Long dresses styles – most stylish styles

The hem in the floor emphasizes the femininity of any girl. There are different styles of long dresses with long sleeves, short, from fabrics of different textures and colors. The most common are the models of the A-silhouette and straight, but in total there are at least 10 types.

long sleeve dresses

If in the summer heat nobody can even think about the sleeve, then with the onset of cold weather, the relevance of dresses with this element is gaining momentum.

There are the following styles of sleeves in long dresses:

Shirt. Emphasizes the business style of the dress and beautifully fits the hand without unnecessary playfulness. A characteristic feature of this type of sleeve is the cuffs – they can be decorated with buttons or other design elements

Long dresses styles - most stylish styles 0

Three quarters. This type of coquettishly hides the upper part of the hand, revealing a thin brush. Suitable for owners of a magnificent figure or girls who want to hide certain disadvantages of the upper body

Long dresses styles - most stylish styles

Raglan. Long raglan dresses are for girls who have straight broad shoulders. Soft folds of fabric, falling from the upper part of the body, visually make it more subtle and feminine. At the same time, this style also hides the breasts, so for owners of the first size it is better to avoid such delights in the wardrobe

Long dresses styles - most stylish styles

Bat. Patterns this type is similar to that described above. Unlike the raglan, the bat sleeves clog under the arm. Such drapery effectively emphasizes the chest and even allows you to visually enlarge it by several sizes. Strictly avoid this model should be girls with sloping shoulders

Long dresses styles - most stylish styles

Vtachnoy fitting sleeve. The classic option for closed women’s long dresses. Throughout its entire length, it is as close as possible to the body, precisely highlighting each line. Therefore, it is necessary to wear it only because it is firmly convinced that the hands are perfect

Long dresses styles - most stylish styles

Flared. Frequent companion boho dresses to the floor. As with the choice of skirts or trousers, flared sleeves play a huge role in concealing figure flaws. Thanks to the expanding downward silhouette, they will brighten up full shoulders and elbows, highlighting thin brushes on their background

Long dresses styles - most stylish styles

Sleeve flashlight. An unusual option for winter models will help to give the image vintage and sophistication. The flashlight crown is remarkable for its unusual approach: the upper part of the sleeve is noticeably wider than the cuff. Stylists recommend wearing its owners low or expressionless shoulders.

Long dresses styles - most stylish styles

Each of these types of sleeves fits a particular style of long dresses (and sometimes to several at once).

Combination of styles with sleeves:

The long sheath dress, which Audrey Hepburn loved so much, looks great with a narrow set-top and shirt. At the same time, this model is well done without sleeves. The main difference of the case from dozens of other styles in a straight line from the hips to the ankles and the fitted silhouette in the abdomen.

Dress cylinder is considered the standard of “vagrant” fashion. This model has not bypassed any fashion show, where to some degree there was a grunge or hippie style. Flared and sleeve-flashlight are great for his cut. At the same time, for options from dense fabrics (knitwear, cotton, wool), designers use a cut raglan or bat. Externally, the balloon resembles a tandem between a tulip skirt and a spacious office blouse.

The most interesting in the review – dress with a smell. These models look like a deliberately sloppy dressing gown but remain the standard of femininity and style. Three quarters and an office sleeve are combined with them. But no less impressively they look with adjustable straps (as in sundresses). The main attribute is the belt, which also replaces most of the accessories in the image. Most often, this model is sewn with a high waist.

A long dress shirt is a seemingly incongruous combination. We used to think that a polo style is a short robe, slightly covering the middle of the hips, ideal for walking and playing tennis. But the elongated shirts are best friends for autumn walks and photo sessions. With a combination of certain types of accessories and the selection of the right colors, this model will be a luxurious addition to the office style.

Kimono and burqa. National clothes of Asian and Muslim women, respectively. These are casual outfits with a wide cut and a spacious sleeve without cuffs. A feature of the cut of this detail is its simplicity – in both cases, it is just straight without any excesses. Of course, to show a figure in this style will not succeed, but this is not the goal of girls wearing such outfits.

Evening long dresses

For solemnity, no outfit can be compared with the beauty of a long dress – most of the styles in the photo are made for the Red Carpet. They are distinguished from wedding not only colors or fabrics but also cut features. Not all evening models are suitable for marriage.

The styles of summer evening dresses on the floor repeat the styles of long skirts and are suitable for both full and thin women.

Types of evening long dresses:

Pipe. For the first time, this model appeared on the catwalks in the collection of the brand Balenciaga but soon moved into the wardrobes of every third girl. Straight cut at the hips and a spectacular flare from solen made the model indispensable for girls with curvaceous shapes. Traditionally, a tube dress should be sleeveless: either with a deep cleavage band or with an American-style closed chest area

Year, fish or trumpet visually very similar to the style of the pipe, but here the hem begins to expand from the thigh. There are few straight lines in the cut, but seductive transitions between female roundness are fully present

Greek or Empire. An amazing model of a dress in a floor where simplicity and chic are perfectly combined. The front hem is taken slightly to clean up to form light folds, so it can often be seen on pregnant women – comfortable and stylish. The waist of this model is overestimated and highlighted with a wide belt, often made of contrasting fabric. The uniqueness of the style is that it is suitable for walking, to a wedding, graduation party, a party and even access to the beach. It all depends on the choice of fabric, colors of decorative elements

Classic fitted. For short girls, all of the above options can play a disservice: a year and a pipe will make the legs visually short, and the straight will completely hide all the hints on the figure. Therefore, for Thumbelina recommended fashionable fitted styles of long dresses. These are beautiful traditional models that are decorated with a train or assemblies at the back.

Any style described can also be supplemented with cuts on the hips, back, and even sides. Naturally, options with an open back or any other part of the body imply its complete ideality. There should be no folds or, especially, cellulite. Otherwise, despite the cost of the outfit, the image will be corrupted.

Fabrics for long dresses

For sewing long dresses, a variety of fabrics are used: some styles seem to be made for chiffon, others for knitwear. Of course, much depends on the time of year, but raglan models made from silk or guipure are a great rarity, but from wool is a common thing.

The fabric for the dress to the floor should meet the requirements of the style: in some embodiments, it should be easy to gather into folds, in others, it should perfectly keep the shape of the case.

Selection of fabrics:

  • For styles with a large number of assemblies, folds or draperies, light, thin fabrics are selected. This is how dresses of the staple, chiffon, crepe-chiffon and less often, satin appear;
  • If it’s summer, then traditionally spacious sundresses in boho style with a slightly flared skirt are in fashion. To sew them most convenient to use viscose or cotton. Although flax also makes great outfits for a warm period;
  • In winter, long dresses of velvet, velour or wool will warm and give chic. This raglan, bat, straight and, rarely, fitted. But to ladies at the age they can give extra years;
  • Dresses made of red satin, natural silk, guipure are ideal for an evening out. They reflect the light of lamps, which gives the
  • image a gloss and shine;
  • The bridal outfit is sewn from very soft, expensive fabrics. This is all kinds of lace, organza, taffeta, and others.

Any patterns can be used as prints: polka dots, stripes, floral or animal paintings.

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