Eyeliner: a review of brands, which one is better

In make-up, as well as in clothes, there is an eternal classic. In particular, it is retro-arrows or just highlighting the line of growth of eyelashes. To create this style is used matte, waterproof or gel eyeliner.

Types of eyeliner

In order to decide which is better: gel or powder eyeliner to highlight the eyes, you need to understand what is the difference between them. Liners are classified by shape and effect.

The form is:

  1. Markers and markers. They are very convenient to use since they have a dense pen-pencil and a brush on the tip. A brush can be flat, hard, soft or feather. They work novice girls or those who need to bring some intricate pattern in the century. In turn, all markers are divided into thin and wide. Marche – wide eyeliner, helps using a stencil to create the perfect retro arrow. Thin beautifully highlight the line of growth of eyelashes. These are Oriflame Very Me Clickit (Oriflame), Avon Color Trend SuperLength and SuperStable (Avon), Maybelline Master Precise, Eyeliner Glamor Lambre (Lambre), Giordani Gold, Miss Claire Liquid Eyeliner, Yves Saint Laurent;
  2. Liquid eyeliner is an eyeliner, which is a bottle of paint and a brush. This is a professional cosmetics because for drawing any arrows require certain skills. Unlike a marker, it lasts for a longer period due to a larger volume. Presented by BelorDesign Party, Bourjois Liner Pinceau (Bourgeois), Rimmel Glam’eyes, Divage liquid eyeliner, Fine Line Magic Line, Victoria Shu Style liner and others

Eyeliner a review of brands, which one is better

Also, like a liquid, eyeliner, a felt-tip pen for the eyes can be waterproof, resistant and non-waterproof. The composition of waterproof products includes various oils and additives that prevent the product from spreading under the influence of tears or external factors. They can be washed off only by special means. Just persistent eyeliners are erased with plain water, and unstable ones can “float” even at high temperatures.

By effect, all eyeliners are divided into gel, matte or powder, waterproof, colored. Consider the difference between them:

  • Gel eyeliner allows you to beautifully draw a bright color arrow. The main difference from many other species is that, after solidification, they give a stylish shine. Presented by Color Me Couture Collection, BeYu Liquid Fine Liner, Catrice Eye Liner Pen, MAC, Lumene Blueberry Liquid Eyeliner, Inglot and Max Factor;
  • The cream is a cross between a liquid eyeliner and shadows. It is sold in convenient boxes, make-up with its help is applied with any brushes. Some manufacturers sell such cosmetics already with brushes, but sometimes you have to pick them up yourself. It is a professional tool, which is why it is often presented as luxury cosmetics. These are Chanel Ligne Graphique de Chanel (Chanel), Dior Addict It-Line or Diorliner (Dior), Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero, Gucci Guilty;
  • Felt-coated liner types are used to draw coquettish shooters that help create a smoky eye effect. The technique of their application is similar to all other types of liners. When shading, they can successfully replace shadows. After drying it begins to give off the matte shine. This liner company Bourjois Liner Feutre, Collistar Tecnico Eye Liner, Ysl: Eyeliner Effet Faux Cils Shocking, Pupa Easy Liner, Mary Kay (Mary Key);
  • Color eyeliner to highlight the color of the eyes can be different shades (green, brown, blue, white). It is very popular with makeup bloggers. Allows any image to make an unusual, stylish, bright. Depending on the brand, it is waterproof, matte, glossy. Presented by the brand’s Essence (purple, blue), EL Corazon (gray with shimmer), Maybelline “New York Master Precise” (blue), Lancôme (white from Lankom);
  • Decorative with shimmer effect. This is Miss Charm from Avon, Shiseido Automatic Fine Eyeliner, Oriflame Very me Glitter eyeliner, Eye Sparkle Liner from Faberlic, Miss Tais and others

How to apply eyeliner

The most difficult thing to do is to make arrows on the eyes with a liquid liner, in order to draw them, you must always be patient and train yourself on the stencil. Before you begin, degrease the skin of the eyelid and powder it – this will help level the surface of the epidermis and reduce fat content.

  1. From the middle of the century in the direction of the outer corner, you need to hold a broad line. It is best to do this with one confident move. If the first time did not work out – then you can try to first lay the contour with strokes, and then shade it;
  2. Next, draw the tip of the arrow. You need to dip the brush in the eyeliner and shake off excess paint. After a thin tip from the end point of the tail, a line is drawn to the already drawn arrow of the growth of eyelashes;
  3. The point of the tip of the arrow should be at the intersection of the line of the lower eyelid and the fold above the upper eyelid. To make it more convenient – you can put a pencil and put the DotA in the right place;
  4. After drawing an arrow to the inner corner of the eye. If necessary, the finished line is decorated with sparkles or shaded by shadows.

