Olive oil – a source of essential acids and elements

People knew about this plant product for a long time and willingly used it not only for food but also for maintaining the beauty and elasticity of the skin. Olive oil for health and beauty is now actively used, both externally, for the preparation of masks and creams, and inside, along with food.

Let’s look at why this concentrate is so popular, to whom it can help and what to pay attention to when choosing a product.

Then olive oil is useful

For the face and body usually use cheaper oils – unnatural, obtained by chemical extraction – spinning on the basis of gasoline and similar components, and also with the help of heat treatment. This olive oil cannot be eaten, but it costs much less, while a top-notch product labeled “Extra virgin” may not be affordable for every woman.

The composition of the oil from the olives is really unique because there are a number of vitamins – D, essential for the beauty of the skin, vitamin E, as well as A and K. Omega 9 – essential fatty acids and Omega 6, are another useful substances from real olive oil. How and from what get such a first-class product? This is the first cold pressed oil – this is what experts call the most useful for health, and produce it from the freshest and finest olives. In total there are five different varieties of such miraculous oil, which differ between each other by the technology of pressing and production.

It is worth noting that useful substances and vitamins contain only oil from the olives of the first and second cold pressed, but all subsequent categories are either very poor or do not include them at all. It is due to the fact that under the influence of high temperatures, when oil is separated from the cake or when chemicals are introduced into the process, vitamins are rapidly destroyed.

Expensive olive oil is the most valuable source of essential acids and natural elements. It perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin, makes it more beautiful and gives a special, healthy glow. Scientists have proved that in those countries where women actively use olive oil for beauty, they stay young much longer, and their skin retains elasticity until old age.

Olive oil is also useful for human health. Special substances – sterols, which are part of this fragrant product, block the production of cholesterol, which supports the health of the cardiovascular system and reduces the risk of blood clots and heart attacks.

Olive oil is also useful for the prevention of cancer. Such useful property is possessed by squalling – an element that prevents the emergence of malignant tumors and neoplasms.

Storage of quality oil usually takes place in a refrigerated chamber, in a carefully closed glass bottle. It is worth remembering that a high-quality product cannot remain suitable for a long time, because usually only a couple of months of olive oil are used for use after the production date.

Olive oil in the diet

The nutritional value of vegetable oils is incredibly high. Thus, the caloric value of the olive oil reaches about 900 kcal per 100 milliliters of the product. Usually, no more than half a tablespoon of oil is used to refill dishes.

Olive oil - a source of essential acids and elements

The benefit and harm of such an olive extract lie in its method of preparation. For example, if you buy low-quality cheap oil and unknowingly use it as food, you can get food poisoning. According to some reports, even deaths are recorded every year in the world, since a low-quality product is not strictly allowed to be used in cooking.

However, the olive oil of the first and second cold pressing is the most valuable extract for health. With moderate use, it is able to improve the circulatory system, improve physical well-being. Olive oil, due to the omega fatty acids entering into it, positively influences brain activity, as well as the appearance of hair and skin.

To get the maximum benefit from the oil, you must abandon the frying and any heat treatment. Traditionally, olive oil is filled with fresh salads from greens and vegetables, as well as enriching them with ready-made meals. To fry on such product it is not necessary – all vitamins and useful substances there and they will disintegrate.

Use of olive oil in cosmetology

Often the cosmetic industry uses the cheapest, unnatural and chemical olive oil. For this reason, such a tangible effect cannot give a tangible effect. Expensive and elite brands prefer to produce creams and lotions based on more expensive oils. To make sure that you are getting a really high-quality product based on olive oil, and not chemical concentrate, pay attention to the following nuances:

Olive oil - a source of essential acids and elements

  • The cost of cosmetics. A good cosmetic product, including extra virgin olive oil, simply cannot be cheap. Usually, it is one of the most expensive lines of the brand, because the extra-class oil itself is incredibly expensive.
  • Information about the composition. If olive oil is included in the ingredient list of a cream or shower gel, the manufacturer should indicate its quality. If you did not find such a designation, then it is better to refuse the purchase. Cheap olive oil does not benefit the skin.
  • Shelf life. Since ether has a limited shelf life due to rapid oxidation, then cosmetics based on it can not be stored for long. Also, the manufacturer usually recommends storing such creams in a refrigerator.

It is best to buy a small bottle of quality first-class olive oil and independently prepare creams and masks based on it – this will be much cheaper than buying elite cosmetics with real olive oil, and in addition to beauty treatments, you will be able to use such a product for cooking.

Recipes of beauty from olive oil

  • Tips for using such a useful tool are very diverse. So, you can not break a long head and just apply olive oil in a pure and undiluted form on the skin to care for it, moisturize and nourish it, and also maintain its elasticity.
  • In the case when there are already visible wrinkles on the face, warm compresses will come to the rescue. Just lightly warm up the oil in the water bath (but not too much, otherwise the nutritional value of it will immediately decrease), moisten the cotton pad in it and deal with the problem areas of the skin. Leave the product until completely absorbed, and drop excess with a clean cotton swab.
  • If you regularly take care of the skin of the body, you will need the following beauty recipe. Pour into a small clean and dry jar with a lid of your lotion or body milk (better – on an organic basis). Add to it 10 drops of olive oil, mix and store in the refrigerator, using as needed.
  • Also, to enrich such a useful product, you can also face creams. And if you use tonics, then it will be appropriate to prepare a natural homemade: pour 100 ml of mineral water into a bottle with a nebulizer, add 10-12 drops of olive oil and 3-4 drops of essential oil of mint. We store the spray in the refrigerator. Before use, thoroughly shake the bottle and spray the moisturizing and refreshing remedy on clean face and decollete skin. The expiration date for such a miracle means is not more than 3 weeks.
  • The cutting ends of the hair can be easily and simply cured and revitalized, if each time after washing the head, apply a little pure olive oil to wet strands. This tool quickly moisturizes and nourishes the damaged ends and prevents the formation of new diseased hairs.
  • For dry and flaky skin, a simple trick is suitable: during a warm shower or after a hot bath, rub the skin thoroughly with a coarse washcloth to get rid of the horny layer and open the pores. After that, without rubbing yourself with a towel, apply the olive oil of cold pressing to the wet skin with light massaging movements. Allow the product to soak well.
  • To keep the beautiful tan longer and give it an expensive shade, it is useful to lubricate the skin of the body after sunbathing with a small amount of olive oil. This will ensure not only an even bronze color but also prevent dehydration of the skin and its premature aging.
  • Extra virgin olive oil can replace an expensive night cream. To feel the effectiveness of this wonderful product, apply a little extract to the cleansed moist skin after evening washing. Wait 5-10 minutes for the oil to soak, and then remove the surplus product by dabbing the face with a cotton pad or paper towel.
  • You can also use this remedy in order to maintain the beauty and elasticity of the skin after childbirth. This is an ancient recipe for the peoples of Asia: in order to avoid gaps in the perineum during labor, women moisten the bikini zone with pure olive oil for the night. It is also useful to nourish and areola of the breast – then the skin will become more elastic, and the feeding will not cause discomfort.
  • As you can see, olive oil for health and beauty can be used in a wide variety of recipes. It is best to choose an unrefined product made in Italy, Greece or Spain – this product is ideal for both food and cooking home masks and creams. Its cost is high and the shelf life is short, but this is the most valuable and useful oil, which has a noticeable beneficial effect on both appearance and physical well-being of a person

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