Green tea: the benefits and harms

Green tea is a perennial evergreen shrub, reaching 10m in height. The plant has beautiful, long, dark green leaves, having the shape of an oval. The leaves contain in their pulp supporting sclereids. In the axils of the leaves are fragrant flowers, collected 2-4 pieces or one by one. Color and bracts are arranged in a spiral. The fruit of green tea is a box, slightly flattened, consisting of three wings. Inside the fruit, there are seeds of a round shape, dark brown color.

From the end of summer to the last days of autumn, the period of flowering of this plant lasts. From October to December, the plant bears fruit. Green tea plantations are located in China, India, Japan, South America, and Africa.

Green tea composition:

This fresh, strong drink contains many chemicals, it is due to the beneficial effects of tea. More than half a thousand components are found in its leaves, including calcium, fluorine, and also magnesium, phosphorus, and many others, which are so necessary for the body. It found several hundred complex compounds of organic origin and most of the known vitamins. The particular usefulness of green tea is due to the presence of the following compounds in it:

Green tea: the benefits and harms

Caffeine is the main alkaloid, it by its presence in tea gives strength and energy to our body, invigorates and activates the brain. However, ordinary tea does not contain caffeine, but its analog called theine. The action of theine is somewhat softer than caffeine, while it also activates the energy of the human brain, improves mood, and with its performance and activity.

The minerals contained in green tea contribute to the proper functioning of all our organs. By preventing the imbalance of minerals, it strengthens the immune system, contributes to the excellent condition of nails, hair, and teeth.

Catechins are flavonoids, excellent antioxidants. Their effect is ten times greater than the effect of vitamins. Drink a cup of green tea during the day, and your body will receive all the necessary amount of polyphenols. A similar effect was found in catechins of other natural products, such as carrots, spinach, strawberries, and broccoli. Being an effective antioxidant, this product suppresses free radicals in the body, reducing the risk of cancer. Tea enhances natural immunity, destroys germs, so it is recommended for dysentery.

The benefits of green tea

The usefulness of green tea is known for a long time. Moreover, this fact is recognized not only by folk healers but also by official institutions. The most venerable pharmaceutical companies along with the manufacturers of cosmetics use this unique, miraculous plant in their products. The beneficial properties of green tea are actively used in nourishing creams and in dietary supplements.

Try it yourself action of this wonderful product – was in the morning and before going to bed with a freshly brewed drink, you will feel the improvement in skin tone. It is very useful to wipe the neck and face area with pieces of iced green tea. Repeat this procedure regularly, and you will be provided with a cheerful and cheerful mood. Green tea will help get rid of unhealthy rashes on your skin, as well as other similar negative symptoms on your face and body.

Green tea can make you beautiful. If you have far-reaching plans for the evening, he will help you to be simply stunning. The beauty of your skin will wake such a composition. Mix about 20 grams of regular flour, egg yolk, and strong brewed tea. Apply for 15 minutes. this mass on the face, carefully washing away after that. Your skin will get a nice color, smooth out and tighten. To enhance this effect, you can use a piece of ice green tea.

Do not ignore black tea, its benefits are also obvious. Our mothers in the days of their youth did without tanning beds to make the skin dark. To do this, pour a little water into black tea, put on fire, bring to a boil, and then insist, waiting for the liquid to cool. This infusion is wiped twice a day. You will become tanned without sunbathing.

But back to green tea. This drink normalizes the processes of digestion. Constantly using green tea, you will force your internal organs to work faster – the liver, intestines, and stomach. You will also notice an additional effect – healthy gums and teeth. You are no longer afraid of stomatitis. All this is facilitated by surprisingly useful components that tea is saturated with. Antioxidants that are present in tea are an amazing preventive measure against cancers that have become a real disaster. The tea drink is present in the required amount of a known antioxidant – zinc. This element is necessary for strengthening nails, hair growth, it also contributes to the tightening of wounds, for example, when cuts are made.

