How to get rid of nasolabial folds at home

Nasolabial folds – an integral companion of aging. In some, earlier, in others, later, but they appear. There are several reasons for this: heredity, rich facial expressions, and age-related deficiency of collagen.

How to get rid of nasolabial folds at homeEvery woman wants to preserve youth, so the issue of wrinkles is widespread. The beauty industry has developed many methods to combat skin aging.

In addition, there are many popular recipes that can be used at home.


Prevention of the problem should be started from an early age, then you can slow down the appearance of wrinkles. There are a number of exercises that will allow in combination with other methods to control aging:

  1. Maximum inflate the cheeks, close the lips into a tube and slowly release the air
  2. Pull the upper lip to the chin, then return the natural position of the mouth. Then press on the wrinkles and gently stretch them to the sides
  3. Squeeze the skin along the lines of wrinkles with your fingertips. Exercise is performed neatly, without undue pressure
  4. Open the mouth, pressing the lips to the upper and lower teeth, respectively, to pronounce the letter “o”. In this position, linger for half a minute. At the same time, tap the nasolabial folds with the fingertips, going up and down.

Do the exercises you need in front of a mirror. It is advisable to do gymnastics for the face daily. To improve the charging efficiency, you can use a special message.

Massage from nasolabial folds at home

Every day, caring for the skin of the face, you can perform simple manipulations and thereby prolong youth:

  1. With two fingers, middle and index fingers, to massage the area from the mouth to the nose bridge, moving up and down;
  2. Two fingers to smooth the nose in the direction of the cheekbones;
  3. Stroking the area from the nose to the temples, and then down to the lower jaw, neck, and shoulders;
  4. Massage the inside of the cheeks with the tongue. The mouth must be closed. First, make 10 rotational movements in a clockwise direction, then 10 against it;
  5. Press on wrinkles with little effort. Pads of her fingers as if pressed inside, not allowing stretching. This manipulation allows you to properly distribute the muscle tone, with the result that wrinkles become less noticeable.

This complex, if carried out efficiently and daily, will help to remove the deep folds – they will become less noticeable. With it, you can completely get rid of the mild signs of aging facial skin.

Other techniques help to get rid of wrinkles or make them less noticeable:

  • body flex (breathing exercises) for the face
  • aerobics for the face
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Japanese facial massage
  • the message “Asahi”.

Folk remedies for deep nasolabial folds

Procedures that are carried out at home should be directed to rejuvenation. These include various anti-aging wiping, compresses, and masks.

Gelatin mask for deep nasolabial wrinkles

How to prepare and use:

  1. In ¼ cup of boiled water at room temperature, stir 1 tbsp. l gelatin. The mixture is left for about 30 minutes to swell
  2. Meanwhile, 4 tab. Spirulina softens in 1 tbsp. l water
  3. When the gelatin swells, spirulina mush is added to it, ¼ tsp. freshly squeezed lemon juice and 2 drops of liquid vitamin A
  4. If the composition is too liquid, you need to leave it for a while
  5. Then the mixture is applied to gauze, folded in several layers
  6. Gauze is placed on the face, where they hold about 20 minutes.

Gelatinous masks at home do every 3 days. Moreover, the duration of use is limited – only 2 weeks. After some time, you can repeat the course.

Clay masks

In this case, you need to give preference to green and pink clay. It is quite simple to prepare a mask: it is enough to dissolve a spoonful of powder to the consistency of sour cream with a decoction of herbs or plain water. If you use herbs, it is better to give preference to the series, mint, chamomile, sage, hunter, coltsfoot. You can also prepare herbal.

In this mask add vegetable or essential oil, for example, peach, coconut, grapeseed, argan.

How to get rid of nasolabial folds at home

The clay mask, however, like all the others, is applied only to the cleansed face. After applying the composition, wait until it is completely dry. At home, the compositions can be washed off with plain water, but it is better to use decoctions/infusions of the above plants. Clay masks can be done in a day.

Mask with fish oil

With this tool, you can make deep folds less noticeable, as well as prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Fish oil has a beneficial effect on the skin due to omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids.


  • starch – 1 Tsp;
  • olive oil – 1 tsp;
  • fish oil – ½ tsp.

After applying the composition is kept on the skin for about 20 minutes, then washed off with a decoction of herbs or plain water.

Rubbing nasolabial wrinkles with ice cubes

Daily rubbing with ice has a very good effect on skin tone. To rejuvenate the face, it is recommended in the morning instead of washing rubbed with ice cubes. The latter are best made from filtered decoctions of herbs and vegetable/fruit juices.

Ice exposure is a kind of shock therapy. The effect of cold activates protective processes, accelerates regeneration, thanks to which nasolabial wrinkles are leveled.

Warm Compresses

Compresses based on infusions/decoctions of medicinal plants help strengthen collagen production (a substance responsible for skin elasticity). Herbs such as St. John’s wort, chamomile, and coltsfoot will help to remove nasolabial wrinkles. You can also use birch buds infusion.

First, prepare the infusion of plants or the collection of herbs. Then in a warm infusion moisten cotton pads/pieces of gauze. The latter is placed on the face and hold at least a quarter of an hour. A big plus compresses – the possibility of daily use

Want to get rid of deep nasolabial folds forever?

To restore youth and remove wrinkles, you need to turn to professionals. In this case, only procedures that do in beauty salons will help, and some – in specialized clinics, in a hospital.


This procedure refers to plastic. With its help, you can smooth wrinkles than, in fact, return youth. The essence of the technique is the introduction of the woman’s own fat into the wrinkles. It is taken from the waist/hips through micro incisions with a thin needle and then injected through similar micro-punches into wrinkles.

The advantage of the method is that its own fat is not rejected by the body. In addition, the effect occurs almost immediately and is observed for quite a long time.

Hyaluronic Acid Injection

This method is less radical than the previous one but no less effective. Hyaluronic acid is also not a foreign substance for the body, so the likelihood of negative effects is minimized.

One session lasts 30-40 minutes, and the result can be seen immediately after it.

Gel filters

This procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Its essence lies in the introduction of special compounds, which are based on hyaluronic acid. Gel filters can even get rid of deep nasolabial folds by filling them.

The result, which is noticeable immediately, can be observed for several months – it depends on the condition of the skin and its type.

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