False eyelashes – we bring beauty at home

Long expressive eyelashes – a sign of a magnificent look. Far from all ladies have naturally beautiful eyelashes, which is why they tend to make them more attractive while using false eyelashes.

Many people think that it is very difficult to stick them on their own, but as they say, their eyes are frightened, and their hands are doing. The article will tell how to stick false eyelashes and create your own unique image.


To make false eyelashes look natural, you should not buy too thick and very long. Glue should be only special, otherwise, the skin can deteriorate, and even worse – eyes can suffer. After you put them on, be sure to hold your eyelids to disguise the glue.

False eyelashes - we bring beauty at homeMany cosmetic stores sell a variety of sets with cilia, which are distinguished by their thickness, length and the presence of decorative elements, for example – rhinestones. If you choose the right and gently glue false eyelashes, then this cannot be distinguished.

Classic black eyelashes are suitable not only for evening makeup but also for every day. They visually enlarge the eyes and effectively shade them, emphasizing the depth of the look and giving the look expressiveness.

Cilia tufts are very delicate and very thin, with proper use, they can not be distinguished from the natural. A positive feature of the beams was a special glue, sold with a set of cilia. After drying, it becomes transparent and can always be removed without damaging your eyelashes.


Recently, a democratic vote was held, in which about 2 hundred women took part. They all voted on the topic: which false eyelashes are better. As a result, after the counting of votes, it was revealed that 29% gave their preference for individual cilia, 33% voted for continuous eyelashes with tape, and 38% chose tufts.

False eyelashes - we bring beauty at homeThe fact is that bunches look more natural both on light and dark native eyelashes. In addition, they are very light and do not create discomfort, suitable for daily use. Separate and solid cilia also look natural, but only with proper use.

Mostly they are long, very long, colorful and classic, with rhinestones and other decorations and without them.

Which ones to choose is only you who can decide. But it is better to try to start by buying a few pairs of the cheapest and practice on them.

After you “fill your hand” choose any and experiment further!


List of required materials:

  1. False eyelashes
  2. Glue
  3. Eyeliner
  4. Color mascara, you can choose for yourself
  5. Tablespoon.

Instructions for use:

  1. To get started, get a set of cilia to your taste
  2. Buy glue. Even if the glue is sold in the kit, get another tube. While you try – both spend
  3. Bring your eyes with dark shadows or a pencil
  4. Open the container and take out the contents. The container is not thrown away – it is useful for storage. The patch version is applied as close as possible to the growth of your eyelashes. If they are too long, measure and cut them, but it is better to choose the length that does not require trimming
  5. Apply glue to the base of the purchased eyelashes and wait 15-30 seconds, then apply to the place where you drew the line with liner or shadows
  6. We do the same with the second eye
  7. We take the eyeliner and hold the inner corner. It is not necessary to let the whole eye down
  8. Apply the shadow, thus ending the makeup. If you notice that either side is moving away, take a thin wand (for example, a toothpick), dip the tip into the glue and spread the “lagging behind” piece
  9. We take a tablespoon and with a convex side lean it against the inner side of the native eyelashes. Take the mascara and apply it. The spoon helps to mix its own and false eyelashes for greater naturalness while creating an expressive and deeper look.


To get started, take a makeup remover milk or plain greasy face cream, apply it on the base and wait until the glue is soft. Next, take the edge and slowly pull.

False eyelashes - we bring beauty at homeThis procedure should never be performed until the glue is soft, otherwise, there is a chance to damage both eyelashes and eyelid. In addition, keep an eye on the shelf life of the adhesive. Never use expired glue. To care for false eyelashes, wash them with warm soapy water.

Use tweezers to remove excess glue and clean it from dirt and mascara with a toothbrush.

After drying, store in the container in which they were sold. Experiment and be beautiful! Good luck and good experiments!

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