Preparations of green tea have a diuretic effect, but due to the stimulating action of the plant, it cannot be used as a diuretic.

Green tea is the best remedy for fatigue. Infusion of green tea is used as an antimicrobial agent for dysentery. This tea is a means of preventing urolithiasis and cholelithiasis. Green tea maintains body tone and quenches hunger.

Due to the content of vitamin C, green tea helps to cope with many cancers. Vitamin P contained in green tea makes the walls of blood vessels stronger and more elastic.

The beneficial properties of green tea are due to the fact that its composition contains large amounts of various bioactive substances, trace elements, and vitamins. In the process of production of the product, tea leaves do not undergo complete oxidation (fermentation), due to which they retain their green color. Thanks to gentle drying, the beneficial substances, and vitamins in the leaves are not destroyed, unlike black tea

How is green tea useful? This healing drink has a tonic effect on all body systems. It contains caffeine and tannin, stimulating the mental activity of the brain. It is useful to drink for the prevention of blood clots, it lowers blood sugar levels, protects the liver from toxins and relieves the symptoms of second-stage diabetes.

This drink is recommended to use after suffering colds for faster recovery of the body. It is said that he is able to accelerate the healing of wounds and burns. Regular use of tea leaf infusion relieves the symptoms of certain skin diseases.

The harm of green tea

The composition of green tea includes substances that have both positive and negative effects on the human body. In addition, green tea contains theophylline and theobromine, which have a stimulating effect on the human nervous system. That is why the infusion of tea leaves is not recommended for people with increased excitability and insomnia.

Strong drink is definitely harmful when:

With an unstable nervous system and with diseases of the cardiovascular tract. Of course, theine is bad for them. But tea is rich in more than one theine; there are substances in it that actively influence these systems, which causes its harmful effects, for example, through theobromine.

When pregnancy. It prevents the natural breakdown of folic acid, so vital developing brain of the future baby. All this is connected with the content in it of a large dose of a chemical preparation with the difficult to pronounce name “gallatepigallocatechin”. Again, mention caffeine, contraindicated for pregnant women. Does black tea prevent the breakdown of folic acid has not been proven for sure, but caffeine is still contained in it? Just a few cups of any tea per day can cause the birth of a child with low weight, stimulate premature birth with the possible death of the fetus.

At a temperature. Theophylline is present in tea, which is able to raise the temperature of a person. Therefore, the patient with the temperature, drinking green tea, further worsen their condition.

With a stomach ulcer. Rather, tea is contraindicated than really harmful. Strong tea and green, in particular, increases the acidity of gastric juice, and this, in turn, prevents the natural healing process of wounds. As a result, the patient’s condition may significantly worsen.

With an unhealthy liver. It should be noted specifically green tea. Some compounds contained in tea are extremely stressful on the liver, especially if you drink this drink a lot. But in black tea, these compounds are very few.

Elution of beneficial trace elements. Tea removes metals from the body. Again because of the theory.

For skeleton and bones. The analyzes made by scientists on animals showed unexpected results. It turns out that tea has a negative effect on the skeleton and, in particular, on the density of bone tissue. In fairness, we note that no such studies have been done in public.

Urea formation. Any tea is rich in purines, which in the process of assimilation synthesize urea. It is known to be poisonous and is removed from the body with difficulty. Its salts synthesize crystals that develop gout. In addition, green tea violates the condition of people suffering from arthritis and rheumatism.

For teeth. Although here it was said about the opposite effect, there is evidence that tea has a detrimental effect on tooth enamel. What to believe? Definitely, you will not answer, but you can hardly rinse your teeth with tea when cleaning.

Iron absorption. Caffeine prevents the absorption of essential iron.

The harm of tea from misuse:

It has already been said that old tea is harmful. With long storage, it accumulates a lot of purines. Although at the time of brewing, they are already formed, over time, the processes of their formation are increasing and after half an hour, tea should not be consumed.

The combined use of tea and alcohol causes an intense formation of aldehydes that are harmful to the kidneys.

