How to choose mascara, modern methods

To long thick eyelashes were our faithful companions in any everyday situations, cosmetologists are constantly improving mascara. In the market of cosmetics, there are all sorts of new items, including decorative types, waterproof and professional.

The latter is a special mascara, which is unlikely to work a few minutes before the exit, apply at home in front of the mirror.


How to choose mascara, modern methodsThose who prefer warm shades are recommended to use brown, orange and burgundy tones, which, however, require a selective approach, since after their application the likelihood of red-eye is particularly high. For lovers of exotic cosmetologists have created bright white, light blue and silver carcasses. In principle, this idea is not new, something similar was offered by fashion magazines of the 80s and early 90s. For the first time in the history, brunettes were jealous of those whom nature had given whitish eyelashes because they were best seen with ultra-fashionable shades.


Cosmetologists and makeup artists did not leave halfway through the make-up word: thanks to further developments, modern mascara, unlike its predecessors, is beautifully applied to dark eyelashes. The bright one will perfectly complement the evening bow, less extravagant colors are appropriate on weekdays.

There are several ways of applying decorative ink, the choice of which is determined by your goals and objectives.

Evening makeup is the most intricate in execution:

  • a thin base layer is applied in the direction from the inner corner of the eye to the outer;
  • the eyelashes are lightly treated with a dry crumbly powder;
  • the second layer is much more generous: do not spare either the carcass or imagination in the directions of movement of the brush;
  • with the help of a brush and special curling tongs the desired shape is given;
  • the third layer completes the effect of false eyelashes.

When applying everyday makeup, it is quite enough to wink at the brush: it’s barely to touch her eyelashes to give a slightly noticeable additional volume and the desired shade.


Slightly dried favorite mascara can cause a lot of disappointment. If you wish, you can create a whole encyclopedia of tips, both professional and “popular”, than to dilute mascara, are all of the hygienic and safe enough? Based on expert opinion and personal feedback, the most popular ideas can be classified as follows:


How to choose mascara, modern methods

  • water (external use): the bottle is placed for some time in a container with warm water, the
  • problem is solved by itself according to the law of evaporation and condensation;
  • eye drops;
  • contact lens solution;
  • the makeup remover that does not contain alcohol.
  • Unwanted:
    water (internal use) – if we are not talking about distilled water purchased at a pharmacy, its composition and level of bacteria is usually unknown, so by adding it, you act solely at your own peril and risk;
  • alcohol-containing liquids – irritate the eyes and can cause inflammation;
  • vegetable oil is not a solvent, you will not like the result yourself;
  • own saliva with all attached bacteria is an invention of Soviet women, for which they often had to pay with conjunctivitis.


Reflecting on how to choose a mascara, it will not be out of place to look not only in the mirror but also out the window: what kind of whether you have to deal with. In anticipation of rain and snowfall will be very useful mascara, which is not afraid of water.

Its daily use requires some skills and precautions. It is recommended to apply mascara on a sparing protective base since some components of waterproof mascara are aggressive, constant contact with them is undesirable for delicate eyelid skin and eyelash structure.

How to choose mascara, modern methodsAt the same time, it is these components that give a wonderful opportunity to look perfect on a rainy street, in the gym and even in the pool or on the beach.

The application of waterproof cosmetics requires precise and confident movements. This cosmetic substance does not like spectacular layering, as it tends to stick together. A moderate layer of mascara will revitalize your everyday appearance and give you confidence in any circumstances and weather conditions.

Removing waterproof mascara causes a lot of funny questions, how to wash indelible?

The prejudices are in vain, in this direction specialists have worked well and are ready to offer several lines of specialized tools designed for removing waterproof makeup. Makeup artists remind of the need for this procedure since centuries require a break from not the most favorable substances for them. In addition, waterproof mascara stuck together in stone can cause a lot of trouble, there are cases when belated attempts to remove it led to the loss of eyelashes.


Modern beauty salons offer this type of service as applying mascara for several weeks. The technique is an alternative to building, the main difference is a more gentle effect on natural eyelashes.

However, one procedure does not exclude another – some types of semi-permanent means are applicable
to artificial ones. The main advantage of makeup is its fresh look around the clock for a couple of weeks.

How to choose mascara, modern methodsSome cosmetics companies offer semi-permanent mascara for self-application at home, although makeup artists believe that only a professional beautician can guarantee the desired result.

Semi-permanent mascara is already well known in the United States and Western Europe and is rapidly spreading in our open spaces.

When choosing a mascara, you should pay attention not only to the content but also to the characteristics of the brush, since the quality of the eyelashes depends on its quality. And do not forget: the cilia of the lower eyelid deserve the same attention as the upper.

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