How to remove eyelash extensions at home?

Luxurious and long eyelashes are the logical desire of every girl, but desires are not always fulfilled the way we want it. So with the eyelash extension procedure, unplanned force majeure or complications can occur. Or eyelashes will be so long that they need to be urgently removed. Such eyelashes can irritate, crawl into the eyes or even cause allergies. But what if before the next session the master has a few more weeks, and you need to learn How to remove eyelash extensions now?

In fact, to think about the question of how to remove the lashes on their own at home is not worth it for a long time. It’s not hard enough, but it takes a certain amount of time. So, you will need certain ingredients, patience and full confidence that you want to remove eyelashes at home.

What do you think, what can be done with extended eyelashes? It’s very simple, you can remove your own eyelashes with your own using ordinary cream, oil, and the so-called debonder. But let’s order.

How to remove eyelash extensions using debonder?

Debonder is not just a swear word from the modern beauty industry, but also the most professional tool on this list that will help you to remove eyelashes.

Debonder is a special glue dissolving agent. It is inexpensive but is very effective in terms of quick and painless removal of the extended eyelashes. For this, you will need

  • Cotton pads
  • Cotton buds
  • Normal narrow tape
  • Nail scissors.

So, cut a cotton pad in half and cut a semicircular groove on the inside. It is necessary that it fits snugly to the eyelid, repeating its shape. Then, using a small piece of adhesive tape, attach the cotton pad strictly below the lower eyelid. Put a cotton swab into the debonder solution, and then apply it on the eyelashes. It will take 3-4 minutes, as the composition needs time to dissolve the glue.

How to remove eyelash extensions at home?

After that, using a brush or the same cotton swab, gently remove eyelashes. The eye must be completely closed.

Be careful, the debonder is quite toxic, so make sure that n does not get into your eyes. If you feel a burning sensation, then rinse your eyes quickly with running water.

After you have carried out the whole procedure without consequences, wipe your eyelashes with castor oil. Opa and no eyelashes!

How to remove eyelash extensions with oil

Castor and burdock oil is great as a way to remove eyelashes safely and fairly budget. In addition, the oils are very useful for eyelashes and will allow “to kill two birds with one stone” – remove artificial eyelashes and strengthen natural ones.

The principle of eyelash removal is identical: on the lower eyelid, place half of a cotton pad, folded in a semicircle and carefully soaked in oil.

After smearing eyelashes with oil and wait 30 minutes. This method is long, but safe (no danger and consequences from castor or burdock oil will not have to wait). In these 30 minutes, you can lie down, sleep, meditate or listen to your audiobook (as many possibilities are offered by the procedure for removing eyelashes.

Just do not pull too many eyelashes when you try to remove them. So you can hurt your own. If the lashes are not removed, then just repeat the procedure.

Massage your eyelashes to speed up the process and dissolve the glue better. If the eyelashes do not peel off themselves, then try to separate them with tweezers.

How to remove eyelash extensions with a cream

How to remove the extended eyelashes at home completely budget? Easy. You need to take the usual fat cream and is also available to each of us.

How to remove eyelash extensions at home?

The process of removing eyelashes at home is similar to the previous two. To gently remove the eyelashes, take a cotton swab and apply a cream on it, leave on your eyelashes for a while.

Eyelashes should independently and easily peel off. If this is difficult, then repeat the procedure again.

Do you know how to remove eyelash extensions yourself at home?

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