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The absence of orgasm is not the only common sexual problem in women. Some women can not even allow a partner to have sexual intercourse because of fear of sexual intercourse. Sexologists call this problem vaginismus. About vaginism and its overcoming

Vaginismus is a psychogenic disorder that manifests itself by involuntary spasm of the muscles of the vagina, the entrance to the vagina and the adductor muscles of the thighs when trying to have symbols in erotic dreams
sexual intercourse , trying to perform a gynecological examination, and in some women even

What is the advantage of tantric sex?

at the thought of having a sexual intercourse . The cause of this disorder is physical or mental (psychological) trauma, received by a woman in childhood or in adulthood

Possible causes of vaginism

attempted rape

funk associated with sexual scenes. For example, a

Which women prefer sex without a relationship

sexual scene of a parent or an adult that the child suddenly sees as a child , which can cause negative emotions or memories at a subconscious level

incorrect education. For example, parents did not want a woman to

The beginning of a sexual life at girls

start having sex before marriage or early, so they frightened her with a sharp pain during sexual intercourse. “I had a patient,” says Boris Vornik, “who was told in childhood that sexual intercourse is like injecting a red-hot metal rod into the vagina

sexual illiteracy, ignorance of the basics of sexual life

the reason can be in the natural shyness and anxiety of the girl. In this case, the wrong behavior of the first sexual partner (rudeness, impatience, inability to prepare a girl for sexual intercourse), coupled with a sharp pain associated with sexual intercourse, can also cause vaginismus, even if the woman is no longer a virgin by this time

gross medical manipulation, tactlessness of doctors

disinformation, including through the media, can also lead not only to vaginism, but also to other sexual disorders

There are 3 degrees of vaginismus

Easy, when a woman is afraid of sexual intercourse and does not allow a partner Big dick – great difficulties
to enter the penis into the vagina

Average, when there is a spasm with the gynecological examination or touching the genitals

Heavy, when even at the thought of sex there is a spasm

Vaginismus: phobia of sex

It should be noted that sometimes there are cases in the mass media that as a result of spasm of the vaginal muscles the penis is tightly stuck in the vagina of a woman, vaginismus have nothing to do. First, such cases are so rare that, rather, passed into the category of folk legends. Secondly, here the reason is not the Old virgin: accident or pathology fear of sex as such (in this case, the woman still allowed the man to enter into sexual relations with her), but a sharp contraction of the muscles of the vagina because of something that suddenly happened already during the sexual act: there was a sharp pain, something scared, etc

Why do I need a sex therapist?

To correctly diagnose vaginismus and to distinguish true vaginismus from false and prescribe treatment depending on the diagnosis. False vaginismus, as a rule, is only a fear of intercourse. However, even with this fear, it is better, without delay, to go to a specialist.

To distinguish pain in gynecological diseases, which do not allow for sexual intercourse, and true vaginismus. In the first case, it is necessary to cure the gynecological disease and prepare a woman for sexual life. In this case, the sexologist works with the patient in parallel with the gynecologist.


Treatment for vaginismus is the psychological examination and psychotherapeutic correction. If necessary, the necessary medical preparations are connected. The duration of treatment depends on the degree of vaginismus, on its cause, the patient’s personality, and so on. In this case, you can guarantee a 100% cure.

Turning to a paid sexologist, do not be lazy to ask him to show you the certificate of preparation for sex pathology, which should be at least 6 months.

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