Eyebrow gel – reviews and feedback, how to use

Eyebrows need to be regularly tinted and stacked – this will enhance the beauty of the face and its appeal. Eyebrow gel is used both for giving a certain form and as a styling product.

Types of eyebrow gel

Eyebrow gel is classified by use, color, and purpose. By type of application, gels can be professional and home. Professional used in beauty salons, to create makeup on photo shoots, etc.

Eyebrow gel classified according to the purpose.

By type of application they are :

Modeling. They allow you to create an ideal bend without any particular expense. In most cases, a pencil is not even required, since often fixing agents are pigmented. They can replace almost all cosmetics for eyebrows: shadows, powders, brushes. They include various substances that fix the hairs: wax, mineral additives, oils, silicones, synthetic impurities. This is Eyebrow Gel from Beyu, Mary Kay (Mary Kay), Christian Dior Diorshow Brow Fixing Gel and others

Eyebrow gel - reviews and feedback, how to use

Corrective. Ink-gel can be transparent, pigmented and even permanent. Transparent simply fixes, the coloring gives a certain color, which often helps the blondes. The permanent has almost the same effect as the paint for the eyelashes. It is applied to the hairs and stains them for a while: from 7 days to 3 weeks. Presented by Rimmel Brow This Way, Loreal Brow Artist Plumper (Loreal), Eyebrow Fixing Gel from Pupa (Pupa) and others

Eyebrow gel - reviews and feedback, how to use

Healing. They can be used both for the treatment of prolapse or with the aim of making the eyebrows thicker, and for correcting the growth and natural shape. They include various additives that activate the blood supply. The composition includes hyaluronic acid, red pepper, and other additives, providing local action. This is Talika Eyebrow Lipocils (Talika), Mavala and others.

For modeling, stacking and fixing the most popular color gels. The shade is selected for 1 tone lighter than the hair – then you get the most natural effect. Now the producers present their products in 4 (sometimes in a larger number) shades: black, brown, light brown and graphite.

Eyebrow gel - reviews and feedback, how to use

Eyebrow gel - reviews and feedback, how to use

How to use eyebrow gel

After you have decided what you need a gel for the eyebrows, you need to learn how to use it correctly. If for care, then the product is applied after removing make-up, best of all – at night since it is at this time that the regenerating processes are most active. If for fixation, then they are applied only after shearing and plucking.

Step-by-step instructions for applying the corrective gel :

  1. First, the browsers are given the desired shape. It can be semicircular, a house and a natural (minimally plucked amount of hairs);
  2. After you need to properly paint your eyebrows, so gently let them down. For this purpose, you can use a pencil, a brown pencil or a marker. You just need to just barely emphasize the line on which further the gel or cream paint will be applied;
  3. The agent is applied exclusively on the growth line with small sharp strokes. Do not need much pressure, otherwise, in some places, the shade will be darker than necessary;
  4. If necessary, it will be necessary to slightly emphasize the shape with a brush. If the color is not dark enough, then you can apply shadows over the gel.

By the way, sometimes for laying eyebrows, simple eyeshadow is used to create naturalness. To ensure that they last longer, a transparent modeling gel is applied over them. You can use the product every day, it is completely harmless.

Eyebrow gel - reviews and feedback how to use

Browse Brands

Reviews argue that one of the most affordable and high-quality gels produces Art-Visage (Art-Visage) – this is a colorless fixing option for the eyebrows. It can be used both for modeling unruly hairs and for accelerating the growth of eyebrows. The composition includes B5, which accelerates the restoration of the hair after a daily make-up.

Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper & Hair Touch Up has a soft creamy structure, due to which it falls perfectly on the hairs. Unlike many fixatives, it is recommended to apply it only after removing unwanted hairs.

Eyebrow gel - reviews and feedback how to use

Excellent fixing gel from Vivienne Sabo Fixateur (Vivien Sabo) for eyebrows and eyelashes. It is transparent, with a dense texture. It is best to use the owner of dark, naughty hairs. It tightly fixes the given shape and is not washed off with water. To remove it is recommended to use micellar or other special means.

Eyebrow gel - reviews and feedback how to use

Essence Make Me Brow (Essence) – this is, rather, mascara for the eyebrows than the gel. It is recommended to use it before applying makeup. It helps to give the hairs a natural sheen and enhance their color. Transparent, with Panthenol in the composition.

Eyebrow gel - reviews and feedback how to use

MAC Brow set (MAC) is a clear or tinted product with a soft pasty texture. The shade is selected according to the requirements. If you do not need to shade the edges, then you use a transparent agent, if you want to darken them a little – then the coloring gel. After use, do not roll down and leave no lumps.

