Heartburn during pregnancy: causes, treatment

Even if you have never suffered from heartburn during pregnancy you have every chance to get acquainted with it. The phenomenon is so unpleasant and common among pregnant women that it is considered one of the most horrible and annoying companions of bearing a child.

There is an opinion that the culprit of heartburn during pregnancy is a baby, more precisely his marigold and hairline. However, doctors believe that this is unlikely. The digestive “fire” has a physiological nature and is quite understandable. Accordingly, the methods of combating heartburn become obvious.

What Causes Heartburn During Pregnancy?

Heartburn (or acid dyspepsia) is a burning sensation and pain behind the sternum and in the epigastric region. Most often this is due to the release of gastric juice into the esophagus so that the sensitive mucosa is irritated and this unpleasant feeling of heat arises.

The release of this very acid is provoked by squeezing the internal organs. That’s why people often feel heartburn after active bending or pumping the press, as well as at a big weight. When pregnant, the organs are pressured by a growing fetus, which is aggravated by an increase in the period. This is why heartburn most often torments women, beginning with the second trimester, and in the early stages, they usually do not experience such “happiness” (although there are also such cases).

Of course, the esophagus is protected from the effects of gastric acid by a kind of valve – the sphincter, so not everyone suffers from heartburn. But under the influence of the “pregnant” hormone progesterone muscle tone, as we know, is relaxed, including the muscles of the esophagus. And this muscular valve-clamp in such a relaxed state allows the gastric acid to pour into the esophagus. The tight closure of the sphincter is also hampered by an increase in the uterus and an increase in intra-abdominal pressure (about 25 weeks ).

A high level of hormones during pregnancy affects the time needed for the body to fully digest. Muscle contractions that help the food pass through the esophagus slow down as a side effect of hormonal secretion. As a result, the digestive process and the splitting of food take longer, leading to stomach upset and heartburn.

As a rule, heartburn begins soon after eating (especially after consuming abundant fatty, fried and spicy food) and can last from several minutes to several hours in a row. But everything is very individual. Many pregnant women say that they experience heartburn permanently, even if they do not eat or drink anything. And often heartburn starts to get the future mother in the lying position, so you have to sleep, almost sitting.

How to get rid of heartburn during pregnancy?

Painful heartburn during pregnancy can be eliminated with drugs called “nonabsorbing antacids”. They neutralize and absorb hydrochloric acid from the stomach, envelop its walls and relieve heartburn for 1-2 minutes, not absorbed into the blood.

Heartburn during pregnancy

Non-absorbable antacids include preparations containing calcium, aluminum, and magnesium. These can be such modern drugs as Maalox, Rennie, However, together with hydrochloric acid, these drugs absorb other substances. Therefore, they should not be combined with taking other medications.

Many antacids can provoke the appearance of constipation. However, most of the modern drugs do not have this side effect. Among such – tablets Renny. In addition to calcium carbonate, they contain magnesium carbonate, and magnesium has a laxative effect, and also promotes the formation of mucus in the stomach and increases the resistance of its mucosa to the damaging effect of hydrochloric acid. Also, Rennie helps to eliminate other unpleasant symptoms, often accompanied by heartburn – nausea, eructation, flatulence. But in view of the fact that magnesium is able to influence the development of the fetus, the world’s gynecologists recommend abandoning such preparations.

As in any other case, the medicinal treatment of heartburn should be performed solely on the prescription of the doctor. He will prescribe the allowable dosage.

Of course, even such harmless tablets in the period of bearing a child do not want to take. Many mothers are saved in a proven way: baking soda. However, this is highly undesirable. Firstly, when interacting with the gastric juice of soda, it forms carbon dioxide, which has a pronounced action: the release of an additional portion of hydrochloric acid, and soon the burning is renewed with renewed vigor. Secondly, soda, easily absorbed into the blood, causes a dangerous violation of the acid-base balance, which intensifies swelling, which is already not uncommon in the second half of pregnancy.

If heartburn does not give you a life, and medicines to accept oh as it would not be desirable – try to resort to national medicine. Here are some recipes for fighting heartburn:

15 g of heather ordinary pour 0.5 liters of water, boil for 2-3 minutes, insist and drink half a glass 3-4 times a day for 1 tablespoon.

10 g of grass of a hundred thousandth of an average for 200 ml of boiled water, to insist 2-3 hours, strain and take 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day for half an hour before meals.

Prolonged heartburn ceases if taken 3-4 times a day for 1/3 teaspoon of powder from the rhizomes of the area.

But before resorting to herbal remedies, you still need to consult a doctor.

How to prevent and eliminate heartburn during pregnancy

  1. Try not to take antispasmodics, since they relax the esophageal sphincter and thus contribute to the occurrence of heartburn. The same action is possessed by some herbs, for example, mint.
  2. Excess weight gained during pregnancy increases the risk of heartburn. So do not overeat.
  3. Eat a fraction: 5-6 times a day at intervals of 1.5-2 hours and in small portions.
  4. Eat slowly, thoroughly chewing.
  5. Include in the diet products that provoke an alkaline reaction: milk, cream, sour cream, cottage cheese, steam omelets, lean boiled meat and fish, butter and vegetable oil, white dried (better yesterday) bread.
  6. Dishes and side dishes of vegetable used in boiled or wiped form. And bake the fruit better.
  7. Be sure to include in the diet cooked beets and steamed prunes to prevent constipation, since any straining leads to an increase in intra-abdominal pressure and, accordingly, throwing acidic gastric contents into the esophagus.
  8. Refrain from fatty fried foods, smoked products, spices and sauces, sour fruit juices and compotes, vegetables containing coarse fiber (white cabbage, radish, radish, onion, garlic), heavily digested mushrooms, nuts, black bread, chocolate, carbonated and effervescent drinks, black tea and coffee, mustard, vinegar, tomatoes, oranges.
  9. Exclude refractory animal fats (mutton, goose).
  10. Alcohol and smoking, which increase the risk of acid reflux and heartburn, should be completely abandoned.
  11. Dinner is easy, without meat dishes and do not eat for 3-4 hours until sleep.
  12. After each meal for 15-20 minutes, stand or sit, but do not lie down – then the food will quickly leave the stomach.
  13. Avoid positions and exercises that contribute to the occurrence of heartburn: deep torso of the body forward, the tension of the abdominal press.
  14. A stoop, an incorrect posture increase pressure on the stomach, which, in turn, leads to the appearance of heartburn: that’s why you always have to sit straight.
  15. Try to keep the spine straight when walking or standing to avoid heartburn.
  16. In the absence of contraindications, sleep with a raised head end of the bed or use “high” pillows.
  17. If the heartburn intensifies in a horizontal position, when turning from one side to the other, get up and calmly walk around the room for a while, drink cool still water or eat unsweetened biscuits
  18. Pay attention to the clothes: it should not be squeezing.
  19. Daily it is required to use an adequate amount of liquid – however only between meals, and not during meals.

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