The effect of smoking during pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy

Perhaps, no one will argue that smoking is harmful to any young woman. But when it is in position, the damage caused by nicotine is incommensurably increasing. After all, most of all from the habit of puffing, unborn children suffer.

All the toxic substances penetrate the child through the placenta. And neither the length of service nor the number of cigarettes smoked does not play a special role – one pull is sufficient for this. In fact, the fruit smokes with the mother. That’s only the harm that can be done is incomparable: the concentration of all these substances in the child’s body is much higher than in the mother’s blood! By the way, the cigarette contains about 2500 chemicals: nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, benzpyrene and even some radioactive substances simply kill the emerging organism.

Effects of smoking during pregnancy

What happens when the mother is delayed can be imagined: the environment of the fetus becomes smoke instead of the normal transparent, the child begins to cough and suffocate. A vasospasm begins, and oxygen starvation occurs. This leads to the fact that women who smoke more often than others are born premature babies with a body weight of fewer than 2500 grams, as well as with reduced other parameters (long body, the circumference of the head and thorax). Because of this, they then often get sick and develop slowly.

There is an opinion that it is impossible to quit smoking during pregnancy because the body cleanses through the fetus, which is even worse for him. Doctors in such cases are advised to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked to a minimum. But studies have shown that this still does not lead to a decrease in nicotine in the body of a woman. Also, there is a variety of information about the period at which smoking causes the greatest harm. In this context, one can say only one thing: smoking is extremely harmful and dangerous for you and the future child! Regardless of the time and other factors, a loving adequate mother simply has to give up this habit!

What to do if you did not know that you were pregnant and continued to smoke? Do not despair. It’s never too late to quit. Studies have shown that women who stopped smoking during the early months of pregnancy reduced the risk of having a sick child to a minimum. Quitting smoking even in the last month can significantly help in delivering enough oxygen to the child.

So, the birth of a healthy child is possible only if he does not smoke with his mother. And whether you can drop the habit that kills him and you, will depend only on how much you are interested in the birth of a healthy baby. Do you realize that you are responsible for someone else’s life?

Disappointing statistics

  • Smoking (regardless of the number of cigarettes smoked) during pregnancy increases the risk of its unfavorable completion almost 2 times!
  • Approximately 25% of women continue to smoke during pregnancy.
  • Children of women who smoked during pregnancy are one third more likely than others to take diabetes or obesity by the age of 16.
  • Boys born from smoking mothers have smaller testicles, and sperm concentration in sperm is on average 20% lower than in non-smoking children.
  • Children of mothers who smoked during pregnancy are several times more likely to start smoking themselves than children whose mothers did not smoke during pregnancy.
  • For women who smoke one or more packs of cigarettes a day, the frequency of miscarriages is 1.5 times higher than that of non-smokers. And if smoking is combined with alcohol consumption, the risk of miscarriage increases 4.5 times.
  • The mortality rate of children during childbirth (sudden infant death syndrome) among smokers is on average 30% higher than for non-smokers. Especially high mortality of twins.
  • It is proved that in the United States up to 14% of premature birth is the result of tobacco smoking.
  • In highly developed countries, one-third of low-birth-weight infants are the result of cigarette smoking by their mothers.
  • Some studies show that the number of smoked cigarettes is very important. A woman who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day increases the risk of having a baby with a 30% reduced birth weight.

Passive smoking during pregnancy

Quitting smoking during pregnancy is not an easy task for many women. This is actually difficult to do, despite the apparent evidence: because of everything for the sake of the most expensive creatures in the world!

But it’s even harder to force to quit smoking your husband or other family members living with you. And it would be very good to do it.

Doctors are convinced: passive smoking during pregnancy is definitely dangerous for the future child and his mother. According to some reports, the active smoker during inhaling breathes about 20% of the toxic substances of cigarette smoke, and the remaining 80% is meant for a person standing next to him. After all, the active smoker inhales carcinogens and mutagens through a filter, and passive – without any preliminary cleaning … But, most likely, such statements are somewhat exaggerated, because a significant part of the smoke is scattered around, and it is not necessary to catch this smoke entirely.

Nevertheless, it is scientifically proven the harm of second-hand smoke during pregnancy. Research confirms the scientists’ guesses: passive smoking increases all possible risks in pregnancy – the development of pathologies and abnormalities, premature birth, fetal death, miscarriage, developmental delay, lack of body weight in the child, propensity to respiratory system diseases, heart defects, ARI, diabetes mellitus, leukemia, underdevelopment of internal organs and others – all of which we wrote above. For example, the risk of developing birth defects in an infant with passive smoking increases by 13%, and the probability of giving birth to a dead baby is increased by 23%!

Show these lines to your smoking partner: your pregnancy can be for him an excellent reason to abandon the disastrous habit and live a healthier, higher quality and longer life. Moreover, after the birth of a child in the family will be one more smoker, even if passive. In the power of your smoking loved ones to determine the future health and life of your baby. Please note that even if the husband or father will go out to smoke on the balcony or even to the street, it will not be possible to completely eliminate the harm of passive inhalation of toxic substances. But to reduce it will be possible, therefore, if a smoker is indifferent to a defenseless baby, then it will be better than nothing.

Passive smoking during pregnancy is more harmful, the longer a woman stays in the area of secondary cigarette smoke, especially if she is in an enclosed area. In one hour of such passive smoking, the future mother inhales as many poisonous substances as the active smoker receives after smoking one cigarette. Therefore, intending to drink with a girlfriend a glass of cocoa, choose a cafe more demanding.

The authors of the scientific experiment on the dangers of second-hand smoke for future offspring concluded that it is very important to protect the future mother from passive smoking even before pregnancy. And in general, secondary smoke is harmful to everyone! Avoid smoking companies.

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