Red hair: how to choose and get your perfect shade

Hair color is a very effective way to attract the attention of others, to express your individuality, to make the image unique and perfect. Red hair color – the prerogative of bold, bright and eccentric beauties. The palette of burning shades is so diverse that everyone has the opportunity to choose the option that is ideal for facial features, skin color, and eyes. To create a harmonious, stylish image, it is important to consciously approach the choice of a new tone, study fashion trends, and recommendations of stylists. Consider that such a transformation requires the revision of the wardrobe, the development of new makeup techniques.

Color features

Red hair color opens up immense opportunities for girls and women to change their image. Its color palette has about 100 names of shades: from gentle, sensitive pink to the burning tone of burnt sienna, calm terracotta to mysterious burgundy.

It is also worth noting that the burning image does not tolerate doubt, indecision. It harmoniously looks only on bold and self-confident personalities who are not afraid of experiments and sharp turns of fate.

Red hair: how to choose and get your perfect shade

For those who are in awe relates to fashion, stylists recommend abandoning the full color of hair, limiting staining technique balayage, Ombre or selectively isolate strands. Bright flames, smooth or abrupt transitions from a burning color to the main hair color look interesting and fashionable this season. Plus, these options will damage less hair and focus on the merits of appearance, regular facial features.

Red hair: how to choose and get your perfect shade

The advantages of dyeing hair in red include:

  • looks fashionable and relevant;
  • a huge selection of shades and variations of the image update, respectively, there can be no doubt about the selection of the perfect transformation;
  • even in gloomy weather you will look bright, personify courage, attract the attention of others;
  • the color is easy to lay down, so adherents of home dyeing should have no difficulty;
  • the red color is universal – it fits at a young age and more mature women, blondes, brunettes;
  • interesting and unique look red hair for men, guys;
  • To change the image, in addition to aggressive chemical compounds, you can use henna – at the same time as staining, you strengthen the curls and strengthen the protection from the UV rays of the sun
  • undemanding to the length of the haircut: red hair on short hair, long or medium looks interesting and expressive in its own way.

Recall the weaknesses:

  • the color is quickly washed out, so it needs to be updated more often;
  • poor quality paint may leave traces on clothes and pillows;
  • not suitable for people who often blush, have acne, skin irritation on the face – red will only accentuate these shortcomings;
  • A new image requires a revision of the wardrobe, you will have to choose makeup under red hair;
  • Be prepared for the increased attention of others – you will always have to look perfect.

How to get red hair suitable for you?

Skin and eye color, age – the main criteria that should guide the choice of a bright shade. To make the new image as harmonious and perfect as possible, listen to the advice of experts:

dark skin, green and brown eyes are perfectly combined with bright red shades (mahogany, red amber, and others)
for beauties with snow-white, porcelain skin, delicate pink tones (crimson, deep pink, others) are better suited

How to get red hair suitable for you

dark mahogany or mahogany is recommended for adults, accomplished personalities – it gives solidity and aristocracy to the image
brown hair can be diluted with strands of dark red, cherry color

Red hair how to choose and get your perfect shade

emphasize the depth and beauty of brown eyes will help burgundy tint
Perfectly, naturally and brightly looks on beauties of different ages with green eyes and snow-white skin brown-red options

Red hair how to choose and get your perfect shade

to give raisins, charm brunette will help the tips of the color of burgundy, ruby or red garnet
brown-eyed beauties with light tan skin and long curls to make the image unique and interesting shade “red copper” will help

Red hair how to choose and get your perfect shade

red gold, fiery-red hues are the perfect choice of bold, self-confident girls and women with an autumn color type
red and chestnut hair color should be offered to playful people, red streaks in color will sparkle in the sun and free the image from boredom and dullness of everyday life
on women of mature age, red-brown hair will visually hide wrinkles

Red hair how to choose and get your perfect shade

deep pink, cold scarlet, purple and ruby – a win-win for owners of the cold color type
Beauties with black and dark brown eyes, tanned skin and natural dark curls will be decorated with strands of red-purple color.

Red hair how to choose and get your perfect shade

Popular shades

Seductively bright, extraordinary red in 2019 does not give up its positions, remaining fashionable and in demand. From the variety of color gamut, stylists have identified the following shades.

The Red tree

This hair color is the undoubted leader in popularity among women. Chestnut, chocolate perfectly hide the first manifestations of old age and give a young image elegant sexuality.

In addition, paint manufacturers offer several options for mahogany: scarlet and brown. The second option is more muted, the correct makeup and expensive wardrobe will help to enhance the brightness of the image. Mahogany with red tints – an excellent selection of bold, younger people.

Red hair how to choose and get your perfect shade


The dark red shade of the hair looks rich and dignified, attracts attention with its restrained brightness. Looks great dark red hair on brunettes with dark skin and dark eyes.

Red hair how to choose and get your perfect shade

Ripe cherry

Cherry shade enjoys undoubted success in fashionistas and this season. The color will emphasize the perfect skin tone, the depth of brown eyes. Use it stylists recommend owners of dark on the nature of the hair.


