Turquoise hair – dye of turquoise for brown and dark

The desire to stand out from the crowd is a natural need of many young girls. To do this, select provocative outfits, causing behaviors and much more. But to show their individuality can be more restrained, but no less impressive. To do this, just change the color of your hair, giving them a bright shade. Most often you can find girls with red, pink, greenish, purple and even orange strands. But in the new season, turquoise hair produce a real sensation.


Despite the fact that turquoise for hair is in itself a rather non-standard solution, today you can find many variations of this color. Paint manufacturers highlight:

  • Electric blue. This is a dark version of turquoise, which is distinguished by its depth. It looks more restrained than others, and thus gives a hue of mystery. Great for girls with light blue or gray eyes;
  • Neon. Bright “flashy”, which is chosen by frequent visitors to nightclubs, bars, and discos. Neon stands out in the crowd not only because of its inconsistency with the natural shade but also because it glows in the dark. For this reason, it is recommended to paint only the tips or make an ombre with neon;
  • Light turquoise. The light shade that is perfect for blondes. He is very beautiful and exactly falls on the bright curls and emphasizes the natural whiteness of the face. Noteworthy is the fact that light turquoise looks quite natural because it is only slightly different from the platinum blonde.

In general, the result of staining depends not only on the paint and tonic but also on your natural color. Do not forget that on blondes turquoise will stand out brightly, and on brunettes – to amaze with depth and saturation.

How to dye your hair turquoise

If you want to update your image, then pay attention to the fact that coloring itself also means a lot. If you decide to radically change your image, then you will need:

  1. Full staining. With this option, the dye is applied evenly over the entire length of the curls;
  2. Dyutonal With this method, bangs and hair roots are painted in a dark shade of turquoise, and the rest length – in a lighter. This decision looks very interesting and unusual;
  3. Multicolor. This option is chosen by shocking people who are already difficult to surprise with something. There are two options for multi-color staining:
    In the first case, the hair is taken by strands and painted in different shades. This hairstyle looks quite motley and playful, therefore it suits positive and smiling people;
    In the second case, the color changes along the length of the curls – at the roots dark colors are selected and change to lighter at the tips. In this case, you can choose not only different shades of turquoise but also different colors of the same color range. For example, the transition from violet through turquoise to a sea wave looks very impressive.

Turquoise hair - dye of turquoise for brown and dark

And for those girls who are not yet ready to part with their color, but want to add a little color to the reflection in the mirror, there are less drastic ways to paint:

  • Highlighting. This method is best suited for brunettes and girls with dark brown curls. Separate turquoise strands look very impressive, they do not stand out in the collected hairstyles and in case of which they can be easily painted over with a dark tonic;
  • Turquoise Ombre. A very popular way of coloring this season is an Ombra with bright unnatural colors. The most profitable turquoise tips look on blond hairstyles and blond hair. In addition, this version of the transformation perfectly combines with fast and gorgeous hairstyles, such as “Hollywood curls” and the usual high tail.

If you have chosen turquoise as a permanent companion of your hair, then it is not necessary to completely change your image – the coloring option depends only on your individual preferences and your determination.

Popular brands of turquoise paint

Every time when choosing a paint, it is necessary to pay attention to the manufacturer, because a low-quality tonic can simply “burn” your curls. Unfortunately, the most popular manufacturers try to produce tonics of natural shades. But to find high-quality bright paint is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. This will help you:

  • Tonic, based on natural ingredients, provides careful coloring, not penetrating deep into the hair structure. In addition, the dye contains moisturizing ingredients that nourish your curls, maintaining their healthy appearance. This manufacturer can be found neon turquoise, which will glow in the dark;
  • The ammonia-free gel can be used both for full coloring and for creating a beautiful Ombre. Keeps on curls for several weeks, without changing its brightness and saturation.

Do not forget about the popular manufacturers, many of which include in their palette 2-3 unnatural colors. In addition, they can often find crayons, tonics, and sprays that give your curls an unusual look for only a while, and then completely washed out after 8-10 shampooing procedures.

Rules for coloring turquoise hair

For painting, you can use paint or tonic. To obtain a bright saturated color, hair should be light blond or blond. Brunette turquoise is suitable only if the pre-strands are clarified.

Turquoise hair - dye of turquoise for brown and dark

It is recommended to carry out dying in the salon with the master of his craft in order to obtain a stable saturated color evenly distributed along the length of the curls. But if you decide to perform staining at home, then consider a few important points:

  • For the uniform application of paint or tonic, use a comb;
  • It is necessary to fix the hair with plastic clips, as the metal can react with the coloring pigment and give an unpredictable result;
  • During the procedure, it is recommended to use a plastic bag or a shower cap. The use of foil is not recommended;
  • Withstand the pigment should be according to the instructions on the packaging of the coloring matter, but there is one general rule – for a more saturated and bright shade, it is necessary to increase the time.

Turquoise hair and makeup

Any makeup artist will tell you that for each type of face there is a way of applying makeup, and the choice of shades of cosmetics depends not only on skin color but also on eyes and hair. Naturally, the turquoise hairstyle requires appropriate makeup, based on several important rules.

Rule 1. Expressive eyes.

Malvina’s bluish curls should be combined with expressive eyes, otherwise, the overall impression of your image will be negative. In order to give your eyes expressiveness, you can use a dark eyeliner or pencil. Outline the eye to draw attention to others at a glance. For a century, it is better to use shades of light shades that will contrast sharply with a pencil.

Rule 2. Easy smile.

The contrast is placed on the eyes, so the lips should not attract too much attention. Use a light transparent or translucent gloss or lipstick of a natural shade.

If you follow these rules when creating your image, then success is guaranteed.

How to remove the turquoise color

When carrying out the staining procedure at home, an unpredictable result is often obtained. In order to get rid of unwanted colors, you can use folk remedies:

  • Honey mask. Hair is plentifully greased with honey, covered with polyethylene and wrapped in a towel. This mask is aged overnight, and in the morning it is washed off with the help of a shampoo. To achieve a significant effect, it is recommended to make such masks during the week daily;
  • Soda. Soda well removes not only stains but also the undesirable color of colored curls. For 20 cm of hair length, 10 tablespoons of soda are taken and diluted in one glass of water. The tool is applied to the painted areas with a cotton swab or disc along the entire length. This mask is aged for 40 minutes, after which it is washed off with the help of a shampoo and a large amount of water.

If you want to give your curls a bright shade of turquoise, then the best solution is to contact an experienced master. He not only advises the option of coloring and a suitable shade but also will carry out the procedure carefully, using professional tools.

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