How to get rid of wrinkles? Botox and fillers

When does a woman start to notice the first wrinkles on her face? On average, after 30 years. “It used to not be like this before, but now …” – this is the phrase most often heard by cosmetologists at a consultation. Of course, in the arsenal of doctors, there are many techniques that will help remove wrinkles

Contour correction, botulinum therapy, liporeductors injections – all these procedures help to quickly rejuvenate the face. If you correctly approach the correction of age-related changes, they are best combined with hardware techniques that stimulate the skin to renew. However, if a woman wants to get the result “here and now”, then it will help injections. What often prick, if they want to get rid of wrinkles and swelling on the face?

Botox. The drug blocks certain muscles of the face, thereby “wiping mimic wrinkles from the face”.

Fillers With their help, you can fill deep wrinkles and creases, recreate the volume of lost tissue (dense fillers) or remove fine wrinkles (lower density fillers).

There are fillers based on hyaluronic acid and Radiesse. A suitable drug is selected based on the individual characteristics of the skin of a woman, as well as her tendency to swelling. In the latter case, you should very carefully choose hyaluronic acid fillers, which can additionally attract and retain water.

Liporeductors Substances that regulate metabolic processes in fat cells in such a way that they begin to decrease in size, “lose weight.” Due to this, there is a decrease in fat volume in a certain area of the face.

As a rule, it is necessary to combine various injection techniques in order to achieve pronounced facial rejuvenation. Let’s look at what age changes are amenable to correction by injection and what result can be achieved.

Forehead wrinkles

As a rule, the first wrinkles that women notice are located exactly on the forehead: horizontal wrinkles, vertical in the nose bridge. Wrinkles on the forehead give the face a stale, tired look, especially in combination with the overhanging upper eyelid.

Forehead wrinkles

Botulinum therapy, before and after: forehead, eyebrow, eyes. 
37 years old

How to get rid of. First of all, use botulinum therapy. If you regularly resort to this procedure, you can, as it were, push out the mimic wrinkle that has begun to form. And Botox helps to lift the tails of the eyebrows and upper eyelid in the initial stages of sagging.

It is possible to combine botulinum therapy with blanching – filling small wrinkles with a low-density filler. So you can get the effect of a perfectly smooth forehead.

However, it is not always possible to do only Botox. For example, if a woman first turned to a cosmetologist in her 40s, then it is possible that mimic wrinkles have passed into the category of static creases. In this case, they can be leveled only with the help of dense fillers.

The same drugs should be used if subcutaneous fat is expressed in the forehead and nose. In this case, deep wrinkles are formed, in particular between the eyebrows. You can only wipe them off the face with a sufficiently dense preparation.

Nasolabial folds and the lower third of the face

The second thing that a woman notes on her face is pronounced nasolabial folds, lip-chin wrinkles. The corners of the lips, in this case, go down, the face as a whole looks tired and sad.

Nasolabial folds and the lower third of the face
Correction of nasolabial folds, before and after. 45 years old

Closer to 40 years, the zygomatic zone also changes noticeably. Fat packs from the middle zone of the cheeks sag downwards, the flews begin to form. This age marker appears due to changes in the bones of the facial skeleton. The skull dries out with age as a whole, the volume of the upper jaw, to which the soft tissues are attached, decreases, which provokes ptosis (sagging of soft tissues: skin, muscles, subcutaneous fat).

How to fix. The first thing to do in this case is to restore the skeletal basis, increasing the volume of bone tissue. In this case, we get adequate tissue tension, as at a young age. With the help of fillers, you can add volume to the zygomatic zone, chin, adjust the corners of the lower jaw.

After, if necessary, nasolabial folds and lip-chin wrinkle are filled. If a woman develops heavy fevers with a large amount of adipose tissue with age, she is given injections of lipopreductors. These drugs reduce the amount of fat. And after held contour plastic.

Wrinkles around the eyes

With age, hernial sacs in the lower eyelid area, so-called eye bags, become more apparent. The nasolacrimal sulcus and fine wrinkles around the eyes (“crow’s feet”) become more noticeable. Due to the displacement of the hernial sacs in women closer to the age of 40 appear in the morning swelling around the eyes, which pass only by mid-day.

What to do. You can reduce the volume of bags under the eyes by injecting liporeductors. Correction of mimic wrinkles is carried out using Botox and a low-density filler. If necessary, the nasolacrimal groove is filled with a more dense filler.

Lips: before and after

It is necessary to draw on the change of both the lips themselves and the skin surrounding them. Often, because of the anatomical features of the lips themselves, or facial expressions, so-called fine purse-like wrinkles form around the mouth. The lips themselves lose their shape with age: they flatten, lose the clarity of the contour, and the volume of adipose tissue in this zone goes away. Due to the sagging of the lower third of the face, the corners of the lips can be lowered, which gives a woman a tired look.

lip wrinkles
Contouring of the cheekbones, nasolabial folds and lips, photo before and after. 32 years old

How to adjust. You can work with the skin around the lips with the help of botulinum therapy (light dosage), as well as filling the wrinkles with a filler of a low density. Add volume to the lips themselves injection dense fillers.

However, it is not always possible to obtain volumetric twisted lips only with the help of contour plastics of this zone. For example, if the lower part of the face is heavy, with a large amount of adipose tissue, which pulls even the lips down, you first need to correct this particular area. And then you should work with the volume and shape of the lips.

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