Eyebrow gel - reviews and feedback how to use

Elegant coloring gel eyebrow gel is represented by professional cosmetics Knicks – NYX Eyebrow Gel. It is water resistant, it contains vitamins, polymers, as well as beeswax. Allows at home to achieve model pivots – tightly fixes and shades, due to what they visually look thicker.

Eyebrow gel - reviews and feedback how to use

The coloring gel marker Nivali (Nivali) is completely different from his “fellow”. It is used for tattooing the eyebrows at home. Its composition is developed in accordance with the latest technology, as the pigment is henna. The applied drawing is not washed off within a week, and after it becomes slightly lighter than before and requires correction. Hypoallergenic.

In the collection of the company Maybelline New York Drama (Meibelin New York), in addition to lipsticks and shadows, there is also a means for eyebrows – the color gel Brow. This, in practice, is an ideal fixative. At a price much more affordable than the Nix, but the quality is not inferior to the world-famous brands. From many prototypes differs by a convenient brush with a wide tip. Used for fixing and giving the desired shade

Eyebrow gel - reviews and feedback how to use

Belorussian gel Relouis Fix and Color Eyebrow Gel (Relui) allows not only to get the desired shade of eyebrows but also to accelerate their growth. All shades are as close to natural as possible, the average price of the product is $ 2. Enriched with nylon fibers that fill gaps in the hair, making its structure smoother.

Inglot AMC brow liner gel (Inglot) is a gel-like liner. To use it you need to practice, but in skillful hands, it is able to almost imperceptibly shade eyebrows. Sometimes it is also used for eyelids. Refers to professional cosmetics. A more accessible analog from the mid-market is Just makeup BrowGel.

Eyebrow gel - reviews and feedback how to use

Lumene Blueberry Eyebrow Fixing Gel (Lumen) – fixing gel odorless and colorless. Does not cause allergies, even in girls with very sensitive skin. Designed for shading and shaping. Its analog is the wax of the same company – Lumene Eyebrow Shaping Wax, but it is used for very naughty hair.

Eyebrow gel - reviews and feedback how to use

Soft Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel (Anastacia) is able to give the right shape even to the most unruly eyebrows. Thanks to wax, it is water resistant. The manufacturer produces the product in three shades: light, dark and brown.

Shiseido Translucent Eyebrow Shaper has a brush similar to Maybelline but has more pronounced fixing properties. This gel is transparent, can be applied over the shadows or pencil, helping to fix them. Slightly more available gels from Benefit Gimme Brow (Benefit). They also fix the hairs, but in addition, they give them a certain shade.

Eyebrow gel - reviews and feedback how to use

Brow Sculpting Gel from Ardell is not just mascara, but a sculptor. Thanks to a very strong fixation, you can give the brow the necessary shape even without tweezers. Enriched with wax and silicones, weighting hairs. May cause an allergic reaction.

Eyebrow gel - reviews and feedback how to use

List of other known eyebrow gel:

Name Note
Artdeco Clear Mascara-Eye Brow Gel (Art Deco) This ink-gel offers an excellent fixation and light, natural shade. Will help to emphasize the natural beauty and fix the desired shape.
Modeling from Avon (Avon) Available and easy to use. It guarantees a high-quality result and a strong fixation. It is not water resistant.
Bourjois Eyebrow fixing mascara Refers to the novelties of this company, since it was released only in 2014. Has a dense texture and gives the hair a light glossy sheen. Does not shade, but firmly fixes disobedient hair.
Oriflame Giordani Gold “The Perfect Bend” (Oriflame Jordani Gold) A very well-known tool. Reviews say that this gel conditioner is even better than professional analogs. It is budgetary, affordable and does not cause allergies. The composition contains vitamins and wax.
Isadora Brow shaping gel Presented in three shades. It is applied gently, with the help of a special brush it is possible to give the brow a definite shape. Characterized by Pantenol in the composition.
Catrice Eyebrow Filler Used for eyelashes and eyebrows. It is applied exactly as well as mascara, but due to soft pigments it is evenly distributed, does not roll into lumps.
Ganna-paint “Panna” The cost of this tool is 1 dollar, but it allows you to get bright and beautiful eyebrows to form for a few weeks. This is not a fixer or sculptor, but an ordinary paint that covers the hair with a pigment.

Buy a good gel for fixing or restoring eyebrows in cosmetic shops, branded centers or pharmacies. The price depends on the brand and the properties.

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