How to stop jealousy without a reason?

From love to hate one step, and most often this step becomes jealousy. Psychologists say that jealous behavior ranks second among the causes of family quarrels, second only to financial conflicts. There are different reasons for jealousy and ways to deal with it. We will talk about how to stop jealous and restore trust in the relationship.

Manifestation of jealousy

The feeling of jealousy is common to all people, but they show it in different ways. Some express their jealousy very spontaneously and rectilinearly, which leads to conflicts and quarrels. Others prefer to hide their emotions. Such people, before blaming their partner for provocative behavior, will conduct a thorough investigation, searching for evidence in the phone, social networks and personal belongings of their chosen one. As a result, constant distrust and suspicion begin to spoil relations.

How to stop jealousy without a reason

People not only show different signs of jealousy but also react differently to it. For example, according to the results of research by Russian sociologists, only about a third of men consider female jealousy a kind of pepper in a relationship that makes them more interesting. However, two-thirds of men still consider the jealous nature of their chosen one a disadvantage, which leads to frequent quarrels. 1 Because jealousy can jeopardize the well-being of relationships, knowing how to stop jealous can be helpful.

Justified Jealousy

How to stop jealous, if you have chosen one or the chosen one provokes you to jealousy? Indefatigable flirtation of a loved one with representatives of the opposite sex can mean his insecurity. By attracting the attention of others, a person tries to increase self-esteem and make sure of its attractiveness. In order to cope with jealousy, it’s worth talking frankly with your loved one about your experiences, explaining the causes of discontent. In addition, try to surround the partner with love and care, talk about how you value your relationship. Having received a cherished portion of attention, your loved one is unlikely to look for him on the side.

How to stop jealous without a reason?

How to stop jealous, if the behavior of your partner does not give you the reason to doubt its fidelity? Then, probably, your experiences are based on your own sense of insecurity. To overcome it, you need to love yourself and understand that once your chosen one loves you, then there is something for that – do not treat yourself so self-critically.

Answering the question of how to stop jealous, psychologists advise us to question our suspicions and guesses and not to rush to conclusions. Violation of the personal space of a loved one in the form of espionage intelligence is unlikely to go unnoticed. Worst of all, this will undermine your partner’s trust in you. Try not to succumb to emotions, be rational, pay more attention to the signs of love and loyalty from the beloved

According to psychologists, the reasons for jealousy, first of all, lie in the lack of information about the partner, about what worries him, what he likes and what does not. Therefore, try to share your plans with each other more often, talk about how your day went by, acquaint your chosen one with friends and family. The more you know about each other’s surroundings, the less room there will be for the violent imagery, and the sooner you will be able to cope with a feeling of jealousy.

How else to stop jealous?

Justified your jealousy or not, in any case, try to get distracted from unpleasant thoughts. Make your life full. Passion in other pursuits will not leave you time to think endlessly about what your loved one is doing away from you. In addition, it will allow you to become a more self-sufficient person, weaken your emotional dependence on your partner and restore harmony in your relationships.

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