Excessive consumption of the drink causes a state of intoxication, headache begins, nausea, dizziness rolls.

The extremely hot drink should not be consumed in large doses. Therefore, if you constantly use overheated tea, inevitably burns of internal organs. They are deformed, painfully shrink, cracks form on the tissues. This kind of burns will certainly increase the risk of cancer. Here it should be noted that this is not harming to tea as such.

Brewing boiling water makes it almost useless since it destroys the most valuable substances. But the harmful elements are significantly added, the same purines, for example.

The use of green tea

Green tea: the benefits and harms

Green tea is used in atherosclerosis, hypertension and various poisoning, even with alcohol. Green tea is a strong antioxidant that helps fight obesity, weakness, and fatigue. And green tea preparations used in diarrhea, burns from the sun, from caries and different diets. Green tea is able to absorb about 90% of the isotope, not allowing it to adversely affect the human body. Due to its healing properties, green tea stops the growth of cancerous tumors.

Caries is the most common problem of many adolescents and adults. Green tea quickly and effectively destroys the bacteria in the mouth that prevent caries from forming.

Green tea reduces cholesterol in the body, makes blood vessels more elastic, normalizes lipid metabolism, speeds up fat metabolism and prevents the body from aging quickly.

Green tea is an excellent diaphoretic. And if you mix it with lemon, the effect will be even better. In addition, green tea removes toxins from the body.

Infusion of green tea with atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Take 3 grams of dry green tea and wash it with boiling water – this is necessary to reduce its caffeine content. Next, pour green tea with 100 ml boiling water and infuse for about 10 minutes. Take this tea glass at a time three times a day. But, taking into account the fact that a person takes green tea, it is necessary to drink no more than 1.2 liters of liquid per day (this is considering 3 glasses of the tea itself).

Infusion of green tea for dysentery. Take 25 grams of crushed plant raw materials and pour 500 ml of boiling water. Leave everything to brew for half an hour. Then put the composition on a low fire for 1 hour. After that, you need to strain the finished infusion. Store this drink only in the refrigerator. Take an infusion of 2 tablespoons 30 minutes before meals 4 times a day.

Tea for indigestion. Many people suffer from this disease. Green tea will cope with it. This plant contains bactericidal substances that destroy pathogens in the intestines and stomach. To get rid of an upset stomach, it is enough 2-3 days in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening to drink strong green tea – and the ailment will pass.

Infusion with vitamin deficiency. Take 3 grams of powdered tea and pour 100 ml of boiling water, leave to stand for 10 minutes. After that, add 1 teaspoon of rosehip syrup to it. Every day after meals we take this infusion 100 ml three times, only in the form of heat.

How to brew green tea?

In order for green tea to be useful and give the effect that is expected of it, it must be brewed correctly.

  • Three factors should be taken seriously:
  • The most important of them is the water temperature and its quality.
  • A portion of brewed tea.
  • The duration of the welding process.

The optimal combination of these three parameters will give an excellent drink. Let us dwell on this.

  1. How to determine the optimal portion of tea? Here we must take into account the size of the tea leaves, as well as the density of the tea you want to get. On average, one teaspoon is used, based on a full glass of water.
  2. What is the duration of the brewing process? This parameter depends on the size of the tea leaves, as well as the desired tonic effect – intense or slightly delayed. Consider that thein, which causes the desired tonic effect, dissolves in the very first minute of the brewing process. Then there is a predominant saturation of welding tannins. Only after them, our body absorbs thein itself. Therefore, when you expect an intense charge of energy from the tea ceremony, tea leaves should not be held in tea leaves for longer than one – one and a half minutes. On the contrary, if you want a not too intense surge of strength, but then a long time, hold out the brew a little longer than indicated in the instructions. But note that the tea will turn out in this case slightly bitter. Experimenting with this indicator, you will find for yourself options that are acceptable for each case.
  3. What should water be used for brewing? As with most beverages, the best option is water from a spring source. Since not everyone lives near the spring, you can use filtered water. When there is not even one, then at least give the tap water time to settle down a bit. Purchased distilled water is not suitable for brewing. Also, do not re-boil water for tea. In general, it is unacceptable for water to boil over, since brewing tea with fresh boiling water is by no means unacceptable!

