How to get rid of acne? folk remedies

For centuries, people used the gifts of nature to maintain the health of their bodies, both inside and outside. And today a great many recipes of beauty have been studied. How to get rid of acne, of course, is not always easy, but most of the ingredients are on hand. Home procedures cannot get rid of congestive acne, but if the inflammation is not missed, then they can be cured. You can make yourself not only effective folk remedies for acne and black dots on your face and body, but also for acne stains.

How to get rid of acne at home: pros and cons

There are a lot of goods in the stores to combat inflammatory pustules. But there is no guarantee that the mask or cream purchased there will suit the skin and will not give a side effect.

The advantages of using folk remedies:

  1. all components are natural – no need to fear the presence of chemical components that can adversely affect the skin;
  2. availability. To prepare a folk remedy for acne and acne does not need to go far, most of the components are at home, or they can be purchased at the nearest pharmacy;
  3. the choice of means and recipes is so wide that it is possible to choose the active components for each problem individually;
  4. Efficiency and reliability of herbs and other components proved over the years.
  5. confidence in safety as the composition is prepared independently.
How to get rid of acne at home

How to get rid of acne at home

Disadvantages of treatment of folk remedies:

  1. Herbal medicine is a long process, as herbal ingredients do not act quickly.
  2. Not all components of homemade recipes have been investigated. Therefore, you should be careful with the unknown ingredients.
  3. You must absolutely follow the recipe when preparing to avoid the incompatibility of the components, which can lead to various side effects.

There are a lot of home remedies for the fight against acne and post-acne by the direction of action, the method of their application. After reviewing all the recipes presented, it is easy to understand which ones need to be used and how to remove skin defects with their help.

How to get rid of acne folk remedies for outdoor use

How to get rid of acne by using Lotion

  1. Coniferous lotion. Mix 100 grams of pine needles, calendula, and chamomile in one tablespoon. Pour into a mixture of 500 ml of vodka, put in a place inaccessible to sunlight so that the composition is infused. Wipe acne and acne marks twice a day. Accelerates healing, smoothes the epidermis, improves the color of the protective cover.
  2. Cucumber Lotion. Grind 2-3 large cucumbers, pour 500 ml of vodka. Leave for 10 days in a cool place so that it is infused. Treat the inflamed areas of the epidermis three times a day. Effective against acne regulates sebum, normalizes complexion. Suitable for the treatment of juvenile acne during puberty.
  3. Honey lotion. Mix honey with calendula tincture in equal proportions, add warm water to obtain a volume of 150 ml. Treat acne on the back and face twice a day. It has a disinfecting, healing effect. Improves the tone of the upper layer of the dermis.
  4. Lotion of wormwood. Brew two tablespoons of herbs with boiling water and wait 30 minutes. Then add one tablespoon of salt and lemon juice to the broth and mix well. Treat problem areas of the epidermis 2 times a day. Effectively heals, internal, youthful acne, quickly removes inflammation.

How to get rid of acne by Mask Recipe

  1. Mask potato In a blender, grind one raw potato, add a crushed aspirin tablet, one beaten protein and 6 drops of mango flavor oil to it. Apply to the inflamed area and wait for complete drying, then wash. Reduces the possibility of acne formation, stimulates cell viability, improves blood circulation, is used from inflamed pustules for teenagers.
  2. Mask with yeast. Combine a tablespoon of yeast with warm water, stir. The resulting composition is applied to the face, wait for it to dry, and rinse with warm water. Improves the relief of the face, removes red spots, helps to make the skin clean.
  3. Mask from kiwi. Peeled fruit mash with a fork, add one tablespoon of flour and 5 drops of aromatic oil of cloves and pomegranate seeds. Apply the mixture to the face for 20 minutes, after washing. A cleansing mask of blackheads and black spots will free up clogged pores, cure subcutaneous inflammations, increase skin tone.
  4. Carrot mask. Mash boiled and peeled carrots with a fork, add two whipped proteins, stir. Spread on the inflamed areas of the epidermis for 10 minutes, then rinse. It will improve skin color, clean and narrow pores, remove post-acne.
  5. Mask for acne with aspirin. Soften 2 tablets with a few drops of water, add 1 tablespoon of ground thyme and a tablespoon of cream. Mix the ingredients well. The resulting composition is applied to problem areas of the epidermis for 5-10 minutes, then remove with a damp cloth. The effective home remedy for acne whitens the dermis, helps with teenage rashes, eliminates black spots, increases the efficiency of cells.
  6. Cosmetic clay based mask. A tablespoon of blue or green clay mixed with a similar volume of water, add a few drops of orange or grapefruit oil. Apply for 20 minutes, then wash. It perfectly treats the inflamed epidermis, cleanses the pores, normalizes the secretion of skin secretion.
  7. Oatmeal mask A tablespoon of crushed flakes combine with 1 tablespoon of yogurt and add 5 drops of tea tree oil. Apply to skin for 20 minutes, then rinse. Carefully relieves pores from clogging, narrows them, normalizes the tone of the skin.
How to get rid of acne by Mask Recipe

