Summer Dresses -How to Choose Them

There are dresses that you can wear at any time of the year, changing only the attendant details. But there are purely seasonal variations. And our theme this time is summer dresses. They are made only of lightweight breathable materials (cotton, chiffon, silk, etc.) and have a light color palette, rich colors, and prints.

How to choose a summer dress for your figure type

There are generally accepted rules that you can use for any dresses, not just summer dresses. Let’s designate the basic types of a figure and we will list those dresses which will underline your advantages and hide lacks (and this is one of the main tasks for any woman):

figure “triangle”

If you remember how this geometric figure looks, it becomes clear why the figure with wide hips received such a name. Against the background of the volumetric bottom, the top looks narrow. There is disharmony, with which it is necessary to fight. The basic means of struggle are airy summer dresses with a free skirt and open shoulders. Remember the famous Dior style new bow, which turned a woman into a refined flower. Look for its modern interpretations and you will be happy!

figure “inverted triangle”

It is not difficult to guess that here the situation is the opposite of the first type. Shoulders wider than thighs. And with this, too, you can easily cope. The main thing is not to draw too much attention to the shoulders. Wear summer dresses with open shoulders, ruffles, bows and other decors on the top – it’s not worth it. You will only weight the whole situation. Girls with this type of figure will perfectly suit a dress with a simple top, long and not very sleeves and a free-flowing skirt. And look at the Basque, it will help to add the missing volume and bring harmony into the image.

figure “apple”

This type of figure involves concentrating the volumes in the middle of your body. Girls quite often are the owners of graceful legs and hands, but they have a heavy body, tummy, and large breasts. They prefer to wear loose tunic dresses, with voluminous sleeves and without any designation of the waist. This, of course, is not a bad option, but you can consider something else: a summer dress with a high waist, sleeves ¾ (emphasizing graceful hands) and a free skirt. Such an outfit will make the silhouette more harmonious and hide certain problem areas.

figure “rectangle”

She is also called a provocative boyish. This type is typical for girls with a slightly outlined waist, with the upper and lower part of approximately one width. Traditionally, in such cases, it is recommended to refer to dresses with a low waist, characteristic for the 30s. Also, do not be afraid of the decor both on the top and bottom of the dress and prints that can create volume, where it is not enough.

an hourglass figure

Thin waist, voluminous hips, and chest – with this type of figure, of course, the easiest. Girls can wear a variety of styles, but the adornment will be dressed in summer dresses.

Popular styles and varieties of summer dresses

Beach summer dresses

This is the very dress that can be as transparent as possible (especially if you have a beautiful and complex swimsuit), with unimaginable cuts and décolleté. The length is also appropriate the most different from the maxi to the daring mini. It’s a beach! The most controversial issue here is about accessories and the image as a whole.

If you are going to the beach to sunbathe and buy. Then, in this case, prepare sandals at low speed or Birkenstocks. Wear a short free dress and a straw hat. And if you have a beach party in your schedule or you go down to the pool of your apartments on holiday to drink a refreshing cocktail. It is quite appropriate to wear a flying transparent maxi dress, sandals on a wedge and even hanging earrings. After all, you are not going to lie in the sand, play beach and dive with your head. So why not look sumptuous in summer? Each situation has its own image.

Summer dresses in the flared skirt

This style really gets popular in the summer, because at this time of the year I want everything light, I want the wind to playfully inflate my hair and skirt.

Dress with the flared skirt looks good in both mini and midi length. It can be worn both with sandals on his heel and with moccasins, sneakers, loffers (especially if the length of the skirt is below the knee). Study your color pattern and determine the color group that suits you. On this basis, update the dress with flared skirt every season. And also watch the current prints in the TRENDS section.

