Nightgown: types and how to choose

A single look at women’s clothes for sleep is enough to determine the temperament and attitude of any representative of the fair sex. To look beautiful at any time of the day and get enough sleep, you need to thoroughly approach the use of a nightgown

Kinds of nightgown

Classification of such an intimate part of the wardrobe is made according to the style and fabric of which the nightie is sewn. On the cut are the following women’s shirts:

Puppet or babydoll. Very popular due to its nice and simple cut. Sufficiently short, so as not to interfere with sleep, but at the same time spacious and closed at the neckline. Most often decorated with ruffles and flounces. Narrow at the chest, widen to the legs;

Nightgown types and how to choose 1

Combinations. They can be either short or long. The difference from babydoll is an elegant style, the fabric gently envelops the body, emphasizing female curves. Can be used as underwear in everyday life, for example, under a dress;

Nightgown types and how to choose

Shirts. This style is borrowed from a classic shirt with buttons and a strict cut. But unlike him, nightshirts, shirts are an independent subject of the wardrobe. They are mostly sewn with the long sleeves closed plan;

Nightgown types and how to choose

Classic nightshirts. The most famous kind, it is ideal for women of any age and structure: nursing mothers, young girls, and mature ladies. The decollete is deep, rectangular or trapezoid, the sleeves are short, decorated with flounces or ruffles, length below the knees or to the ankles, much less often – to the middle of the thigh;

Nightgown types and how to choose

Shirt-shirt. Modern and youth nightgown. They are an elongated T-shirt that covers the neck and hip area. Due to the simple cut, they fit perfectly on the figure, they are comfortable and comfortable;

Nightgown types and how to choose

Kimono or bathrobes. This is a universal model, which can replace as a bathing dress. And clothes for sleep. A peculiar cut allows you to wear such a woman’s shirt on any figure.

It should be noted that different types of fabric can be used for sewing a particular style. But, at the same time, combinations are often made of silk, satin or other soft and flowing fabric, and classic cotton nappies. For shirts, manufacturers prefer to use viscose and cotton fabric. Babydoll is made from transparent and light materials (lace, guipure), and from denser (cotton, viscose).

Nightgown types and how to choose

How to choose a nightgown?

First of all, you need to pay attention to the material. Experts have proved that a person who sleeps in natural clothes gets better sleep than if he wears synthetic fibers. This is largely due to the ability of natural tissues to carry oxygen and provide natural heat exchange. The most attractive materials are:

  1. Viscose, modal;
  2. Cotton, linen, flannel, fleece;
  3. Silk.

Viscose is very soft and pleasant to the body. In addition, the threads of this material are flexible enough to make it possible to sew from it intricate and attractive outfits for sleeping. Modal is an improved viscose fiber having a hygroscopicity one and a half times higher than cotton.

Nightgown types and how to choose

Cotton is a classic material. It helps to make the body “breathe”, in addition, it perfectly regulates heat exchange, without creating a “greenhouse effect” in the bed. Previously, there was no such variety in the choice of fabrics, so many shirts were sewn and warmed fleece and soft flannel. They are somewhat denser than cotton, but they are much warmer and softer. The drawbacks are that it is difficult to cut such a fabric in an elegant garment.

Silk is more expensive but beautiful, it is used to create elegant and romantic women’s shirts. Light, soft, gives the body coolness on a summer warm night and keeps warm in the autumn-winter period. In addition, silk practically does not crumble, which will be a pleasant surprise for lovers to be perfect in everything and always. But natural silk is very expensive, so it is increasingly replaced with satin. This is also a good option, but it should be noted that the satin threads cannot provide the necessary air circulation because of their density.

Nightgown types and how to choose

Next, you should pay attention to the style. A girl with a big breast may not be comfortable in a few puberty babydolls Рthey squeeze the décolletage slightly. In this case, it is better to give preference to T-shirts, combinations, shirts or gowns. Nursing mothers should remember that at any moment it will be necessary to quickly release one half of the body for the baby, so they do not fit the shirt. But there will be appropriate combinations, dressing gowns, classic nightshirts.

Be sure to listen to your own feelings, it is not enough that the shirt is beautiful, you need to consider if you do not like rubbing on your hands or in the chest area. These are very important moments because due to improperly selected linen, you can significantly worsen the quality of sleep. This factor also warns against choosing a shirt with a narrow and tight rubber band – during the change of the sleeping postures, it can dig into the body, leaving visible traces and causing discomfort.

It is believed that the size of the nightgown – this is something insignificant, but it is not. Before buying you need to know your parameters, the characteristics of the fabric (density, elasticity) and the size range of the nights. The following standards are used for the determination: European, Russian and international.

Depending on the style, the key parameters may be the ratio of the chest-hips-waist or the growth of a woman. The latter parameter is used most often for long combinations, where the growth of the customer is very important.

Let’s consider both variants.

By parameters:

Chest, cm Waist, cm Thighs, cm International European Russian
81-85 58-64 88-92 S 36 42
86-89 65-71 93-97 M 38 44
90-93 72-75 98-102 L 40 46
94-97 76-79 103-107 XL 42 48
98-102 80-83 108-112 XXL 44 50
102-107 84-87 113-117 XXXL 46 52
107-111 88-91 118-122 XXXXL 48 54

By growth:

Height, cm International European Russian
158-164 S 36 42-44
162-168 M 38 44-46
166-172 L 40 46-48
170-176 XL 42 48-50

Always take into account some of the measurement errors. Women’s nightgown – this is the kind of clothes where it is better to buy a little more size, the smaller. If you are in an interesting position or you feed your baby, be sure to consider stretching the fabric, here, in any case, you need to buy a little big nightgown.

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