Ginger tea for weight loss: a recipe how to brew

Everyone knows that seasonings and oriental spices speed up the metabolism and help reduce weight. Ginger tea for weight loss is considered one of the best natural drinks, which successfully accelerates the metabolism and burns fat deposits.

Benefit and harm of Ginger tea

Ginger is a plant whose rhizomes are used as spices for various dishes. The burning, spicy and spicy taste of this root is characteristic. Ginger is rich in various vitamins and minerals: iron, zinc, magnesium, A, C, B1, B2 and many others. But the main component is gingerol. This is an amino acid that helps improve blood circulation, due to which the metabolism is significantly accelerated and excess fat deposits are burned.

Reviews claim that with proper preparation and use of ginger tea, the first results will be noticeable after a few days. If you make this drink a part of your daily diet, then there will be no problems with overweight.

The benefits of ginger tea for weight loss :

  1. It warms well in cold weather. Many traditional healers recommend drinking it after a strong freezing – it reduces the risk of getting sick. In addition, thermogenesis contributes to the acceleration of the work of absolutely all systems of the human body;
  2. This is a natural laxative. Remarkable is that the tool does not cause diarrhea, and helps relieve the stomach and intestines if they are very crowded. When overeating, you just need to chew on some plant root;
  3. This remedy can be taken for diabetes. Thanks to amino acids, ginger cleanses the blood, reduces the level of cholesterol and sugar in it, eliminates blood clots;
  4. It is a powerful energy and antioxidant. It is proved that, like ginseng, ginger root is an excellent stimulator of brain activity;
  5. It is an effective means to reduce appetite in dieters. His astringency “deceives” the taste buds and they stop the production of saliva, which affects the feeling of hunger;
  6. This drink helps to improve lipolysis, remove excess moisture from the body and reduce weight. Under the influence of powder or fresh root, fat cells begin to dissolve and then excreted from the body with the help of the excretory system.

But, ginger tea for weight loss has certain contraindications. Firstly, it increases the pressure, therefore it is strictly forbidden to drink for pregnant girls and hypertensive patients. Secondly, it can cause allergies. This is a fairly strong allergen, an overdose of which can cause a rash, fever or vomiting.

Cooking recipes

There are two forms of ginger root :

  1. Fresh. This is a natural root, cut into small pieces (sometimes sold whole). It is healthier and tastier than the powder, but much more expensive. In addition, for making tea, it will be necessary to cut off very thin rhizome slices, which is very difficult, because the plant is quite tough;
  2. Dried. This is ginger powder. It consists of the same root, only pre-treated. First, the plant is dried, then crushed using special devices. Dry ginger is more convenient to use than fresh, but it has a much lower concentration of nutrients.

There are many options, how to make ginger tea for weight loss from fresh or ground root at home. The easiest is to cut it into thin slices (literally 20 grams will be enough for a glass of 300 ml). The plant is filled with boiling water and infused for a few minutes. In China, it is customary to maintain an interval of 7 minutes. After that, the drink is ready to drink. If desired, the same can be done with black tea.

The only remark, if you want to lose weight, it is best to drink this tea without sugar. It has a specific taste, but in the absence of glucose, the effect will come much faster and be stronger than with it.

Ginger tea for weight loss: a recipe how to brew

Ginger tea with lemon

Many stars love ginger tea with lemon – this drink is good both for “lifting” the body and for losing weight. You will need:

  1. 2 lemon wedges. Do not trim the rind – it contains the most vitamin C. Pre-fruit must be washed;
  2. 20 grams of ginger root (if a dry product is used, then 10);
  3. Any basis – 300 ml (it can be green tea, water or other liquid).

Ginger is added to the liquid first. It is necessary that he lay for a few minutes in hot water, after which a lemon is poured into the container. The drink is stirred and infused for a few more minutes. Such tea can be drunk both cold and hot – there will be no different as a result.

If you want not only to lose weight but also slightly raise the immune system, it is recommended to drink ginger tea with garlic and honey. With this tandem, it turns out very peculiar, spicy and healthy drink. On one glass a slice of a root crop and about 30 grams of ginger is taken. Brew the mixture you need only boiling water. To get more useful substances into the liquid, it is recommended to cut the ingredients into small cubes. Drink in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before bedtime.

Ginger tea for weight loss a recipe how to brew 1

Ginger with honey

To make a similar tea for weight loss, but from a dried root, you need to take 10 g of ginger root. It is more concentrated than fresh, and in large quantities can greatly spoil the taste.

Tea with mint or Melissa and ginger root quickly refreshes and reduces appetite. These plants together have an antioxidant effect – they calm, but after drinking the drink does not tend to sleep. 250 ml will need 20 scales of mint and 10 ginger. Pour only with hot water (not boiling water) and brew for at least 10 minutes.

Recommendations for drinking slimming ginger drink:

  1. It is advisable to drink it for half an hour before meals and immediately after it. This will help speed up the metabolism and reduce appetite;
  2. If the drink seems too spicy, then reduce the proportions or mix the solution with cinnamon;
  3. Excessive use can damage the plant. You can drink no more than 3 cups of such tea per day;
  4. Prepare tea preferably immediately before use.

You can buy ready-made ginger tea for weight loss in pharmacies or professional stores

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