How to make a temporary tattoos at home

Over the past few years, the art of Body Design has been gaining momentum. Complex body modifications, such as piercing or scarring, require serious investment and patience. But temporary tattoos allow you to decorate yourself without any discomfort and almost free.

Types of temporary tattoos

At once it is necessary to specify, that such concept, like temporary tattoos, simply does not exist. The process of tattooing is the introduction of a pigment under the skin, of course, even after a year or two, it will not go anywhere. The only thing that can happen – the paint will fade and the tattoo will fade.

Temporary tattooing is a kind of modification, in which the pattern is drawn on the body by henna or other compounds. Now, also for the creation of short-term patterns, different stickers are used, based on metal particles, glitter, etc. They are completely not harmful (with the possible exception of allergic reactions), if necessary they can be washed off or prolonged. In this case, they will not stick to the body forever, which is very convenient.

Depending on the material used and the technique of drawing the picture, there are the following types of temporary tattoos :

  • Mehendi. This is the oldest way to decorate your body without piercing the skin. To create patterns in this technique, a special paint is used based on the bark and leaves of the laussonia. With its help, you can draw drawings in the brown and orange palette;

How to make a temporary tattoos at home

  • Flash tattoo. This is a classic example of “translation”, where images are used as pictures of metallic. There are a variety of flash tattoo designs: rings, inscriptions, Fatima’s palm, and others. To use them, you do not need special equipment or skills;

How to make a temporary tattoos at home

  • Aerotat – a branch of classical body art, only here instead of brushes work is carried out using an airbrush and a template. For airbrushing, a safe hypoallergenic paint is used, which is known for its high throughput and durability;

How to make a temporary tattoos at home

  • To the Temp. A special way of drawing a tattoo, in which the paint is introduced at a shallow depth. In addition, special pigments with the unstable chemical composition are used. Over time, the patterns dissolve under the influence of external factors;

How to make a temporary tattoos at home

  • Glitter. Beautiful shiny tattoo with gel base. They consist of glue and glitter (sparkles). The greatest popularity was received in the design of the bikini zone, although widely used for conventional body art;

How to make a temporary tattoos at home

  • Crystal tattoo . Very nice view of temporary modifications of the body. Allows to create minimalistic patterns from rhinestones and beads. Completely safe and suitable for all girls. Like glitter, it is most often used to decorate a bikini zone;

How to make a temporary tattoos at home

  • A tattoo is a printer . To produce such patterns, you will need a conventional printer, on which you will need to print the required pattern. This is the most artisanal option that you can decorate yourself.

How to make a temporary tattoos at home

The most important difference between temporary tattoos and permanent ones is that unstable patterns (stickers or drawings) can be erased at any time. For this, oil compositions, fatty creams are used. This is very convenient if the picture is boring or for some reason has ceased to be relevant.

Henna Tattoo

In the summer, for girls, the henna tattoo is just perfect. This figure is resistant to the effects of sunlight, sea water and other negative factors.

How to make a temporary tattoos at home

How to do temporary tattoos at home with henna:

  1. First, you need to buy a suitable henna. It is sold in specialized stores or in cosmetic departments of supermarkets, next to nail polishes or hair dyes. At once we will notice, that for мехенди the means selling in cones will be required;
  2. It is best to choose a natural henna of brown or chocolate color – it is the most harmless and is known for uniform flushing;
  3. Before applying the formulation, the skin is completely degreased and dried. After the sketch is selected. It can easily be found in the search engine or groups of social networks. For beginners, it is recommended to use templates;

How to make a temporary tattoos at home

  1. The holding time of henna depends on the required intensity of the pattern (on average from 2 to 3 hours). To remove dried droplets, you need to gently scrape off your fingers. During the day, the area of the body on which the pattern was applied should not be exposed to water and steam;
  2. After it is not necessary to apply any creams or lotions – they can affect the color of henna.

On henna often there is an allergy, therefore it is very important to use only natural structures and to check the reaction of a skin. To do this, a small amount of paint for mehendi is applied to the inconspicuous part of the epidermis. If no signs of irritation appear in 20 minutes, you can easily draw a tattoo.

