Permanent makeup: the pros and cons

Women always strive for perfection of their appearance, and it seems that this is what led to the emergence and development of permanent makeup. If you want to try this method of cosmetology, like permanent makeup, take a look at its pros and cons to find out if it suits you!

Permanent makeup: pros and cons

Permanent makeup: the pros and cons

The need for new innovative methods of applying makeup has led to the development of permanent makeup, which skillfully hides the flaws and for a long time emphasizes the merits of appearance. This cosmetic procedure consists of introducing special colored pigments (similar to tattoos) to the upper layer of the skin in order to imitate the appearance of makeup up to 5 years. Just like any cosmetic procedure, permanent makeup has its pros and cons. Whether this procedure is suitable for you is of great importance, since you will have to put up with its result for a long time.

Despite the fact that the practice of applying permanent tattoos has many years, only recently, this technique has been improved. With the help of approved pigments and innovative technologies, impeccable results were achieved. Permanent makeup is designed to emphasize or correct the shape of the lips, eyes, and eyebrows, and even slightly change the appearance of the face. Therefore, check the pros and cons of permanent makeup for each area of its application to determine if this procedure is suitable for you.

Permanent eye makeup

Permanent makeup: the pros and cons

This type of makeup is quite popular among those who love well-emphasized, expressive eyes. It can visually enlarge or reduce the shape of the eyes. If you emphasize the ciliary edge of the upper eyelid, the eyes will be more expressive, and the eyelashes – lusher. The method consists in applying the desired color pigment under the skin near the lash line. The line may correspond to the shape of the eye, or go beyond it, forming an arrow, it may be thinner or thicker, depending on personal preferences.

Advantages: The advantage of constantly moving eyes or micropigmentation is always pronounced eyes, day and night, without smearing, you always look as if you just applied makeup.

Cons: The disadvantage of this procedure is depigmentation since the service life of permanent eye makeup is different for each person. The resulting color may differ from what you chose, as a result of individual skin pigmentation. Coloring may be uneven due to the inexperience of the beautician. If you have sensitive skin, bruises may appear around the eyes.

Permanent lip makeup

Permanent makeup: the pros and cons

Plump, juicy lips have always been a symbol of seduction and beauty, but, unfortunately, not all women can boast of such lips. In order to give extra volume to the lips, women use various methods: applying a lip liner, applying lipstick, going beyond the edges of the lips. However, since these results are only temporary, there has always been a need for a method that could provide an effect for a long time, resulting in permanent lip makeup. This technique includes tattooing the contour of the lips to align, reshape, increase, create the natural plump lips of any desired shade.

Pros: The advantage of this technique is full lips without injections and permanent long-term results. Immediately after the procedure, the color will look much brighter, but after the healing of the lips, it will lose its intensity.

Cons : The disadvantages of permanent lip makeup are: the ability to paint the lips in a much darker color, which creates an unnatural appearance, uneven results of staining (if permanent makeup is made by an inexperienced specialist), pain during the procedure, the possibility of an outbreak of the herpes simplex virus, if present.

Eyebrow makeup

Initially, this type of tattoo was created for people suffering from baldness or undergoing chemotherapy, but now this procedure has become super popular among women. There are various methods, the most recent and most natural is the Stokes technique, which simulates eyebrow hair (each hair is drawn separately), but you can also choose full permanent eyebrow makeup or powdery texture finish, it all depends on the desired result.

Pros: You have amazing, perfectly symmetrical eyebrows, according to your needs and personal preferences. Eyebrows can be painted in any desired color, from black to light brown.

Cons: The downsides are: depigmentation, irreversible effects in case of unevenness, changes in the style of eyebrows, the formation of keloid scars, the painful process of tattooing.

If you decide to do permanent makeup, choose an experienced, skilled permanent makeup specialist. Ask for photos of your work. Choose a salon whose treatment room is equipped with special sterile equipment with approved products, because the skin will be riddled with needles that inject pigment under the skin, with the result that you expose yourself to various diseases, including AIDS, HIV and hepatitis C.

Ask permanent makeup professionals to explain to you all the possible risks. Make sure that you have a clear idea of the desired shape and color of your permanent makeup, as it is not washed off, but maintained for a long time.

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