lip piercing: types of how to do

Of all the areas of the face, the puncture in the upper and lower bridles is considered the most painful. The lip piercing gives the appearance of elegance and seductiveness, but it can also pose a threat to health.

Types of lip piercing

The art of holes in the body came to the countries of Europe even in the Middle Ages. For the first time, researchers faced such an unusual approach to decorating themselves during the study of African countries.

There are the following types of lip piercing:

Monroe – perhaps, one of the most beautiful and stylish options for the lip piercing. Performed on the right side of the face, like the birthmark of Marilyn. This is a kind of imitation of the birthmark of the diva of the 50’s. In more rare cases, it is done from two sides, while full symmetry is observed;

lip piercing types of how to do

Madonna. This piercing is similar to Monroe, but it is acceptable to do it from the other side. In some sources, also called Crawford. In theory, too, can be performed on both sides of the mouth, but this is rarely resorted to;

lip piercing types of how to do

Smile, he also pierced the upper frenum. Practically painless procedure when performed. But this is its pluses end. The main disadvantages of this piercing are the inconvenience in the operation and mechanical damage to the teeth. Despite this, houses are most often pierced by tissue in this place;

lip piercing types of how to do

When piercing the jellyfish pierced the center of the nasolabial cavity. For the classic style, special earrings with a flatlock are used. In the early 2000s, the vertical and horizontal jellyfish spread. In them, the puncture is made along a straight line of the chosen direction and the earring or banana earring is used as an earring;

lip piercing types of how to do

Lowbrett – piercing under the lip. It happens horizontal and vertical, refers to the planar style. In contrast to the usual labret, the earring is located almost non-chin;

lip piercing types of how to do

Ashley – a beautiful, but very painful and problematic in the healing form of body art. It is done exactly in the middle of the lower lip. One of the rare types of piercing that can be performed, both on the outside and inside sides. Another feature is that after removing the decorations, ugly large scars remain;

lip piercing types of how to do

Astrum is characterized by a horizontal arrangement of the earring. Doing it is not only painful but also dangerous. If the depth of the puncture is incorrectly chosen, the decoration is rejected by the body, or, on the contrary, heals too long and is removed independently;

lip piercing types of how to do

Labrette – a puncture of the lower lip. For the safety of the oral cavity, it is made below the level of the gum, which helps to minimize tooth lesions. It is recommended to use bananas as decor, although rings, half rings and thorns for eyebrows are also suitable.

lip piercing types of how to do

But this is where the names of female piercing lips do not end. Body art masters often make up compositions from individual punctures, creating so-called bites. For example, a bite of a spider, a dog, a cyber, a snake and a shark is done. As an ornament, micro beans, rings, and semirings are used.

One of the most interesting in the world of body artists is the bite of a dahlia – here the earrings are located in the corners of the mouth. Particular importance is given to the form of bananas. They can be spherical, spike-like and others

How to pierce the lips in steps

You can do lip piercing with two options – a gun or a needle. All the masters recommend using a needle. This is due to the fact that when working with a gun, the skin particles fall under the working plates, thereby contributing to blood infections during further procedures. Reviews also argue that even a professional needle can replace a simple chemist’s catheter. How to work for you – decide on your own.

lip piercing types of how to do

How to make the bridle of the upper lip or smile:

  1. During the puncture of the navel, ear, nose, or other parts of the body, these manipulations are not needed. But when piercing this zone, the most important thing is to reduce salivation. To do this, before the procedure, large glands (they are under the tongue and near the jaws) should be laid with cotton. In dental offices for this purpose, special tampons are used-they can be bought at a pharmacy;
  2. Place the next puncture to be washed with hydrogen peroxide or “chlorhexidine”. After that, the upper lip is pulled upward, so you can get to the thin places;
  3. This piercing is very simple to conduct at home due to its painlessness. To pierce the smile, you need to find a white patch on the bridle and send a needle there. If the bridle is large enough, then you can experiment with the height of the arrangement of the earring. At the bottom installation, it will be appreciable at conversation, at higher it is practically not visible;
  4. After simply removing the tampons from the glands and rinsing the mouth with Miramistin. There is no blood, so further use of cotton balls is not advisable.

To pierce any other portion of the lip or perioral space, special clamps will be needed. They are needed not only for fixation but also for the beautiful piercing not to move aside, breaking the symmetry. Buy these can be in any specialized stores.

lip piercing types of how to do

If you do a real lip piercing is terrible, then you can temporarily put fake piercing. This is a snag or a fake “puncture”. Such an artificial decoration will decorate the image for a while and will be able to show the hidden “informal” side of the person without external damages.

For the formulation of lip piercing, various types of jewelry are used:

  • Micro ban. These are small curved bars, traditionally decorated with colorful balls. They decorate the piercings of Monroe, Madonna, and some others;
  • Segment rings. Suitable exclusively for piercing in the oral area, for planar piercing is not used, because they are inconvenient to operate. They are ordinary rings that can be divided into parts (segments);
  • Circulars. Earrings, similar to rings, but instead of segments equipped with threaded connections at the edges. Can have a different shape (especially snakes look original). They are made of titanium, steel alloy, and gold;
lip piercing types of how to do

Ornaments for the lip piercing

  • Labret. Ornaments, characteristic for puncturing the lips. They consist of a flat surface that is located on the mucous side, a bar, a decorative top. On the top of the earrings are decorated with diamonds or rhinestones.

Care for the puncture site of the lip

Depending on the chosen puncture site, special care is required. Any piercing can fester if you wash only its outer side. Particular attention should be paid to rinsing the mouth with various antiseptic and regenerating solutions.

How is lip piercing processed?

  • Mucous is necessarily wiped off with Miramistin. To accelerate the healing, you also need to rinse the oral cavity with medical antiseptic agents, for example. “Stomatitis”;
  • Under the adornment, there will always be garbage collected. In the first few weeks, it must be cleaned regularly. It is most convenient to do this with a cotton swab dipped in “Chlorhexidine”;
lip piercing types of how to do 11

Lip Piercing Treatment

  • The first day is forbidden to wet the hole. If there is no way to avoid this, then the earring is covered with a thick layer of oily ointment;
  • In the first few days, some redness in the piercing area of the lip is permissible, and a tumor can appear when the soft tissue punctures. If the area is swollen, then you need to apply for a short while to it a compress with “Miramistin”;
  • Naturally, it is impossible to paint punched fabrics and it is necessary to avoid possible mechanical injuries.

Contraindications of lip piercing

Anybody art carries a certain danger to health. For piercing, there are some contraindications. First of all, it is herpes and other skin diseases. It is not recommended to pierce the skin in the period of colds.

lip piercing types of how to do 12

Inflammation of the piercing of the lips

Other contraindications of lip piercing:

  1. Pregnancy. This is not a categorical requirement, but during lactation and during an “interesting” position, interventions are not recommended;
  2. Diseases of the blood. If the piercing is to heal – the cause lies in the composition of the blood. With a small time of platelet formation or other diseases, it is recommended to take off the decoration;
  3. It can not be done with any lowered immunity.

The main consequences that the owners of piercing the lips face are swelling, stinging, or infection. If the piercing of the girl is pinched – you need to remove the jewelry, attach an antiseptic compress to the wound and take care of the hole more carefully.

But, sometimes, the inflammatory process does not begin because of wrong care, but because of the wrong material for the piercing jewelry or the weight of the earring. For example, if the libretto is too heavy, it can delay the skin and interfere with normal healing. In this case, you need to change the decor for gold or silver, but thinner and light.

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