How to get rid of acne by Mask Recipe

How to get rid of acne by Scrubs and peels

  • Coffee peeling. To clean the skin used coffee grounds, remaining in the Turk or coffee machine. To two tablespoons of ground add one tablespoon of kefir. Use the procedure 1-2 times a month. Normalizes blood circulation in the epidermis, promotes cell regeneration, improves the color of integuments, is suitable for cleansing the skin during puberty.
  • Oat scrub. Mix one teaspoon of ground oatmeal, soda, and cinnamon. Pour 2 tablespoons of warm water into the mixture, mix everything well. Clean your face 3-4 times a month. Stimulates the metabolism in the epidermis, smoothes the surface, cures inflammation, cleans and tightens pores.
How to get rid of acne by Scrubs and peels

How to get rid of acne by Scrubs and peels

  • Egg and honey scrub. Mix a tablespoon of honey, chopped oatmeal, and whipped protein. A very effective remedy for acne at home frees pores from clogging and narrows them, has antibacterial action.
  • Sea peeling. A tablespoon of crushed sea salt is combined with a tablespoon of sour cream and soap suds. Effectively cleans pores, has anti-inflammatory action.
  • Rice Scrub. One tablespoon of ground rice combined with the same amount of olive oil. Apply along the massage lines, remove the composition with a cloth, wash after 2 hours. Repeat the procedure 2 times a week. Gently cleanses the pores, soothes the inflammatory process, moisturizes the epidermis, smoothes shallow wrinkles, reduces acne scars.

How to get rid of acne by Compresses, herbal baths, and steam baths

  1. A succession. Two tablespoons pour 250 ml of boiling water, to insist to cool. Strain the prepared broth, fold the pressed grass onto the gauze. Apply for 15-20 minutes. After removing the compress you need to wipe the place, wetting a cotton swab in the broth. Treats acne, cleans post acne.
  2. Potassium permanganate Make a weak solution until the crystals completely dissolve. Make a compress for 15 seconds. Helps effectively treat and dry acne.
  3. Chamomile. Brew two tablespoons of 250 ml of boiling water. After filtering, treat the inflamed areas of the dermis twice a day. Treats inflammation and brightens the skin.
  4. Celandine. Brew the grass and wait 2 hours for it to infuse. Wipe the foci of inflammation twice a day. It is very effective for purulent inflammations.
  5. Calendula. Brew one tablespoon of boiling water and let it brew. Both strain and make a compress on the desired zone twice a day. It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action.
  6. Hypericum Brew, let stand and cool. Ready broth strain and wipe acne. Dries acne and prevents their further occurrence.
  7. Birch buds. Brew, let it brew, and after straining make lotions twice a day.
  8. Aloe. Cut the leaves from the flower, leave them for a few days out of the reach of the sun’s rays, after which you can wipe acne with them. Heals inflammation, disinfects, softens, removes traces of acne and pustules and prevents the appearance of new rashes.
How to get rid of acne by Compresses, herbal baths, and steam baths

How to get rid of acne by Compresses, herbal baths, and steam baths

All these folk remedies are used to take steam and herbal baths. To improve the result, sea salt can also be added to the broths in the bath. All these components pull out contamination from the pores, regulate the secretion of skin secretion, disinfect the surface of the epidermis and heal inflammatory processes and eliminate spots after acne. The skin will become more toned and fresh.

Home recipes decoctions of herbs for internal use

In addition to compresses or lotions, herbal teas are very effective to drink, as they enhance and strengthen the immune system and improve the protection of the human body from the inside, which is why you should not forget about these folk remedies for facial acne.

  1. Nettle. Boil a spoonful of plants in a glass of boiling water, let cool, strain and drink 3 times a day, 100 ml before meals.
  2. Dandelion root (1 pc.) Boil in 400 ml of water for 15 minutes, let cool. Take ½ cup 15 minutes before meals.
  3. Burdock root. Grind 1 root, pour it into 500 ml of boiling water, cook for 10 minutes. Allow to cool, strain and take 100 ml. 4 times a day.
  4. Violet tricolor. Brew a spoonful of plants 750 ml of boiling water and let it brew. Strain and drink 1/3 cup 3 times a day.

Recommendations for more effective home beauty recipes

  • For the treatment of folk remedies to give results, you should regularly perform a number of simple procedures:
  • when washing it is recommended to add a couple of drops of lemon juice into the water;
  • for masks use fresh fruits, vegetables, and berries;
  • before peeling and masks it is necessary to steam the skin;
  • scrub problem areas twice a month;
  • apply compresses on top with subcutaneous acne and inflamed acne with aloe juice;
  • refrain from stress and nervous overstrain;
  • try to eat right.

Even if there is complete confidence that selected remedies for acne will help, you should consult a qualified cosmetologist or a dermatologist for advice. Only the doctor will be able to select the best drugs for the course of treatment individually for each patient, according to the results of his examination. Since, unfortunately, not always inflamed papules and acne on the face, shoulders, chest or back, this is evidence of an external factor. Perhaps the problem lies in the human body.

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