A cherry ombre for a brunette is an ideal opportunity to emphasize your style and appeal. This option looks great on long-haired beauties, elongated bark, and haircuts of medium length.

Red hair how to choose and get your perfect shade

Burgundy and Bordeaux

Burgundy, red wine holds the leading position of fashionable shades for more than one season. This is a colorful cocktail of purple, chestnut, red tints. All the fullness and brightness of the color is especially revealed in sunny weather. Be prepared to hit their expressiveness and brilliance of the hair of others!

Stylists offer several win-win combinations for the spring of 2019:

  • natural black with the transition to burgundy

Red hair how to choose and get your perfect shade

  • cool chestnut with a muffled burgundy

Red hair how to choose and get your perfect shade

  • a triple transition from black to burgundy and bright red

Red hair how to choose and get your perfect shade

Garnet and Ruby

Selected shades are very similar to each other. They look juicy, unique, bright on the hair of any length. Ruby and pomegranate go to women of fashion with dark hair. Coloring using the ombre technique will look fashionable and luxurious, will not require frequent correction.

Red hair how to choose and get your perfect shade

Fiery red

Impulsive, saturated fiery hair color will ignite your image with new power. Consider, this color is very picky about the condition of the hair. On the weak, porous curls, he cannot fully reveal and can look sloppy, cheap. Therefore, before dying in the fiery, closely engage in the restoration and strengthening of the hair.

Red hair how to choose and get your perfect shade

Copper red

This color harmoniously looks with light and very light skin of the face. The highlight of the shade is that it is less aggressive than pure red but more expressive than red. Looks most impressively on girls with autumn color type.

Red hair how to choose and get your perfect shade

Attention! Copper-red multiplies skin flaws, so newly-fashioned women of fashion should be sensitive to the condition of the skin with particular nagging ness or try to hide the flaw at the very first manifestations.

Chocolate red

The chocolate color is an indisputable trend of this spring, and in combination with reddish hints, a fashionable image is guaranteed. This shade as if created for the owners of freckles, green eyes. Color easily and evenly lays down, correctly hides the mistakes of the previous coloring, less demanding to care.

Red hair how to choose and get your perfect shade

Bright red

Bright red tint – the choice of bold, energetic. This option is suitable for dark gray and rich blue eyes, it is ideally combined with delicate fair skin.

The smooth transition from natural chestnut to lighter red-red ends looks harmonious, fresh and stylish. Especially true this color in this season.

Red hair how to choose and get your perfect shade


Young owners of a cold color type can decorate their hair with pink-colored strands. They refresh the image, give it a fabulous cold, look bold and extraordinary. Use a similar range of stylists does not recommend women of mature age. This image will look inharmonious with age-related skin imperfections.

Red hair how to choose and get your perfect shade


Another trendy hair color for brunettes, girls with a cold color type. Gray, blue eyes, porcelain skin are successfully combined with purple, creating a truly royal image.


If you have thick, dark in nature locks of medium length, then stylists recommend dyeing only the ends in purple. At the same time, the transition from the natural color to the selected one is made as smooth as possible.

Red hair how to choose and get your perfect shade


This color is also called “carrot”. It blends perfectly with fair skin and gray, green or blue eyes, giving them even more depth and brightness.

Red hair how to choose and get your perfect shade

How to get red hair at home

You can get a red color at home in several ways: tinted shampoos or balms, persistent ammonia paints, and natural, safe products. The choice of dye affects:

  • the original condition of the hair and the original color
  • how long you want to stay in the new image
  • own preferences and attitudes to chemical exposure.

Paint coloring

Durable paints provide the most lasting results. The selected shade will last 1-2 months, depending on the care of the curls and the persistence of the composition. The red color is quickly washed away and loses brightness, despite the assurances of manufacturers, so demanding women of fashion renew the color already 3 weeks after dying.

Another important point! To dye dark hair in a bright tone will require prior discoloration, and blond hair is recommended to first dye in red.

Among the colors with ammonia and without modern women of fashion emit:

Hair coloring in red at home is performed in the following sequence:

  1. A few days before the intended transformation, wash your hair with shampoo.
  2. Get paint and handy tools (non-metallic bowl, brush, comb).
  3. Divide the head of hair into 4 zones with longitudinal and transverse partings.
  4. Prepare the paint: mix the oxidizer and the dye in the proportion recommended by the manufacturer. Stylists are advised to use 3% oxidizer when dyeing hair without gaps, and if there is gray hair, the percentage of oxidizer is taken higher (6%).
  5. Paint each area evenly. For painting the entire head of hair, retreat from the roots by about 3 cm. To complete the red ombre, work out only the ends.
  6. When all the curls are stained, proceed to the staining of the root part. This procedure of applying paint eliminates the bright tone at the roots and dimmer at the ends, the color will be uniform along the entire length.
  7. 5 minutes before washing the dye from the curls, perform emulsification or foaming of the paint. Put some water on the roots and foam the dye.
  8. Remove paint residue with running water.
  9. Use a balm for active hair restoration after dying.
  10. Dry and style your hair in the usual way.


