Eyelash extensions – which eyelashes are better?

Every woman looks at an incredible amount of commercials for the day and each time with a slight envy (or maybe not with a light one) focuses attention not on the advertised product, but on the eyes of the heroines. Of course, the beauty of the beautiful eyelashes from the roller is gorgeous, striking in its length, thickness, and fluffiness. Dear ladies, do not be upset! Such an effect is not created with the help of some kind of super inaccessible carcass, but a very accessible procedure for building up today. The technology of eyelash extensions is lengthening and the creation of voluminous eyelashes with the help of artificial ones.

Eyelash extensions - which eyelashes are better?In modern salons offer two ways of building: Japanese scapular and building beams (traditional).

Eyelash extensions can be divided by volume. Incomplete volume is the process of increasing the area of the outer corners of the eyes, or along the length of the entire eyelid through several eyelashes.

If you increase the area of the upper eyelashes, excluding “fluff” cilia, then this will be called the full volume. If for each natural eyelash to increase two to three artificial, then such a volume will be called 3d or double.


The most popular method today is considered to be eyelash extensions 3d or by the eyelashes, also called Japanese. The technique of this procedure is that several very thin cilia are coated with specialized glue and fixed one by one on the natural eyelash, as on a base. As a result, eyelashes look amazing, and, most importantly, natural

The place of attachment of artificial eyelashes to natural is completely not noticeable. Since during this process the number of cilia increases significantly, an unexpected loss of one main eyelash with artificial hair fixed on it will not create the effect of thinned eyelashes. The volumetric result will remain the same!

This method is insensitive and does not create discomfort in the century. The use of mascara, eyeliner, and other cosmetics is not canceled, but, on the contrary, gives an additional impression and attracts not only the masculine look. Such beauty can be worn constantly, only it is necessary to systematically adjust after two to four weeks of wearing.


Eyelash extensions - which eyelashes are better?The technology of eyelash extensions with bunches is a technique of gluing to the eyelid a whole bundle consisting of the finest eyelashes. Basically, this method is trying to increase only the lashes of the outer edge of the eyelid.

The term of their use is not as long as with the Japanese method and does not look so natural. This type of buildup is chosen mostly by those who do not seek permanent wear: to pursue a holiday or vacation in them and return to the natural volume.

At the same time, nodular tuft eyelashes and nonstop eyelashes are used. Nodular represent a ball (knot) in the place where several cilia join. Due to it, it is easier to glue the bundle, however, it is noticeable at the place of glue.

Gluing is done directly on the eyelid, almost on the growth line.

there is no such ball and the beams have gentle attachments. These eyelashes are mounted on the skin of the eyelid or on the home base and look much more natural. Also, bunches are divided into: mini, short, medium and long. On sale, you can find sets with three lengths simultaneously.

In comparison with the first method of building up, this weight on the eyelids themselves, creating not too noticeable pressure on them. But there are pluses: the cost of the procedure is lower and the time of the procedure is shorter.


Silk eyelash extensions occur by the method of elongation of natural cilia due to the syringe growth of the eyelashes (synthetic fiber).

Eyelash extensions - which eyelashes are better?These eyelashes can be used for everyday wear, as they have a very natural look. Extension of short eyelashes can make natural cilia much thicker and fluffier. And the use of a length of 1.5 cm will help to give originality for photo shoots, weddings or special occasions.

After building up with silk, it is not recommended to paint with mascara, as the women themselves are bright and excellent. They do not tolerate touch, which minimizes the time of their wearing.

And if you had to use mascara for silk eyelashes, do not use products based on oil and fat for make-up remover.

Basic tips for the care of silk eyelashes come down to two rules:

  • do not rub your eyes;
  • and generally, touch them as little as possible.


Basically, to increase eyelashes, experts use eyelashes, which are made of PBT polyester. Cilia vary in length, thickness, and bending. The distance is taken as the length: the base – the tip of the eyelash, which ranges from four to twenty millimeters. The base of the eyelashes in diameter is called the thickness, which varies from 0.07 mm to 0.3 mm. Thermal curls of cilia (bends) are designated: B, C, D, J, CC. More recently began to use a novelty – L-bend, which with a square base and a curved tip.

Eyelash extensions - which eyelashes are better?In order to produce a build-up, use the cilia of different lengths, which directly depends on the place of their fixation. It is necessary to figure out which cilia is better for building?

Short and medium-sized are suitable for mid-century to create naturalness. The long ones are meant for the outer corners of the eye, the calculation goes to create the depth of the eye

The main thing is not to overdo it. Unless, of course, you want to look like a doll. And if all of a sudden the idea of a puppet species arises, it is necessary to increase the eyelashes in the zone of the lower eyelid.

Children’s immediacy in the eye is provided for one hundred percent!

Also, when expanding, it became possible to diversify not only the length and thickness but also the color range of eyelashes: starting with traditional black and brown ending with such exotic colors as silver, azure or chocolate. And if you want something great, you can use the bright caramel shades that will create an unusual effect.


The practicality of the eyelash extensions process is to save money on cosmetics for the eyes, and when performing water procedures there will be no spreading of makeup.

And the most important thing is that the beauty and expressiveness of the eyes will be preserved in the morning, in the light of the bright sun, and in the evening, in the light of the lamps and spotlights!

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