baby’s skin.

The procedure lasts from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on what kind of skin you have on your legs. Fish also chew out old calluses and coarsened skin on the heels.

Such a procedure, as I said, can be used both for cosmetic purposes and for therapeutic prescriptions. There is evidence that a fish pedicure can be effective in the treatment of acne.

What is the danger?

The water in the pool, of course, without chlorine. And the water does not change after every customer. Thus, fish can transmit the infection from the patient to the patient. Moreover, with some skin diseases often there is increased skin bleeding.

However, in some medical institutions, they offer to lower their legs not into a common pool, but into a basin with fish. Each customer has a new basin. I think that this business does not change. And whom they treated before me? Maybe he had AIDS.

The fish pedicure is prohibited in the US and Canada. At us in Illinois, I even never heard about such procedure though SPA salons at us are rather popular.

But in the tourist Mecca of Thailand, this kind of procedure is almost at every corner. For speed, several people sit down at once.

But there are many things in Thailand. In addition to sanitation and hygiene. So you just go one time, go to a fish pedicure or a sensitive Thai massage, and for the rest of your life, you will work for a skin-vein dispensary.

Honestly, I myself would never have agreed to such a procedure. Some fish will chew my legs. Yes they would go all the woods or ponds – as their fish go

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