Tint preparations in the form of shampoos, balms cannot provide such a long stay of bright shades on the hair. They are often used to select the appropriate tone, as an experimental staining. Shading means do less harm to hair, but with each shampooing, the color rapidly loses its intensity and brightness. The result achieved will remain on the hair up to 4 weeks maximum.

The order of coloring the hair with a tinted balm (shampoo) is very simple and does not require special skills and abilities in coloring:

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo.
  2. Spray the toner on wet and clean curls.
  3. Incubate the dye for 20–40 minutes, depending on the structure of the hair and the desired shade.
  4. Rinse off any excess water with cool water until the flowing liquid is clear.
  5. Do the styling.

Mousses, foams, and varnishes with a red tinge also belong to short-term tint. Hold the selected tone on the hair until the next shampooing. Use them to create a bright image in front of a corporate party, a party or an important event.

Folk Remedies

Natural formulations can give a reddish hue to the curls, but don’t hope for a fiery red or cherry tone. Such products are absolutely safe, plus they have a healing, regenerating and strengthening the effect. Beet juice, red wine, hibiscus tea, ground cinnamon in combination with henna will help to transform the image.

You can get rich red with henna and carcade. For its preparation will require:

  • 2 tbsp. l Hibiscus leaves
  • 1 tbsp. boiling water
  • henna.

Pour boiling water over Hibiscus leaves and leave for 5 minutes to infuse. Then strain and mix with henna powder. Put the cooked much in a warm place for 8-10 hours. After a specified time, apply a natural dye to the curls. Wash off after 25–40 minutes depending on the hair structure.

For rich red hair, you can use a combination of henna with beet juice. To prepare the dye, you will need:

  • 50 g of henna;
  • 3 tbsp. l freshly squeezed beet juice.

Heat beetroot juice in a water bath and mix it with henna to a slurry. Leave it warm for a few hours. Spread the mixture on the hair, rinse after 40 minutes.

Partial staining techniques

Partial staining continues to hold the leading position in the issue of updating the image. Ombre, highlighting look interesting, stylish, plus injure your hair less. Let’s talk about each technique in detail:

Ombre – a way to highlight the tips in a different color, in our case these are all shades of red. Looks luxurious on the head of any length. The roots are not involved during the dying, so this option is also suitable for owners of the sensitive scalp. The transition from natural to selected color can be smooth, graduated, clear – it depends on your own preferences and features of appearance. In addition, an experienced master will offer a more complex ombre, with the use of several colors that are harmoniously combined with each other.

Red hair how to choose and get your perfect shade

Flames – unlike ombre, changing colors is performed vertically. Note that bright red hues are full. The predominance of red can make the image inharmonious and highlight the lack of appearance.

Red hair how to choose and get your perfect shade

Highlighting – involves staining strands throughout the hair. Depending on the structure and features of the face, the master may offer wide or narrow strands. Especially expressively bright curls look on dark hair.

Red hair how to choose and get your perfect shade

Zone coloring – ideal option will help to emphasize the advantages of appearance, focus on the correct features and hide possible weaknesses from prying eyes. Which strands are better to color, the choice of their location and size, stylists are advised to entrust only to the specialists of color, otherwise the chance of inharmonious image is quite high.

Red hair how to choose and get your perfect shade

Procedure cost

Updating and changing the image is a crucial moment for every woman of fashion. Unsuccessfully placed color accents, irregular tint, and errors in coloring make the look sloppy and disharmonious and also threaten with burned curls and shortening of the length. That is why stylists recommend trusting only professionals! The cost of hair dyeing in the salon is more expensive than home experiments, but there is almost no guarantee of the ideal combination of colors, expressiveness, and harmony of the final result.

  • The cost of fashionable coloring in the beauty salon is affected by:
  • the complexity of the chosen variant of staining;
  • length and thickness of hair (paint costs);
  • rating and class performer;
  • the region, the location of the cabin.

As for the cost of transforming the appearance at home, where the arithmetic is simple: count the waste on paint, improvised materials (foil, brush, bowl, etc.).

Red hair color care

Red hair color does not have high resistance, and therefore requires special care from the beauty. What are its features?

  • Wash your hair as needed (when it becomes dirty), daily washing will quickly wash away the brightness and saturation of the tone. Do not forget to use cosmetic products marked “for colored curls”, it is better to replace regular shampoos with no sulfate ones.
  • The first few days after dyeing do not wash your hair, do not go to the pool, to the beach or to the solarium. Give the dye a fix.
  • Take care of the restoration of the health of the hair lost during the painting. Medical masks, mesotherapy of the scalp, massage of the head will accelerate recovery.
  • For a while, set aside frequent hot styling, perm, and blow-dry.
  • Tint balsams and shampoos, natural products will help to maintain the beauty of the color. Use them as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Fill your diet with vitamins, healthy food. It will be useful twice a year to take vitamin and mineral complexes, dietary supplements.

Red hair color is stylish, expressive and unique! Do not forget about the rules of combining fashionable hue with the color of eyes, skin. Choose interesting techniques of partial coloring, high-quality dye – and do not doubt the success of the intended transformation!

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