Recommended brewing water temperature in the region of 80-90 degrees. Without having a thermometer on hand, determining the appropriate temperature is quite simple. It is necessary to open the lid of the kettle and when steam begins to rise, bring a hand to it. Steam should not burn your hand. It is this temperature that will be optimal. Learn once and for all – boiling water destroys most of the nutrients in tea, making this drink useless!

  1. What is the preferred dish for brewing green tea? The best dishware is the one that holds the heat for a long time. Good fit clay or porcelain teapots. Japanese tea connoisseurs use a teapot made of enameled cast iron, while Arabs prefer silverware. Dishes should not have extraneous odors. For this, preliminary rinsing of dishes with boiling water will help a lot. It is also necessary that the cold kettle does not collect the heat of water into itself, which was intended for brewing.

When, after several brewing procedures, a yellowish bloom appears on the inner surface of the kettle, do not rush to remove it. Such a film is a kind of protection against adverse external factors. Maybe this will alert guests who are not familiar with such subtleties of the tea ceremony, but I think you will find a way to explain the situation to them.

  1. Immediate brewing procedure. Used for this purpose, the kettle must be preheated over an open fire. Only then fall asleep tea. The spoon should be dry and clean. The teapot is wrapped in a soft cloth. Tea ceremony gourmets use special beautiful things for this. The kettle is kept warm for a couple of minutes. The tea is poured onto a third of the tank with hot water. Withstand another 2-3 minutes, after which the kettle is added to the string.

Cups, preferably also of clay or porcelain, intended for the tea ceremony, are rinsed with hot water before use. After all, hot tea poured into a cold cup quickly cools. The total duration of the brewing procedure is 3-4 minutes on average. Pour the drink into cups in small, equal volumes, so it turns out the same taste of tea for all guests.

  1. Sometimes tea is prepared in the cup itself (there are such lovers as well) impose no more than one tsp. welding. Such a drink is drawn for about 2 minutes. The appearance of yellow-brownish shade on the surface of the kettle means the correct mode of preparation. It is not necessary to clean the foam, it is simply stirred with a spoon in a cup. Also, do not forget to warm the cup itself, in which the tea is brewed.
  2. How much tea leaves are allowed and with which to drink tea? It is considered that sugar is the enemy of green tea. It is better to use honey for dessert, and in the absence of it, dried fruit. Secondary high-quality tea brewed up to seven times. However, it is better not to do this more than twice. We take a tiny mini teapot, brew it at a time, and then repeat once again. Secondary brewing time increases. The initial tea leaves have the most tart flavor. Then the taste of tea begins to unfold.

Is it always possible to drink green tea? Many people use this healing drink, thinking that it quenches thirst well. For example, in Central Asia, they drink it hot while working in the field, but this is a big mistake. Tea leaves tea leaves are a strong diuretic and, by drinking it in the hot season, a person dehydrates his body. In addition, excessive use of welding can lead to a deterioration of the nervous system.

Caffeine in green tea

Small doses of caffeine with moderate consumption of tea leaves from green leaves tone up, help relieve fatigue, increase the physical and mental activity of a person. However, with all the beneficial effects of this noble drink on the body, we should not forget about its harm. Because of caffeine, the abuse of green tea is not recommended for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. This can lead to various complications.

