How to choose women’s underwear?

Fortunately, at present, our women can choose really beautiful, seductive underwear. Times when nothing but pants and pants in the country for women did not release, has long ago been over. Now in stores, a wide assortment of underwear is presented, which is to taste not only the beautiful half of humanity but also their men. It’s been known for a long time – a woman in underwear (good!) Looks much sexier than completely naked.

How to choose women's underwear?

How not to get discouraged when choosing clothes? The answer to this question is necessary to know both ladies and men, who can make such gifts to their beloved.

Pack the chest ( bra )

When choosing a bra, the most important thing is to choose the right size, so that later you do not suffer from the linen falling into the body. To determine the size of a bra, you only need to know two figures – the girth of the chest and the girth under the breast. The difference between these data will reveal the size of the cup.

There is even a special size table. Although the researchers at the University of Hong Kong say that the geometry of the chest is so complex that you need to produce at least eight different measurements to select the most comfortable bra. The main thing that follows from this – a bra needs to be selected exactly in size. If a woman does not have a large breast, then she does not need a bra that will support the chest, but the busty ladies need special support on the contrary.

Types of panties underwear

Today there are many panties, each of which is suitable for this or that garment. In addition, each woman often gives preference to two or three kinds, and the rest, if present in her underwear wardrobe, then only for a specific case. They say that psychologists can even determine the nature of a woman, having learned what kind of panties she prefers.

How to choose women's underwear?

There are three main types of linen – maxi, midi, mini. The first is a closed neckline, with the waistline down on the hips, the latter being the most open cut. Also, women’s panties are different in appearance.

Slips. This species is the most common. The cut in such panties is located approximately in the middle of the thigh. In classic slips, the elastic band is located at the waist, but lately, panties-slips with a rubber band in the middle of the thigh is more often found. This kind of linen is now in great demand because it is the most convenient.

Thongs. Such parties do not cover the buttocks, they consist only of a small triangle and thin rope-bands. This kind of laundry is not recommended for daily wear, and not every woman decides to do this. Such panties are worn only under tight clothes.

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