Modern Trends in Plastic Surgery

In plastic surgery, progress does not always go as fast as patients would like. However, several notable trends of the past decade make us rejoice at the fact that technology does not stand still.

Plastic Surgery Without Seams

Today, almost all surgeons are trying to come up with their own methods or at least call one of the traditional operations so as to attract the attention of potential customers. These include the so-called “operations without seams”. In this case, every doctor rushes to assure that only he knows the secret of the ideal forms and healing of the skin without unpleasant consequences in the form of scars or scars.

In fact, seamless operations – this is not a mystery behind seven seals, but quite an explainable phenomenon.

So, on what does the number and size of scars depend on after the operation?

  • Firstly, the quality of the operation is affected by the professionalism of the surgeon, because no technique will work properly in the hands of an amateur or a beginner. By the way, for this reason, it is better to choose a specialist in your country of residence. This is the best way to monitor your health during the rehabilitation period: in case of complications or questions, you can always come to your doctor.
  • Secondly, the size of the scar depends on the chosen method of operation. So, for example, with traditional mammoplasty, the incision is made under the breast, which ensures the presence of a large scar. Another situation occurs when the incision is made under the armpit or in the areola zone: a small scar will remain where it will not be visible to the outside eye. Another way to avoid a scar is the use of dermal glue, which replaces the cosmetic suture and leaves no visible traces on the skin.
  • Thirdly, the choice of implants is also important. So, with a classical breast lift, the operation consists of two stages, in which excess skin is excised, which invariably leads to disfiguring anchor scars passing from the center of the nipple and under the breast. In Brazil – one of the top countries for plastic surgery – for the elimination of aesthetic disadvantages, cone-shaped implants have been created: the skin at the same time tightly surrounds the implant and does not require removal, and this avoids large arches and scars
  • Fourthly, the appearance largely depends on your behavior during the rehabilitation period. Observe all the recommendations of the doctor and with the slightest doubt do not hesitate to bother the surgeon


If you dream of not one, but several operations, then today it is not necessary to do them separately, even if it is a question of different parts of the body. Surgeons are advised to combine several operations and do them at a time. Thus, you will reduce the amount of time spent under anesthesia, and the duration of rehabilitation. For example, you can combine rhinoplasty and mammaplasty, rhinoplasty and liposuction. Also popular is the association of rhinoplasty with septoplatics one or two specialists (it all depends on whether the plastic surgeon you choose is also a lorry) in one operation helps to solve breathing problems and at the same time correct the appearance of the nose

Patients planning several operations on a face can also collect them together due to the total facelift. At one time you can tighten your eyelids, eyebrows, middle face area and neck.


Plastic surgery has become not only more multifunctional but also more accurate. Each problem is solved individually. And if you, for example, need to get rid of only nasolabial folds, for this it is not necessary to resort to a facelift of the entire face. It is enough to make an appointment with a surgeon or a cosmetologist and adjust a separately selected zone.


It is incorrect to think that plastic surgery closes only on a number of aesthetic issues such as breast augmentation, nose reduction or facelift. Its possibilities are almost limitless. Do not forget that plastic helps not only to transform the appearance of healthy people – it helps patients with congenital aesthetic defects or injured in accidents. Without plastic surgery, it would be impossible to solve such complex medical problems as separating Siamese twins at birth or restoring tissues during amputation.

However, such a wide range of services hides the danger: today, when the replacement (or correction) of almost any organ, part of the body or bone is a question of money, many seek to “restore” their appearance cardinally and irrevocably. Frightening pictures of people from the Internet turned into a copy of their idol, the hero’s anime or a living doll is the main proof of this.

Our advice is to try to correct, rather than change your nature: before completely re-shaping your figure or face, think about how noticeable the fact of surgical intervention in your life. The natural appearance is always the main trend.


In general, earlier and the restoration of bones (after an accident or a serious illness) was considered a theme of the kind of fantasy. Today, the bones and cartilages that are grown in special laboratories allow for personal losses (you should not be afraid that you have to sacrifice your own hip for the sake of a new nose!) And adjust the appearance in the plastic surgeon’s office: for example, solve the saddle (sunken) nose problem, too narrow back or curved septum.


The main competitor of plastic surgery is cosmetology, which is quite logical: it requires less effort (both from the doctor and the patient) and offers a variety of options, from injections to the hardware procedures. That is why many clinics include both cosmetology and surgical procedures. When choosing a clinic and approach, remember that each case is individual and only a specialist can decide which method of transformation is right for you.


Many are afraid of plastic surgery because they believe that any of them turns people into clones with similar noses, ball-shaped breasts of the same shape and over-tightened faces. Perhaps ten years ago these fears had a real basis. Today, any decent surgeon parses each case individually. A professional has no purpose to force you to pay a tidy sum for a meaningless operation, in which you yourself, sooner or later, will be disappointed. This applies more to girls who do not know what they want to change in themselves (but there is such a desire and they come in search of answers to the plastic surgery clinic) or those who, due to congenital perfectionism, tend to change the part of the body that, without any correction looks perfect. Such visitors immediately go home: an authoritative specialist will never take up a lady who is capricious and unconcerned in her appearance. Here questions should be asked not to the plastic surgeon, but to the psychologist.

If you came with a well-thought-out decision to correct a certain area of the body, today you are presented with a wide range of services: both cosmetic and surgical. This variation appeared not only due to the development of medicine, but also the reduction in prices for services: the help of a plastic surgeon and a cosmetologist is now available not only to the stars but also to ordinary patients.

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