Green tea: the benefits and harms

Green tea with milk

This healing drink, mixed with milk, perfectly cleans the kidneys, strengthens and tones the body. Chinese long-livers are also very fond of this “cocktail”. Milk neutralizes the action of caffeine and other alkaloids, and therefore such a drink can be drunk safely for your health. Although this is a high-calorie product, the extra calories in it are compensated by calcium. An interesting study was conducted in which several women drank a glass of milk every day. Strangely enough, in the end, all the advantages of such a diet, in the form of strengthening nails, teeth, and bones, added another weight loss of the subjects. According to the organizers of the experiment, this phenomenon is associated with calcium deficiency. Subsequently, scientists have developed a special diet based on green tea with milk, and its effectiveness has been proven by experience. Cleaning processes in the body,

What is the essence of such a diet? It can be noted in two ways – soft and radical. When you strive for a forced outcome and do not experience stomach problems, tough measures are taken. It should eat only a few fruits per day, abandoning all other products. We drink green tea with milk. Sugar, if the need is insurmountable, change it to a spoonful of honey. In addition to tea with the addition of milk, you need to drink from one and a half liters of plain water. If this is all very difficult for you, it means that you are still indecisive in your aspirations to lose weight.

But suppose that you set out to only cleanse yourself of toxins. Then the fasting day is what you need. Such a measure, of course, is much milder – only one day can be suffered. But about the usual food still have to forget on such a day, in order to give the tea to make its impact.

Consider ways to use the miracle drink. There are also only two of them, and here they are.

Method one: Gourmets assure that the highest efficacy of the tea and dairy diet will be achieved if the brew is prepared directly on milk. That is, water is not used at all. The dry tea is poured with heated milk. In this case, simple water is drunk only separately from the drink.

Method Two: This option is considered more simple, but not so useful. Boiling water and milk are mixed in equal parts by volume, and tea leaves are poured into such a mixture. Such tea is greener in color, but its taste is not so milky.

We also note that the use of green tea with milk is possible both hot and cold. It will not be less useful for this. Green tea is very popular among athletes. Counting on the miraculous properties of tea, it is necessary to use it not only after training but also before it. The range of beneficial effects of tea is huge. Bodybuilding, fitness lovers and just people of active lifestyle include it in their diet. But reduced pressure is a significant reason to refrain from green tea. Indeed, one of its most important functions is the fight against the hypertensive disease.

Green tea for weight loss

If you feel a slight hunger, then instead of a snack, better drink a cup of infusion from tea leaves without sugar. With its regular use, you can throw off 2-3 kg, and in combination with a diet, stunning results are achieved. Recall the main tea gourmets – the Chinese and Japanese. To find among them a fat man is very difficult. What is the ability of tea to get rid of excess mass? It turned out – from among the beneficial qualities of green tea, those that can cause weight loss to prevail. Drink perfectly cleanses the body, improves the functioning of the stomach and intestines, removing toxins, increases metabolism. Proved the positive impact of tea on the acceleration of the processes of splitting fats. This drink allows you to forget about hunger.

Green tea for weight loss

The medical community has not yet made a clear decision on whether green tea affects weight loss, although many people believe in the effectiveness of weight loss with this product. And this way of losing weight has recently become fashionable. It is believed that this infusion enhances metabolic processes in the body and accelerates the removal of fat, it is a powerful antioxidant and helps strengthen blood vessels, increasing their elasticity.

Let us further consider how to more effectively use the useful qualities of green tea for people who want to lose weight.