How to make a temporary tattoos at home

In rare cases, mehendi is made a biological paint. This is the name of the remedy, which includes chemical dyes and henna. They are easy to draw on the body, create a variety of patterns and colored shapes.

Tattoo stickers – flash tattoo

Flash tattoo is a transferable waterproof sticker, which requires no effort at all. They are colored and monochrome. The most widely used tattoos are metallic (gold and silver).

How to make a temporary tattoos at home

  1. From the template, the desired image is cut out. Do this carefully so that it does not damage the drawing;
  2. Translate the pattern is very simple: attach the picture to the skin with a colored side and blot with a sponge. As soon as the paper becomes sufficiently wet, remove the cardboard layer from the surface of the body;
  3. The resulting tattoo should be dried with a cloth.

There are no additional recommendations for care. Just wear and enjoy and compliments. It is noteworthy that flash tattoos do not let sunlight pass. So doing it in the summer can get a very original pattern directly on the body.


This kind of modification is only possible by real professionals. This is the fastest and most affordable way to make sleeves or any other large-scale pattern.

How to make a temporary tattoos at home

Such a temporary tattoo is made with an airbrush and it does not need to pierce the skin to fill it up – just spray the paint. To create a pattern, templates are used or the master simply draws by his own imagination.

How to make an aeratus:

  • The skin is washed with water without soap (it will dry the epidermis and the paint will lie unevenly), after which it wipes dry;
  • A template is applied to the selected area. Professional masters draw without him, using various nozzles and adjusting the jet of the airbrush. But to make such a temporary tattoo at home will need stencils. They are sold in specialized stores;
  • All figures of this kind are applied in several layers. Each of them must be slightly dried, so between them is maintained a gap of 10-15 minutes;

How to make a temporary tattoos at home

  • All you need is three layers. The last is the final one. For fixing, the paint with the shimmer is gold or silver. After the session, the template needs to be cleaned from the paint and dried, otherwise, it will not be reusable.

No special care for such a tattoo is needed. Is that the first day is recommended not to wet the skin.


The most controversial kind of all described. Many people are wondering, in general, are there temporary tattoos? Of course, all tattoo artists will unanimously say that – no, this is impossible. But the rate allows you to argue with this statement.

It is important to understand that these are not drawings on the skin and make it very difficult. Tattoo timelapse or temporary – is the introduction of paint under the skin at a shallow depth. The session is held in the salons with a special handle – maniple. Exactly the same is done by microblading brows. To create it, you do not use templates, but sketches.

How to make a temporary tattoos at home

How to do the tempo of the tattoo :

  1. Preliminary, the surface of the epidermis is treated with a soap solution and chlorhexidine. After that, the wizard redraws the sketch on the skin. This will require on paper for temporary tattoos. With its help, the pattern is transferred to the body with a special gel;
  2. For convenience, the necessary paint is dialed into plastic containers. They are soaked with a pencil maniple. The epidermis is pierced to a depth of 2 mm. This is enough to create a beautiful drawing and not enough for a full-fledged tattoo;
  3. Such a temporary tattoo is done for 1 year. After that, it gradually begins to fade. It is important to understand that the pattern is not completely lost. At the place of the drawing, there will be a small color spot. You can get rid of it with a laser or by typing a real tattoo from above.

This method has both advantages and disadvantages. It lasts for a long time, looks spectacular and will wash off with time. But she needs care, like a full-fledged tattoo. Otherwise, negative consequences are possible.

How to make a temporary tattoos at home

How to properly care for the temperature:

  1. After 3 hours after the session, you should wash the tattoo with an aqueous solution without soap. Even better – treat the pattern with a cotton sponge or a tampon soaked in chlorhexidine 4
  2. It is important to ensure complete sterility of the skin surface. In the first few days, you can not wet the place of application to the temperature. To protect the drawing during washing, a food film is used;
  3. To maintain the brightness of paints it is desirable to avoid sunbathing for the first six months. Also, limit visits to tanning beds and saunas;
  4. The first 14 days of skin in place of temporary tattoos should be moisturized. As a protective and nutritious cream

Glitter tattoos

Very bright and effective 3d tattoo. Traditionally, the female body is decorated after epilation of intimate zones, but can also be painted on the shoulder, arm or other parts of the body. They can be translated from a picture or drawn by yourself.

