Ozone therapy: the benefits and harm

Ozone therapy, as one of the types of physiotherapy treatment, appeared relatively recently. These procedures, which involve natural ozone gas, are used both externally and intravenously.

Ozone therapy: the benefits and harm

They are aimed at treating many ailments, are used in the prevention of diseases and in the cosmetic field. When administered intravenously, it can be used either as pure ozone or in a diluted state, either with the patient’s blood or with saline. However, this method of treatment has many opponents who, in support of their point of view, present arguments not in favor of ozone therapy. Natural gas treatment cannot only rejuvenate and improve the body but also cause serious harm to it.

Therefore, before you decide on such a procedure, you should examine all the contraindications and possible side effects. And only after that decide

Indications and contraindications of ozone therapy

Nitrogen therapy is a therapy that excludes the use of medication. It is used in various medical fields. In addition, this method of physiotherapy treatment can improve a person’s physical condition, increase his protective functions and mental activity.

Ozone therapy has numerous indications and is used in the following areas of medicine:

  • In neurology. Thus, ozone treatment sessions are often prescribed to persons suffering from severe and frequent headaches, vegetative-vascular dystonia, and circulatory disorders in the brain.
  • In cardiology. This therapy is used in the treatment of diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
  • In Virology.
  • In Urology. Ozone therapy can get rid of prostatitis and urethritis.
  • In Gastroenterology. With the help of ozone, gastritis, ulcers, colitis can be cured.
  • To normalize weight.

The benefits of ozone therapy for the human body are enormous since natural gas has many important properties:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • bactericidal
  • analgesic
  • immunostimulating.

Ozone therapy is often used for weight loss. The experimental method proved that ozone accelerates metabolic processes in the body. This is due to its mechanism of action: these procedures contribute to the expansion of blood vessels, thereby improving microcirculation and blood circulation, which leads to accelerated chemical reactions. When exposed to the subcutaneous areas of the body, ozone is capable of destroying body fat.

Ozone therapy: the benefits and harm

Despite all the benefits of ozone therapy, do not forget about the harm that is contraindicated. So, it is best to give up this therapy to persons suffering from hypoglycemia, pancreatitis, low blood pressure. As well as those who have internal bleeding, seizures, and ozone intolerance. It is believed that the external use of gas does not have side effects, which can not be said about intravenous use.

The benefits and harms of intravenous ozone

The essence of this technique lies in the direct introduction of gas into ozone therapy indications of a person’s blood through injections or droppers. Such procedures have a healthy and restorative value.

The benefits of ozone therapy are to improve blood circulation, its more intensive enrichment with oxygen, as well as the removal of toxic substances. Sessions of therapy can get rid of chronic fatigue and increase the protective functions of the body. This procedure is painless and safe if the ozone concentration is calculated correctly and its dose is not exceeded.

However, many experts believe that ozone can destroy cell structures, which can cause malignant neoplasms

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