Semi-permanent mascara: advantages, application

Are you tired of getting up every morning half an hour earlier to apply makeup? Then semi-permanent mascara is exactly what you need. Basically, it is used by those who do not want to build eyelashes, as when covering with this tool from a professional, the effect of false eyelashes is created.


What happens to your eyelashes after they have been painted with permanent mascara. One of the main advantages of such indelible makeup is an increase in eyelash volume. You should not worry about their length: after applying such mascara, each cilium will be 15-20% longer!

And, of course, do not forget that the makeup that lasts for at least two weeks is a real gift for every woman

Semi-permanent mascara advantages, application

And now let’s look at the advantages of using this makeup in more detail :

  • Saving time for applying makeup and care for eyelashes;
  • Improving the appearance of eyelashes;
  • You will no longer worry about the dark streaks under your eyes;
  • Eyelashes look fluffy. How much time does it take each day to make your look expressive? A lot, is not it? But thanks to this tool, each eyelash will be separated from the other, which will give your look depth and mystery;
  • Full compatibility of such make-up with both day and night time of the day;
  • When applied correctly, this procedure does not cause any harm to your health.

As you can see there are a lot of advantages. Above all, remember that trying to put such mascara at home is not worth it. You can not only spoil your eyes with unsuccessful make-up, but also damage your own natural cilia. So do not save on yourself and make an appointment with a professional!


If you think that leaving the beauty salon you can immediately do everything your heart desires, you are deeply mistaken. There are several rules whose non-observance may lead to the disappearance of any result of the procedure. And in some cases, with your careless actions, you can even harm your eyes.

So, the rules for the treatment of eyelashes painted with permanent ink :

  1. The first day after the procedure is not worth washing your face with water or special means. This precaution is due to the fact that semi-permanent mascara of the first 24 hours is not completely dry, so the influence of water or mechanical impact can negate all the efforts of the master;
  2. All the time, while such a mascara on your eyelashes, you should not use moisturizers, which include oil. It doesn’t bring harm, of course, but there’s nothing left of the makeup;
  3. In no case should not apply another layer of ordinary mascara. If it seems to you that the eyelashes might look better you should not try to correct this annoying omission manually. The application of ordinary mascara or the use of special eyelash curlers does not bring anything good. At best, you simply break the integrity of the layer of permanent mascara, at worst – your eyelashes will suffer.


Despite the fact that the mascara itself looks like normal, the procedure for its application is significantly different from the daily ritual of millions of women. a semi-permanent mascara is applied in several stages. First, the specialist must carefully clean the eyes from the makeup, otherwise the tool will not last long.

The next step is to remove the fat from the eyelashes and the skin around the eyes with the help of a special cosmetic.

Semi-permanent mascara advantages, application

The tool itself is applied very carefully with a special brush on each eyelash. The amount of ink applied depends on customer requests. You can make up only the upper cilia, or only the lower. You can focus on the outer corner of the eye, but you can also on the inner. In general, you can do anything.

If you are blonde, then you should repaint and eyebrows, which is also possible with the help of permanent mascara. The procedure here is similar to covering permanent mascara eyelashes. First clean, then decrease, then stain each hair.

The procedure is seemingly harmless, but one should not ignore the fact of the existence of individual intolerance. And if during application you have sharply tingled eyes or the skin around them, then you should immediately stop covering the mascara, because this procedure obviously will not bring you anything except problems.


Very often in the beauty salon, you are offered to combine the application of semi-permanent mascara and biowave eyelashes. What is bio wave and how will it affect your appearance?

In fact, if you were offered this service in the salon, it means that you have come to a very expensive and popular place since not any master can do this procedure.

Today it is a rather rare and unique procedure that allows you to tighten up your eyelashes, thereby giving your look openness and expressiveness.

One of the indisputable advantages is the duration of the preservation effect. For example, with proper care for the cilia, they can remain twisted for about a month and a half. And this is a real gift to every woman!

It is also worth noting that thanks to the biowave, you can significantly correct the shape of the eyes, hide all the flaws and emphasize the undeniable merits. Do not worry about the health of your cilia.

During the procedure, each eyelash is curled from the middle, so that if it suddenly falls out, then a new one will surely grow in its place since such a procedure has no effect on the bulbs.

If you have short straight eyelashes, then you should not think that a biowave will not work for you. It is perfect for everyone, regardless of how long and shape your eyelashes are.

So, we figured out what a semi-permanent mascara is, and what effect it has on the eyes. As we see, with the advent of such a procedure, you no longer need to get up early in the morning and spend a huge amount of time on makeup.

Using a semi-permanent mascara, you can spend more time with your loved ones, while looking just wonderful. Therefore, if you really want to make your life easier, then such a procedure was invented for you!

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