How do temporary glitter tattoos:

  1. The skin needs to be wiped with alcohol lotion to degrease the surface;
  2. First, you need to draw a beautiful drawing. It can be an inscription, small patterns in a minimalist style or any other options.
  3. For this, stencils, template forms, etc. are used; Drawing glue for glitter tattoo
  4. From above the stencil is processed by the gel. After this, the template is immediately removed and the glitter over the gel base is sprayed with sequins or multicolored powders with a shimmer. You need to act quickly, otherwise, the glitter will not stick; A drawing of how glitter tattoos are made
  5. After that, a marker of contrasting color is taken and individual elements of the tattoo are drawn;
  6. That it lasts longer, over the shiny tattoo is treated with a fixer. If desired, you can also glue beads or rhinestones on the pattern.

Naturally, such a pattern can be easily done by yourself. Having a little experience you can exclude the application of the template and draw everything yourself. Or make a stencil yourself using a laser printer.

Crystal Tattoo

Such a temporary tattoo should be applied similarly to gel. On the pre-treated surface, a thin layer of adhesive is applied only along the contour. After that, it is laid out with rhinestones or beads.

How to make a temporary tattoos at home

How to paste rhinestones for temporary tattoos:

  1. To be more convenient, you need to use an orange stick, such as for manicure. For gluing large beads, you can use tweezers;
  2. The little secret is how beautifully lay out the crystal tattoo with the name: you need to apply the crystals as if each other. T
  3. his will make an even and clear line. If at first, the pattern looks naked – do not worry. In the process of drying the glue stones slightly “spread out”;
  4. To fix the tattoo at home, you can use hair spray.

How to make temporary tattoos at home

The easiest and most accessible way to draw a pattern on your body is to make a mehendi. The method with the henna we described above, now consider the option of a tattoo with a chemical paint.

How to make a temporary tattoos at home

A step-by-step instruction on how to make a temporary tattoos on your arm for 3 months:

  1. The skin is thoroughly wiped and treated with a degreasing lotion without alcohol;
  2. To paint more conveniently distributed over the skin, it is placed in a tube with a sharp cone. Depending on the angle of the tip and the force of pressure, the shape and brightness of the line changes. This allows, without having any special devices to draw a drawing with different types of lines;

How to make a temporary tattoos at home

  1. The easiest option for home drawing is flowers. The application is extremely light: the base of the pistil is drawn, after which a contour of petals is created. You can supplement the picture with dots, stripes, and shading of individual elements;
  2. If any component of the exposure is uneven, then it can be quickly erased with micellar water or a soap solution;
  3. Now it remains to sustain the right time to fix the picture. Depending on the type of paint, this can be a gap of 2 to 4 hours.
  4. As in the case of henna, the first day the place of application of the paint can not be wetted and subjected to heat.

How long does a temporary tattoos last?

Ordinary stickers last for up to a week and a half, while temporary tattoos can last up to several years. Depending on the chosen variety, the “shelf life” of the pattern varies considerably :

  1. Mehendi lasts up to 2 weeks. After that, it starts actively washing off, changing the shade;
  2. Drawing chemical paint adorns the skin for 3 months;
  3. Light airbrush drawings can decorate the epidermis without changes from 1 to 3 months (depending on the quality of the paint);
  4. If you “fill” a temporary tattoo with a juggler, it will last for several years;
  5. Classic glitter and crystal tattoo will last for a week. In some cases, less. It depends on the availability of various external

factors: the frequency of showering, visiting the pool, a bath or a solarium.
The cost of each of the described types of temporary tattoos is much lower than “permanent”. This is due to the simplicity of the technology and the lack of complex equipment (machines, needles, etc.).

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