Watermelon diet for 3 days: the benefits and harm

It is believed that diet food cannot be tasty and useful at the same time, but this rule does not apply to fruit and berry tables. Melon and watermelon diet for weight loss demonstrates excellent results while being very tasty and easy.

Benefit and harm of watermelon diet 

Watermelon diet for 3 days: the benefits and harm

Almost everyone knows about the useful properties of watermelons. It is prescribed in pregnancy with swelling and various kidney disorders, used to remove salts and toxins. In addition, this berry contains minerals and vitamins, which due to the large wateriness of the fetus are quickly absorbed by the body.

Benefit watermelon diet:

  1. Excellent diuretic effect. It is used by doctors to remove slag and excess water from the body. It is proved that a large percentage of excess weight is due to the accumulation of liquid, which, when removed, also cleanses the organs and vessels;
  2. This diet is very effective in cancer, skin and blood diseases (psoriasis, diabetes) due to cleansing properties. Normalizes not only the metabolism but also the work of the endocrine system. Harmful compounds are removed from the body, including the residue of medicinal preparations;
  3. Cleaning watermelon saturates the body with magnesium and potassium, which are excellent natural antidepressants. If during the off-season you have mood swings or stresses, then just sit on the watermelon for a few days – these phenomena will pass;
  4. The book “The Big Collection of Diets” says that against the background of this nutrition, even the skin is tightened, the color of the epidermis improves and the working capacity considerably increases;
  5. In addition, potassium strengthens the vessels, which is very useful for various cardiovascular diseases (dystonia, thrombosis, varicose, etc.);
  6. The berry can muffle the feeling of hunger. Of course, we can not say that there is a saturation or a rise in energy, but there is no excruciating pain in the stomach and other “charms” of a mono-diet.

But the watermelon diet has its drawbacks. Disadvantages of such food:

  1. According to doctors, you can not sit on it for more than 3 days. Otherwise, the body is depleted, because a lot of liquid comes out of it;
  2. It, like a cucumber, is dangerous for stomach disorders or chronic gastrointestinal diseases;
  3. This diet has one significant disadvantage – it is nitrates, which are used in the cultivation of watermelons. If the whole week is only this berry, then there is a high probability of infection of the body with these toxins, which in turn, worsen the metabolism and cause intestinal disorders and stomach pain.

The main contraindications for watermelons are ulcers, gastritis, fistula, low body mass index, the pregnancy of the 3rd trimester. Before you start to make a menu for a week, you should always consult a doctor.

Slimming for 3 days

To cleanse the main organs of the excretory system, with stones in the kidneys, pyelonephritis or edema, specialists are assigned a watermelon diet for 3 days. This mono-diet does not force to count calories but requires exact adherence to the recommendations of doctors. Consider the basic rules of nutrition:

  1. For breakfast, always eaten a watermelon without anything. In general, during dietary days, all snacks are done only by watermelon;
  2. This fruit diet does not cancel the need for copious drinking. Water only accelerates the process of cleansing the body, contributing to the rapid elimination of various “harmfulness”;
  3. With gastritis or gastroenterocolitis, you can not sit down on a watermelon for three days, but you can do 1 day off a week. On this day they eat only berries.

General information:

Can You cannot
Water, green tea, juices (apple, grape, pear). Alcohol, carbonated drinks, coffee, milk.
Some apples or other non-high-calorie fruit. Meat, dairy products.
Rye bread, bran. Flour, sweet, fatty, salty.

Ideally, you need to spend 3 days of watermelon diet exclusively on this berry, if very hard – then at least 1 day. During this period, you will not notice any significant changes in body and weight, it can go from 2 to 4 kilograms, without taking into account the liquid.

The postulate of weight loss :

  1. Immediately after sleep, you need to drink a glass of water – this will prepare the stomach. Further, any amount of berries is eaten to achieve a feeling of satiety;
  2. At lunch, you can combine fruit with bread (exclusively rye or bran), but not more than one slice at a time. This is very important because the body because of a shortage of nutrients can negatively react to flour – the intestine will stop, the stomach will hurt;
  3. To eat only in time – this normalizes the feeling of hunger and you will be easier to control yourself;
  4. For best results, you need a ripe sugar watermelon. In other cases, you simply will not eat up, and besides, when you use acidic watermelon, there is an increase in the acidity of the stomach;
  5. On the third day, you need to start typing in the menu the familiar products for a soft and comfortable exit from the diet. Take care not to consume fats and fast carbohydrates within a week.

Watermelon diet for a week

Reviews argue that to lose weight by 7-10 kg you must sit on a watermelon diet for at least 7 days (apple yields such results for 10 days). The average plummet is kilogram per day, with a higher initial mass, more. It is softer than a buckwheat or a three-day watermelon, but the effectiveness does not deteriorate. In a day you can eat as much watermelon, 3 pieces of rye bread and in recent days, even a little meat.

If the protein and rice supply the body with proteins, then watermelon – no, so if you feel worse (dizziness, unconsciousness, nausea), the diet should be discontinued. In the future, if you want to repeat, it is recommended to add a little chicken fillet on your menu.

Menu for 7 days (every meal is eaten as much watermelon as possible, so there is no watermelon in the table):

Breakfast Dinner Dinner
Monday Mineral water with honey, bread Slice of cheese, bread Rye slice, water
Tuesday Salad leaf, water with juice Salad leaves, green tea Juice
Wednesday Honey, tea Salad leaves Green tea, bran
Thursday Apple, mineral water A hen Salad
Friday Cheese slice, tea with honey Juice (apple, pear) Bread
Saturday Water with honey, cheese Salad, chicken fillet Boiled fish
Sunday Green tea with honey, toast with cheese Juice, lettuce, soup Chicken fillet, lettuce

n any recipe is allowed to add little seasonings (except salt) since the watermelon diet is categorically salt-free. Note that in recent days, you should try to eat the usual, but dietary foods and do not overeat, otherwise, the stomach will have an unpleasant weight. Drink a day at least 2 liters of mineral water (not counting green tea and juices). At this time, it is not recommended to take pills or other medications.

Repeat this food can be no more than once a month. Unloading days can be at least every week. Experts believe that the optimal dosage is a kilogram of watermelon a day for 10-12 kilograms of body weight.

If you are allergic to honey, you need to replace it with fructose – this is necessary to ensure that the brain does not suffer from lack of glucose in the process of nutrition. This is especially necessary for mental work or during the study. Sugar with these purposes is strictly prohibited.

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