women’s panties: the most beautiful types

First of all, what you should pay attention to when choosing panties is the material from which they are made. Today they are sewn from a wide variety of materials: cotton with the addition of elastic threads, viscose, elastane, silk, lace, satin and other.

Models and fabrics are also very diverse so that every woman will surely find herself linen to taste. Everything depends on imagination and mood.

There are three types of panties: maxi, midi, mini – depending on the depth of the cut. Let’s look more closely at the classification of such a spicy element of the wardrobe.

Maxi panties

1. Pantaloons

They are panties that completely cover the upper part of the hip to the knee. They are made mostly of elastic materials, stretch or other thin fabric (except for pantaloons with warming materials), there are also seamless pants (for tight clothes).

women's panties the most beautiful types

There are also corrective models of pantaloons that have a corset frame and inserts, and for special occasions, you can pick up playful erotic pantaloons made of the finest lace.

2. Shorts or Boxers

These panties look like super-short shorts, and the elastic band is located at both the waist and hips. Shorts can be tight or loose and made of all kinds of materials – cotton with the addition of elastic fibers, satin, lace, silk, etc.

Types of women's panties

Shorts, like pantaloons, can be corrective, with different inserts (enlarging or pulling the buttocks) and modeling (with insertions in the waist area). And, of course, erotic shorts with stocking pads or cutouts in the most interesting places. Interesting models of shorts of various colors, decorated with bows and laces, you will find the famous brand Victoria’s Secret, as well as the Italian brand La Perla.

Midi panties

1. Slip-on panties

The most common and popular model of cowards. They are completely closed behind and have a cutout in the middle of the thigh. The elastic of slips is located on the waist (classical model) or on the hips. It is this model of cowards that is most suitable for everyday wear. Slips are at all brands of underwear manufacturers. Pay attention to the panties slips of the Milavitsa brand.

Types of women's panties 1

2. Asset

Another type of slip is an asset. The model closes the navel and has a high straight cut for the thighs, that is, completely opens the lateral part of the thigh. Such underwear is put under skirts with a high cut from the side.

Types of women's panties 2

3. Culotte

This is an option slip, but more closed, since it has a low cutout for the thigh. These panties make your hips more, and the silhouette – more feminine and seductive. Such panties have Passionata, supplemented by embroidery and artificial stones.

Types of women's panties 3

4. Tanga

They have a high cutout of the thigh. The front and back parts are joined at the sides by thin strips of fabric or elastic bands. Tanga can completely cover the buttocks either partially, and the elastic band is located on the waist or on the hips.

Types of women's panties 4

Mini panties

1. Bikini

Panties with a belt on the hips consist of two triangles, which are connected by thin strips of fabric, elastic bands or strings. Bikinis are not exactly suitable for daily wear, as they are not very comfortable. Playful bikinis with floral motifs of Stola will be appreciated by fans of the romantic style.

Types of women's panties 5

2. Thong panties

Types of women's panties 6

A model that consists of a triangle in the front and ropes at the back, which shows all the charms. Most often, these panties are worn under tight clothes.

There are 4 types of these panties:

  1. G-string – open panties with a low waistline, behind form a small triangle.
  2. V-string – similar to G-string, but differ in that this triangle is made of thin elastic bands or braid, rather than solid fabric.
  3. T-string – have a triangle of fabric only in front, and behind – a thin strip of fabric, forming the letter T, which can be decorated with rhinestones, embroidery, etc.
  4. C-string – the most open panties, which do not have rubber bands on the sides. They are kept at the expense of a silicone skeleton and cover only the most intimate places.

Types of women's panties 12

3. Brazilian

Incredibly sexy panties, very similar to a thong. They have a triangle in front and open the buttocks only up to half. Can be both on a wide standard elastic band, and on a narrow, tightly tightening hip.

Types of women's panties 7

4. Thong Shorts

Recently, this model of panties is gaining popularity, as it can correct the problem areas and perfectly fit for tight clothing.

Types of women's panties 8

5. The Devan-derier

The most narrow panties, having the same shape in front and behind. Such panties are created solely for seduction.

Types of women's panties 9

6. And finally,

very popular panties too. They are a triangle in the front and rubber bands or strips from the back. Such panties are located on the hips. Tongas can be of any type: mini, midi, maxi.

Types of women's panties 10

Special attention should be paid to special corset panties. These are high pants with corrective effect. This effect is achieved with the help of various inserts and seals in the problem areas, which will allow you to look slim and put on any outfit. For example, the body made from the brand Made by Niki will help not only to adjust the waist but will replace the fashionable swimsuit in the golden-white range.

Types of women's panties 11

Important when choosing underwear is the right size. To correctly determine the size, it is enough to measure the centimeter band around the hips at the most prominent points. Each underwear manufacturer has its own dimensional mesh, but in general, they do not differ from each other.

Choosing your underwear, in particular, first of all, pay attention to your feelings. In a comfortable, sexy and fashionable underwear, you will feel like a queen, and this is sure to be felt by your man.

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