How to apply concealer on the face – step by step

Emphasizing certain areas of the face with light shades allows you to give it glow, brightness and eliminate traces of fatigue. If you know how to apply concealer correctly, then you can not only create fashionable makeup but also hide almost all the flaws of the skin.

What is a concealer for the face

Concealer is a cosmetic product aimed at correcting skin imperfections and highlighting the merits of a person. Unlike the classic corrective sticks, this tool can be of almost any shade from porcelain or mother-of-pearl to dark brown, green and blue.

Depending on the deficiencies of the skin, a concealer of a certain color is selected. For example, to block bruises under the eyes, products of a reddish hue are recommended, to neutralize redness — green or blue (depending on the initial color of the epidermis).

What is concealer different from corrector:

  • It can be applied both before the tonal base and after it. It is customary to use the corrector only before using the tonal product and powder
  • Concealer dries the skin, so many beauty experts do not recommend using it under the eyes to paint bruises and redness
  • The consistency of the proofreader is more dense, thick. This allows him to gloss over large red pimples. But precisely because of this feature, the product becomes clogged and wrinkled.

How to apply concealer on the face - step by step

Types of concealers

All concealers are classified according to shape, color, and field of use. Inform, they are as follows:

Stick. Externally similar to automatic lipstick. Similar products are available in two palettes: light and dark. This allows you to simultaneously hide the imperfections of the skin, beautifully shading the depressions and projections. Lumene Beauty Base Cover Stick, Debby Concealer Solution Stick

The palette. This is a professional cream concealer for correcting skin imperfections. The palette can be almost any, but unlike sticks, it also contains additional shades. Green, red, yellow and others. The most famous “representative” MAC Professional MakeUp

Pencil. These concealers are the most convenient to use, so they are often recommended for work by novice makeup artists. Most often they are available in two colors: dark and light. This is Bobbi Brown’s Face Touch Up Stick, Zuii Organic Concealer Pencil

Liquid Concealer. It looks very similar to a concealer, applied to the skin with a brush. Convenient for treating large areas of skin: bruises, redness, etc. Presented by Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer, MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (MAC), Nyx HD Photogenic and others.

In terms of use, concealers are also reflective and corrective. The latter are traditional, they are used in all make-up techniques, they can replace bronzer, blush, and highlighter. A reflective concealer contains the smallest mineral particles that reflect the light falling on the skin.

How to apply concealer on the face - step by step

Concealer color selection

In order to find out what color concealer is used for which flaws, we have compiled a table. It describes in detail all the options for applying different shades.

Colour Application area
Green As in the artistic colors, this color is used to neutralize the red. Some manufacturers supplement the product with antibacterial components, which not only help to blot out a pimple or rash but also to dry the inflammation.
Yellow This color concealer allows you to hide dark veins under the skin, grids of capillaries and bruises under the eyes. Against strong flaws will be ineffective, so it is combined with red.
Lavender All shades of purple can eliminate ugly pigment spots, remnants of bruises and other “yellow” marks on the skin. Not recommended for use by dark-skinned girls, but look great on owners of the Summer and Winter color type.
Red It is used similarly to yellow, but for painting more serious flaws. Instead, sometimes even red lipstick is used, but it requires careful shading and is not always convenient.
Apricot, peach, carrot, orange It is important to choose a shade that matches your color type. These are the most natural colors of concealers, they refresh the face, emphasize the brightness of the skin, allow even paint over tattoos. They are used both as independent products and in the form of additional products (together with proofreaders, toners, etc.).
Pink They are quite difficult to use, but if you overdo it, you get an ugly purple accent. This color allows you to get rid of green pigments.

How to apply concealer on the face - step by step

How to apply concealer on the face step by step

The most important point when using this cosmetic product is the scheme of applying concealer on the face. Here the principle is similar to the use of highlighters or bronzers: the depressions should be darkened, the bulges should be lightened, the faults should be painted in the correct color.

How to apply concealer on the face - step by step

Instructions on how to apply concealer on face:

First, the base is prepared. Concealers are never used on unprepared skin. The first is applied BB or CC cream, moisturizing emulsion, tone foundation;

How to apply concealer on the face - step by step

Determined by the main skin color. Depending on this, a shade is chosen for darkening and lightening. The ideal scheme is to work within two tones depending on the initial hue of the epidermis (or tonal basis);

The area under the eyes is stained with apricot or yellow tinge, the upper part of the eyelids is lightened to create the effect of “open” eyes. In the future, when the make-up of the eyes of the cavity is darkened, a spectacular soft transition will be obtained

How to apply concealer on the face - step by step

To fix the shading veil, mineral powder is used. It is recommended to work by means of dense but applies them with a small layer – so as not to interrupt the natural “liquid” luster of the skin.

How to apply concealer on the face - step by step

Often a palette of concealers or a set of individual sticks (pencils) is used for sculpting the face. The oval face is considered ideal, so its shape is repeated in the “skeleton” of contouring.

Concealer Sculpting Principles:

Square face. The lower corners of a jaw, corners of a forehead and cheekbones darken. The areas under the eyes, the nose and the middle of the forehead are highlighted. If necessary, drawbacks are painted over

How to apply concealer on the face - step by step

Round. Here only two areas are clarified: the chin and the forehead. Temporal lobes, transition to the hair zone on the forehead, cheekbones are darkened. The roundness of the cheeks is sure to creep up (it is best to use apricot or pink concealers)

How to apply concealer on the face - step by step

In the triangular face, only the frontal lobe should be darkened, but the lower part, on the contrary, is highlighted. This will visually expand the chin and even out the proportions.

Errors when applying concealer

When sculpting with concealers it is important to use brushes. With your fingers, the product will simply rub into the skin and the desired effect will not be achieved. Therefore, it is better to stock up on a special set, for example, Mermaid Multipurpose. If there is absolutely nothing at hand, then it is best to work out the sites with sponges.

How to apply concealer on the face - step by step

Most often the question is asked, concealer is applied before or after the foundation. Professional makeup artists insist that only after. If you work with a corrective product on the dry skin, then it just doesn’t blend, there will be ugly spots on the face.

How to apply concealer on the face - step by step

It is a gross mistake to apply the corrector on the face with concealer. These two products have a similar area of action, but if applied in the same area together, a multi-layered stain is formed. An exception is allowed only in the case of work with complex problem skin: traces of post-acne, comedones, and wen.

How to apply concealer on the face - step by step

Different brands of concealers have different density, besides, it depends on the type of product used. It is much more convenient to work with liquid products. If only a thick remedy is available, then it can be reanimated with a small amount of moisturizer.

How to apply concealer on the face - step by step

To properly paint a simple, no need to shade it. You must first apply the concealer, then smear a small amount of the product around it with a thin flat brush. In any other sequence of work, the pimple will not go anywhere.

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