  1. Half an hour before a meal, just drink some tea (however, we note that drinking green tea before a meal is harmful to the stomach. If you decide to eat it before a meal, then only 15 minutes before a meal). This is a great way to lose weight. For a single dose, brew a teaspoon in 300 g of water, leave for about two minutes and drink without sugar. Such a reception will somewhat reduce the feeling of hunger, but at the same time, it will accelerate the processes responsible for the digestion of food, the burning of fat. It can be recommended to add plants to ordinary tea, which also contribute to weight loss. Among them, for example, hibiscus, characterized by its laxative laxatives, as well as diuretic effects. Hawthorn fruits, absorbing fats that reduce cholesterol. Another supplement is finely ground cinnamon. With it, tea takes on an exquisite, pleasant taste, and the metabolism will increase by an order of magnitude. Finally, even a brutal appetite suppresses a spoonful of flaxseed, eaten over a cup of green tea.
  2. Add green tea to the dining table. There is one recipe that will probably seem original and even somewhat strange. Try to grind the tea into a fine powder grinder. Eat the spoon of this powder in the process of any of your meal. You can drink it with water. You can not even eat the powder in its pure form, but, say, sprinkle cold snacks with it, for example, salads, cereals, Olivier. Do not just add it to various soups or shakes that contain a lot of liquid. In such dishes, the powder will simply dissolve and its effect will be significantly lower or simply weakened. This recipe has reached us from China. And in this country, people know how to keep a figure.
  3. If you are already on a diet, then the tea will be perfect for improving the effect. In general, the best nutritionists recommend drinking green tea as often as possible while losing weight. The quick disposal of excess weight contributes to the use of fruit and vegetable dishes. At the same time, reduce the number of sweets and flour products in your diet. Replace fried meat with fat, boiled. Try to eat less salt and especially sugar. But all kinds of cereals – buckwheat, rice should be welcome on your table. Of course, too, in reasonable quantities. And remember, drink regular green tea, because when losing weight, there are no restrictions on its reception. Now let’s talk about the most successful combinations of diet and green tea.

How does green tea affect weight loss? Acceleration of metabolic processes is not the only factor influencing weight loss in tea arsenal. There are some more useful functions in this direction, we will list them:

soft diuretic properties, contributing, respectively, to the withdrawal of excess fluid. Although among the products that are usually used in conjunction with green tea, milk does not figure, in order to lose weight this ceremony can be bypassed. By adding little-skimmed milk to tea, you can dramatically increase the diuretic effect, there will be more fluid. And yet this tool is a good prevention of swelling of the legs and feet.

polyphenols, contained in tea in excess, increase the body’s heat exchange by efficiently processing deposited fats. Drinking a few cups of tea a day, according to research scientists, you can increase the mass of fat burned almost one and a half times.

the decrease in blood sugar also favors weight loss, because it helps not to feel hunger ahead of time. Drink a whole cup of tea before meals, and dinner will seem much more satisfying to you, which means you can eat less. Those abundant meals, as usual, are also allies in the fight against excess weight.

It may be asked, how long should green tea be a mandatory component of the diet? For this literally, two weeks is enough, the result of the tea diet will be the body’s habit of healthy eating, a moderate diet. You will get a double benefit – at first, you will get rid of excess liquid, and only then fat will be utilized. Having accustomed the body to a healthy diet, you can sometimes indulge yourself with completely non-dietary products, without fear that this will lead to extra pounds of weight.

Green tea extract

This extract is made from green, non-fermented leaves of the plant. It is used in the cosmetic and food industry. In cosmetology based on it, masks, creams, shampoos and much more are produced. Such widespread use of this product is due to the fact that preparations from tea leaves have a beneficial effect on the preservation of youthful skin and its beauty. In cosmetology, the extract is used as a preservative, antioxidant, stabilizer of natural dyes and as a deodorant.

Green tea extract well nourishes and moisturizes the skin, improves and strengthens its very structure. It also prevents aging of the skin, enhancing its protective functions, and at the cellular level has a generally positive effect. In the food industry, green tea extract is used as a natural antioxidant to prevent the oxidation of oils and fats. It is a stabilizer of a number of unstable and rapidly oxidized compounds.

Contraindications to drinking green tea

Despite the fact that green tea has many beneficial properties, it cannot be used in excessive amounts. People with hypotension, it is generally contraindicated, as green tea lowers blood pressure. It is also better for ulcers not to use green tea preparations.

People with insomnia are also not recommended to get involved in green tea, because it contains caffeine, which stimulates the nervous and cardiac systems.

If you have consumed alcohol, then forget about green tea! If alcohol and green tea are consumed simultaneously, aldehydes are formed, and this will have an extremely negative effect on the kidneys. It is undesirable to use drugs from green tea and on an empty stomach.

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