Matte lip gloss: how to choose and use it correctly

We all know that in make-up you need to do only one accent: either on the eyes or on the lips. And today we will tell you how to properly use a matte lip gloss. First of all, let’s talk about what it is. It would seem that some nonsense because the gloss cannot be dull, it is shiny. But in this case, we are talking more about the cosmetic option, which is somewhere in the middle between the matte lipstick and gloss.


You can make your mouth much more voluminous with it, and at the same time, there will be no sparkles in your make-up. And this is very important for many girls, because today the makeup, in which too many sparkles, may seem vulgar.

Matte lip gloss: how to choose and use it correctlyIt should also be noted that matte substances are more beneficial to the skin due to its creamy structure. The undoubted advantage of this cosmetic product is its versatility. After all, if you think about it, it becomes clear that bright sparkles in make-up are not suitable for every dress and time of day. Therefore, if you want to look win-win in any situation, then matte shine is exactly what you need.

It is also worth noting another important feature – this tool does not stick.

And this means that you no longer have to experience that unpleasant feeling when your lips stick together, and you immediately begin to correct makeup. And now we will tell you about the basic rules for the use of this cosmetics.


First of all, you need to discuss the method of application. In order for the product to lie down smoothly, you need to start applying it not from the edge, but from the middle. This is done very simply, you just need to put a small dot in the middle and pull it towards the corners of the mouth.

Now for the case when lipstick is too quickly smeared. The advice, in this case, is simple: just use a smaller amount at a time.

Matte lip gloss: how to choose and use it correctlyAs practice shows, a thin layer of cosmetics holds much better than a thick one. So you just should not dip the brush into the tool more than once, and the makeup will last much longer.

Well, if you know that you will not have the opportunity to correct makeup for quite a long period, then we recommend that after the first application you should press an ordinary tissue paper to your mouth for a few seconds. Then apply another layer of product.

Another reason for the fact that matte lip gloss is not very resistant, is the habit of many girls to bite their mouth periodically. And quite often they do not even give themselves a report on this.

As a result, makeup suffers not only because you are methodically eating it from the lips, but also from the drying effect that saliva has.

And this means that the skin is cracking, and the remnants of cosmetics on the lips look terrible.


  1. If you decide to use such cosmetics to create the perfect image, then you should remember about some of the features:
  2. The matte option looks great only on healthy lips. If you have skin to peel off or there are cracks, then before using such cosmetics, you must make a few nourishing masks, after which any makeup will fall on your sponge perfectly;
    Mature women need to use this tool with caution because if you apply too much shine, you can visually emphasize small facial wrinkles near the mouth

MATTE LIP GLOSSAnd one more thing remembers that the ability to use cosmetics is not enough to look good. You should also use high-quality cosmetics. When choosing, first of all, it is worth paying attention to the composition.

High-quality matte lip gloss should contain special vitamins and amino acids. The content of ultraviolet filters is also important since the skin of the mouth is rather thin in nature and suffers from the sun’s rays much more than our body.

By the way, in order that the substance evenly lay down, beeswax is often added to its composition. And he, as you know, is quite allergenic. Therefore, before buying one or another option, be sure to study the composition, and if you are allergic to one of the components, it is better to look for some other means. For example, beeswax is often replaced with palm oil.

Now for the structure. It should be homogeneous. The presence of any lumps is unacceptable at least for the reason that they can significantly damage the delicate skin of the mouth. It is worth paying attention to the smell. Remember that one of the indicators of high-quality cosmetics is a pleasant aroma. If this is not observed, then this option is better not to buy.

Advice for those who have already dealt with matte lipstick: in the case of glitter, you should not put a nourishing cream on your lips before you do makeup. This feature is due to the fact that the tool itself has a creamy structure, and therefore it can both decorate and nourish your mouth at the same time.

And in order for the contour to be clearer, you can use an ordinary pencil in combination with a matte tool. Moreover, if you bring the line beyond the lips, you can make your mouth, making it bigger and plumper. Also with the help of such tricks you can and adjust the shape.


When buying a matte shine in the first place you should pay attention to the following suggestions:

1. New Velvet Matte Cup. Such a cosmetic product is waterproof and
durable. A plus can be considered the presence of thirty-eight different shades. As for the active component for skin care, olive oil plays its role. And the country producing this lipstick is the United Arab Emirates. By the way, precisely because they produce such a tool at the other end of the world, problems may arise with its purchase. But if you do not find a suitable option in the stores, you can always order it online;

2. Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream. It has a rather thick texture and durable effect, thanks to which it can be used without a contour pencil. Also to its undoubted positive qualities can be attributed, and strong packaging, which reliably protects your bag and all the things in it from unscheduled painting. The disadvantages of such a tool can be attributed to the lack of lasting effect. Here the matter is that if you touch even a little bit of your lips with your finger, as the color instantly flows onto the finger, and only the outline remains on the lips. But, you see, it would be much worse if the makeup remained safe and sound throughout the day. After all, then it would somehow have to be washed off!

3. Manhattan Soft Mat Lip Cream. This tool is remarkable for its amazing stability, and after applying it, you can safely drink tea or coffee, without fear of losing half the makeup. Its characteristic feature is the ability to increase lip volume due to saturated color. So in this case, you also should not use an outline pencil.

As you can see, matte shine is a great thing, which can be used in combination with a contour pencil, and without it. In this case, your lips look natural. The advantage of such a tool can be considered a relatively low cost.

In general, if you want to visually increase the volume of the lips, but do not use shiny cosmetics, then matte gloss is exactly what you need! So you can safely buy it and enjoy your new way!    Good luck!

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