The main cunning of liquid cosmetics is that it can drain from the brush, so be careful not to get too much paint. If over time, the liquid eyeliner has dried, then it can be diluted with boiled water (for the eyes it is safe).

Eyeliner a review of brands, which one is better

In order to apply eyeliner pencil does not need any additional tools. It is much easier to use than liquid, but in terms of price ratio, it is almost always more expensive.

Instructions on how to paint eyes with eyeliner-pencil :

  1. A brush is applied along the lash line. This is done in order to ultimately get the line smooth and thin. After the contour is complete, all strokes are connected by a line;
  2. You can also use a finely sharpened eyeliner as the primary way to draw the outline. This will help prevent mistakes when creating arrows;
  3. After the tail is fed. To make it, the same technique is used in working with a liquid liner. One point is selected, from which a thin line is already drawn to the base of the growth of the eyelashes;
  4. In the middle of the arrow shaded paint.

There are different types of arrows for eyes with eyeliner, for most of them, there are prepared stencils (stickers that draw a brush or eyeliner pencil). To choose a tedious be sure to consider the size of the eyes

Brand Overview

Fleur Eyeliner (Fleur) is a semi-professional liquid eyeliner for drawing arrows on the eyes. Available in black and brown. The convenient brush allows you to draw both thin and thick line. As a more affordable analog, you can try Ultra-thin Art-Visage.

Eyeliner a review of brands, which one is better

Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner (Maybelline) offers gel eyeliner, the set also includes a special brush. Suitable for sensitive eyes. Refers to matte liners, because after drying does not shine. Maybe black and brown.

Eyeliner a review of brands, which one is better

The unique gel eyeliner ArtDeco Perfect Color Eyeliner is a cross between a pencil and a liquid cosmetic. It has the shape of a pencil, but the brush is equipped with a slit, like a fountain pen. This marker allows you to draw any arrows.

Eyeliner a review of brands, which one is better

Eyeliner L’oreal Super Liner (L’Oreal) allows you to beautifully emphasize the eyes of any shape. It is very easy to apply by a thin brush. In the same series, there is also a So Couture marker, ideal for retro shooters and stencils. If the price is not suitable, then there is a more affordable option – VOV Candy Pen Eyeliner.

Eyeliner a review of brands, which one is better

Clarins 3-Dot Liner is a magnificent liner consisting of three branches of a brush. It allows you to draw a line of eyelashes, which visually increases their thickness, but at the same time, it looks very natural. Alternatively, you can try a product from Yves Rocher or Bobbi Brown Long-wear gel eyeliner (Bobby Brown).

Eyeliner a review of brands, which one is better

The ONE dry liner is a combination of a pencil and a liner for eyes, reviews claim that it is the best option for the inexperienced. The special formula allows providing a long haze effect. This product is water resistant. Allows you to draw any arrows because the brush has a conical shape – expands from the tip to the center.

Golden Rose Classics Extreme (Golden Rose) – liquid eyeliner in a tube similar to mascara. It can bring any eyes, it is characterized by a thin brush, due to which it can draw the most sinuous lines. Waterproof does not cause an allergy. It looks like a similar liner from Eveline Art Professional.

Eyeliner a review of brands, which one is better

Fennel Super Long Lasting, probably the cheapest eyeliner of all presented in the review. It has a thin brush and an economical round bottle from which paint is drawn. Despite its value, it draws arrows no worse than the branded “brothers”, says, Guerlain. Among the shortcomings, it is possible to single out the fact that it is not waterproof, but the product does not roll down a century.

Gosh, Eye Liner Pen is an excellent choice for girls who love bright makeup. The company offers to buy pencils of various shades. The eyeliner after curing becomes a nice matte color. It looks like Artistry Signature Eyes.

Eyeliner a review of brands, which one is better

If you need a very thin arrow of perfect black color, then we recommend looking at the new product of the market – Chambor Eye Liner Tattoo Effect. The brush tip has such a thin incision that allows you to draw the most incredible patterns. Refers to super durable cosmetic products. Of the shortcomings can highlight the cost. If you do not need jewelry lines, then more affordable from Bourjois liner clubbing ultra black is suitable.

NYC Eye Liner Metallic Liquid is an excellent liner from the American company Knicks. This is a brilliant eyeliner, which is made in several colors. It is produced in blue, green, gray and white shades. Metallic Series allows you to create a unique image with a solid brush. Also, there is a tint transparent eyeliner.

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