Mineral makeup: a good tool?

In the modern world, when the state of ecology leaves much to be desired, the quality of cosmetics plays a rather important role. And recently, mineral makeup has become especially popular. What is this product of modern cosmetology?


WHAT IS MINERAL MAKEUPMineral cosmetics – this is exactly what will help any girl to preserve youth and beauty for a long time. And note, absolutely without the use of chemistry. Moreover, this wonder-makeup is a great helper for a variety of irritations and diseases.

You never put powder on the inflamed skin? But the powder on the basis of minerals not only does not cause additional harm but also has a stunning healing effect.

Obvious advantages of such products can be considered that it does not prevent the skin from breathing at all. Firstly, the tool applied by the thinnest layer perfectly masks all the flaws. And secondly, the pores are not completely clogged, and, therefore, the skin breathes. As a result, after using this type of cosmetics, you will never be irritated.

It is also not necessary to confuse means with minerals and mineral cosmetics. The first time, when the popularity of mineral cosmetics increased by leaps and bounds, many cosmetic companies began to produce special lines based on mineral substances.

Such cosmetics, of course, more useful than ordinary, but at the same time contains a huge amount of chemical compounds. So what about its usefulness for your face, you can still argue.


Why are such cosmetics so good? For example, the fact that they are suitable for all skin types. Now you don’t need to read which remedies will be ideal for your skin type and which ones will not.

If you decide to opt for mineral cosmetics, then you can use any product from this line. The main thing is to clearly know what result you want to get in the end.

Also, such tools perfectly align the complexion. And with systematic use, they return a beautiful look to your skin.

Do not forget about its medicinal properties. Such tools are used to treat even after plastic surgery or after peeling. Thanks to natural active ingredients, the skin heals faster even after the most severe injuries.

But this does not mean that mineral makeup is a panacea for any problem. This is just an excellent tool, which is not worth putting directly on an open wound!

Similar cosmetics are indispensable in the summer. Considering the fact that zinc oxide is included in practically all mineral-based products, protection against the harmful effects of sunlight is provided to you.

Do not forget about the mineral oil in cosmetics. Thanks to its content, the skin becomes soft, soft and silky. And after a long period of using such tools, you can even get rid of minor facial wrinkles.


WHAT IS MINERAL MAKEUPIf we talk in general, the brushes for this type of cosmetics are no different from ordinary. But if you buy expensive cosmetics, but at the same time save on brushes, then you will not be able to make good makeup.

Be sure to pay attention to whose hair is at the base of the brush. And if it starts to fade right in the store, you should not buy it either. Be careful, do not save on your favorite and buy a quality product!


In order to create a stunning image, you need not only to buy quality tools in the store, but also to be able to use them correctly. How will you look if the best blush is too much? Funny

So in order to always look 100% full, you need to watch a few videos on the Internet. So you can quickly figure out what sequence to apply these or other cosmetics.

As for the features of the application of mineral cosmetics, then you should pay special attention to the shade and blush. If you decide to buy only mineral powder, and blush and shadows remain the same, then please note that cream will not do for you.

The cream blush will spread on the mineral base and nothing beautiful you will not succeed. Remember this the next time you go to the store for cosmetics.

It is also worth noting that the consistency of any mineral means denser than the usual chemical. Therefore, the brush should be taken twice as small as powder, if you do not want your face to look like a mask.

We figured out how to apply mineral cosmetics in the right way to get excellent makeup, and now let’s see if this type of cosmetic is suitable for dry skin.


Why we decided to discuss exactly the compatibility of such products and dry skin. Yes, if only because the minerals perfectly absorb various organic fats, which are already a little bit with dry skin type. But is it worth refusing quality if the skin type is a bit different than we would like

To solve this problem, you can:

  1. Use a moisturizer after removing makeup;
  2. Just lubricate the skin with a small amount of olive oil, which will have a wonderful life-giving effect;
  3. Buy mineral cosmetics based on silk. Of course, it is more expensive, but the skin after it will not be too dry;
  4. Apply makeup with light movements, and not to drive powder in the pores.

In general, if you follow all our recommendations, then such remedies will not bring any harm to your skin.


WHAT IS MINERAL MAKEUPAs with any tool, mineral makeup can be made by hand. But believe me, all the recipes are so complex that it is better to spend money in the store. For example, where will you get mountain mica in the city? Yes, and grind it to a state of powder will not be easy.

Zinc oxide is also not very easy to get. And you can not do without it: because it is this ingredient that protects our skin from the negative effects of sunlight. A separate difficulty is also the manufacture of components from silk cocoons. Firstly, they are also difficult to get, and secondly, you still have to spend money on equipment for mixing means.

Therefore, it is better not to experiment with unknown ingredients, and buy normal cosmetics in the store. Of course, you should carefully read everything that is indicated on the label. Pay special attention to the composition.

Mineral based cosmetics are a very useful thing for our skin. With their help, you will not only get rid of the irritation that you do not need but also create a new, absolutely stunning image for yourself! Good luck!

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