Summer dresses in retro style (in the style of 50’s)

The symbol of the 50’s is an inimitable “new bow” (the term was introduced by the fashionable editor of American Harper’s Bazaar Carmel Shaw), which arose from one of the fashion kings Christian Dior. The French couturier changed the square female silhouette habitual for wartime and turned women into flower buds. “I created clothes for a woman who looked like a flower – round shoulders, a lush feminine bust, the thinnest waist and a huge spacious skirt,” Dior writes in his autobiography.

Of course, a clean “new bow” with its careful elaboration (when the dress could be worn almost inside out), a complex structure that brought inconvenience due to the fact that the dresses were very heavy and somewhat shackled movements, now cannot be found. But in fact, the silhouette remained to us in a heritage. And why not use it at times instead of the over-the-top jeans and T-shirts? Just look how feminine, especially with heels:

Free summer dresses

From clearly outlining the waist of “new bow” we pass to the complete absence of the waist. And this is, perhaps, a more desirable option for a hot summer, when you want to breathe a full breast without any embarrassment. Contrary to possible doubts in a free-cut dress, dress-tunic, a cape, a woman can be very attractive. The main thing to avoid the effect of a bag of potatoes. To save from this can asymmetry of the dress (cascading skirt) and shoes on the heel (better sandals on the heel or wedge). And still use jewelry: a pendant on a long chain, hanging earrings. And if we talk about the bag, the huge bags are not exactly here. Make a choice in favor of a bag on a thin long strap.

Summer dresses-sarafan

A dress without sleeves, that is, a sundress in the reign of Peter I was considered clothes of commoners, and in Northern Europe until the 20th century – clothes of peasant women. And now one of the leading fashion brands Prada demonstrates sarafans in their pret-a-porte collections.

There are two types of sundresses: those that can be worn over something, and those that are not. The first summer is worth wearing with tops, light blouses, thin turtlenecks and sneakers, sandals on the platform, sandals. The latter are more independent. They should be combined with sandals and sandals with heels.

Summer dresses without straps

Dress strapless appeared in the 1930s. And then it was considered only an evening option. The bodice of the dress was strengthened from the inside by hard, dense materials. After decades, this style is not obsolete, it is still used in the evening fashion, as well as it is a popular model for an easy summer sarafan, the bodice which is mainly held by sewing gum. The length is very different, you can even have sleeves.

Summer maxi dress with straps is better to combine with sandals. Shorter variations – with refined sandals on an average heel or wedge. The handbag is best to choose a small one, on a long thin strap.

Summer dresses “peasant woman”

Despite such a simple name, this dress looks very feminine and perfectly suited for evening summer walks. Volumetric sleeves, open shoulders, top with a spoon and a loose long skirt.

Dress “peasant woman” can be worn as with shoes without a heel, and with barefoot heels. Look good as a monophonic dress, and with a floral print (in a small flower). Since the style assumes open shoulders, then hanging earrings or necklaces will be a successful addition to the image.

Summer dresses-trapeze

The trapeze dress was born in 1958 in the first collection of Yves Saint Laurent as creative director of the House of Christian Dior. It was “an extravagant interpretation of the traditional A-shaped silhouette, proposed by his mentor in the spring collection of 1955”, writes in his book Marni Fogg. Since then, this dress and accessories attached to it (before women had to wear it with long gloves) underwent a number of changes. But it still remains relevant. As well as the heritage of the great couturier.

If you wear a summer dresses-trapezium of a pastel shade, shoes-boats, then you will get – an elegant image. With a bright dress, sandals on his heel and a bag-pouch – bow of a young cheerful and positive girl. The trapeze can be worn even with sneakers and a bright miniature backpack, especially if it has an original print.

What summer dresses are suitable for work

Of all the above-mentioned styles for working in a stuffy office, you can use: a business dress that can be worn over a Shirley made of natural silk, a trapeze dress up to the knee in pastel tones, perhaps with a not too flashy geometric print. Also, you can consider a dress with flared skirt, short sleeve, and collar. As for the shoes, it is, of course, the shoes-boats on a comfortable heel height.

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