Facelift the latest methods of face rejuvenation

Unfortunately, with age, the skin does not age, and with every year there are different signs of aging: wrinkles, flabbiness, loss of elasticity, etc. They make one think about looking for an effective method of rejuvenation. Once there was one option – this is surgical intervention. But today there are many different types of facelift. It is worth to get acquainted with them in detail.


Lifting is commonly called a variety of facelift methods that help to restore its shape. Similar procedures fight wrinkles, provide rejuvenation, remove other defects that have appeared with age.

With the help of facelift it is possible to achieve such positive changes:

  • improvement of the face oval, its contour;
  • activating the production of elastin, which makes the skin supple and elastic;
  • smoothing wrinkles and folds;
  • improvement of complexion;
  • elimination of the second chin ;
  • increase the production of collagen

To think about the procedure of lifting is necessary if the below-listed changes occur.


  • the skin is lost, the contour of the face is lost, the oval becomes fuzzy
  • the skin loses its elasticity
  • there are many wrinkles;
  • a person faces other age changes


Surgical facelift or rhytidectomy is an effective method of lifting, with which you can correct the appearance of the neck, face and other parts of the body.

There is not one option for facelift surgery. But the most demanded surgical intervention is a circular lift.

With this technique, the region of the temples, forehead, cheeks, neck, corners of the mouth and eyebrow zone is adjusted. This operation is performed by a plastic surgeon, using general anesthesia.

Circumference is an effective method of rejuvenation, but it has many drawbacks. The most important drawback is the fact that the operation is traumatic. It is necessary to prepare for it, and after its carrying out it is necessary to go through a long recovery period.

Specialists do not advise people to be sent to a circular pull up to 40 years. In addition, the operation should not be repeated more than once every 7 years.

Given the traumatic nature of the method, many people tend to be more gentle salon procedures, which also make it possible to achieve an excellent effect.

There are 2 options for the procedure.

This is the SMAS and MAX suspenders. They have such differences:

  • SMAS-lifting. In general, the SMAS is called the muscular-aponeurotic layer, which is necessary for the beauty of the face oval, the preservation of the elasticity of the skin. With age, its properties deteriorate, so wrinkles form, the skin becomes flabby, begins to sag. The whole surgeon pulls this layer during an operation that is performed under general anesthesia. The doctor cuts the skin in the right places, carries out a pull-up of the CMAS layer. Also, it can remove the skin, fat cells that are in excess. In the end, the seams are not noticeable. This is an expensive pleasure
  • MACS-tightening (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension). This is a lifting with micro-incisions and subsequent suturing on SMAS with the fixation on the deep temporal fascia. It is performed in patients aged 35-55 with a low degree of ptosis.

Still, it is possible to meet operation under the name a check-lifting. This is also a surgical lift. In this case, the doctor makes incisions in the lower eyelids.


All those who wish to eliminate age-related changes, carry out facelift, but are afraid to go under the knife, it is worthwhile to think about other procedures. Some of them gained great popularity.

Endoscopic lifting

This name received an operation that involves a facelift, performing through miniature incisions.

For such manipulations, the doctor uses an endoscope at the end of which is a small camera. As a result, an image of what is happening appears on the monitor.

When compared with conventional surgery, it should be noted that endoscopic lifting involves less impact. As a result, people are easier to bear it, and rehabilitation lasts less.

Plasma Lifting (PRP)

Plasma lifting is also called PRP lifting (plasma rich platelet). This is a procedure in which a platelet-rich plasma obtained by centrifuging a patient’s blood is injected with a papular or a linear-retrograde method.

With the help of such a lifting, you can improve the shade of the face, slightly tighten the skin. This is a relatively inexpensive procedure,

Ultrasonic lifting

An ultrasound face lifting is considered popular, but what is it? This is such a procedure, during which a pull is performed using sound waves.

As a result, tissues warm up in places of exposure, massage occurs, which stimulates microcirculation stimulation, and improves material metabolism. This leads to the fact that the skin receives the proper amount of oxygen, nutrients.

Thread pull

This manipulation involves the procedure for using special threads. They are fixed in specific places, which allows you to keep the skin, not to let it sag.

The procedure does not take much time. It takes about 30 minutes. For this, the doctor uses local anesthesia.

Laser lifting

No less popular technique is laser face lifting. During the procedure, the doctor warms the cells with a laser. Such manipulations provoke a reduction in collagen fibers, triggering the regeneration of the skin.

With the help of laser rejuvenation, even deep creases are removed, the vascular network is eliminated, the skin is tightened.

Vector techniques

During this procedure, the introduction of funds based on hyaluronic acid. As a result, a skin of hyaluronan is formed under the skin. It promotes rejuvenation and facelift.

Acupuncture method

This name was given to the method, during which thin needles are used. They affect the biologically active points. This provokes the activation of metabolic processes, the increased production of collagen and elastin, the restoration of the skin.

Microcurrent method

What is the peculiarity of the microcurrent face lifting, what is it? So called the technique, in which stimulate the muscles of the face with the help of current. This leads to its reduction, restoration of the tone of the tissues, which tightens the skin, removes sagging.


Every day, RF facelift is becoming more popular. What is it? Such a name received a procedure during which radio waves are applied. It is designed to combat wrinkles and flabbiness of the skin.

You can go to the RF lifting people of different age categories. But doctors are advised to start making such a suspender from 35 years.

When the skin is affected by an electric field or current, then an independent rejuvenation process is triggered.

During the procedure, the temperature rises, which provokes an active production of elastin and collagen. This adds a skin of elasticity and smoothness.

It is often enough to use the RF lifting on the body, this is confirmed by the reviews. With its help, cellulite and stretch marks are eliminated.

One can distinguish such advantages of RF (radiofrequency) face lifting, given the responses:

  • the procedure is painless, has a minimum number of contraindications;
  • rehabilitation does not last long after it does not remain on the face of scars;
  • such rejuvenation can be performed at any time, it is excellent for owners of different types of skin;
  • the effect persists for a long period;
  • the risk of complications is minimized.

If we consider the shortcomings of the methodology, then it is worthwhile to allocate a sufficiently high cost. In addition, immediately achieve the result does not work. For this, you need to visit several sessions. After 6 months, this rejuvenation is repeated.

In the very cells, there is collagen, which can start the process of regeneration and recovery. It makes the skin supple and elastic. Over the years, the production of this important substance slows down, so wrinkles appear, the skin becomes flabby. RF lifting leads to the launch of collagen synthesis.

This procedure is becoming more popular due to its effectiveness. After it, there are such positive changes:

  • wrinkles (even very deep);
  • improvement of the face oval;
  • relief smoothing;
  • Adding elasticity and elasticity;
  • marked rejuvenation;
  • improvement of skin tone, the appearance of blush.

In the modern world, cosmetic procedures are capable of much. That’s why I do not advise you to run to the surgeon, as soon as there are signs of aging. You can tighten the skin and other methods: laser, ultrasound, microcurrent lifting. In addition, procedures such as revitalization, mesotherapy, ways to improve the formation of their own collagen, which will tighten the skin. If cosmetology was powerless, then plastic surgery will come to the rescue. A suitable method in a specific case can be chosen only by a doctor.

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