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Evening dresses – a phrase quite speaking to itself and familiar to most women. But. If you now ask yourself, right on the forehead: “And what is it all the same? What does a real evening dresses look like? “Certainly some will have doubts about the accuracy of their performances. After all, the most obvious is often misunderstood and unclear. And so:

What dresses are called evening dresses?

Those that are intended for solemn events that take place at that time of day, which is contained in their definition ( traditionally after 19:00, although there are exceptions, they are lower ). This concept existed in the language is not always, until the nineteenth century in its use was not. At a certain point in time, it was simply necessary to somehow designate skillful outfits that do not belong to a pompous ballroom or court. In which they go to the theater or to parties.

It is important to understand that evening dresses are something that has a maxi length, that is, a floor. It is created from expensive luxury fabrics, can have complex cuts and can also be actively decorated with ruffles, stones, etc. This is the key difference from a more restrained cocktail toilet. By the way, cocktail time is usually considered to be from 17 to 19 pm. But it all depends on the occasion, sometimes the event that takes place during these hours requires an evening dress ( often all kinds of film festivals ), which is designated as a mandatory dress code. By the way, it is your main guide, which will help to avoid embarrassing situations. Always carefully read the invitations and take seriously to the provisions on appearance indicated in them.

How to choose an evening dresses? What type of figure is right for you?

In order to choose a dress in which you can hold the whole event without irritation and discomfort, it is important to consider where it will pass. If the spaces are not supposed to be large, then it will be reasonable to abandon the long loop. Just because you will constantly attack him. Unequivocally, the dress will deteriorate, and at the worst outcome, you can also fall.

In case the celebration takes place outdoors, and in the street is not a languid July evening, but an invigorating spring, it is better to abandon dresses with an open back, extreme cuts or take care of a cloak that complements the image. It can be made of fur. In some cases a good tie will be a tuxedo, but only if you do not wear a dress with ruffles or bulging sleeves.

If you want to be on top, look modern, then follow the fashion trends, from which you can get the actual details, colors, some features of the styles. See the outlets of stars on all sorts of prestigious carpet paths, be inspired by silhouettes, spy on ideas. But you can not blindly follow your favorite celebrity and fashion. It is very important to consider what is right for you, not Charlize Theron. And for this, it is necessary to understand the features of your type of figure.

evening dresses

From left to right: pear, carrot, hourglass, apple, boyish

The figure “pear”

If you have a massive bottom, wide hips, and the top on their background is narrow, then you are this wonderful fruit. This type of figure is also called “A”. You should look for an evening dresses with a loose flared skirt. But do not get carried away with multilayeredness, ruches. You do not need to overload the bottom but just hide it. The top can be with open shoulders, which visually makes it slightly wider. Decor or drapery will also help to shift the emphasis, distract attention from the bottom.

The figure “carrot”

Or “V”, that is, the opposite situation – narrow hips, but with a massive wide top. In this case, the most important thing is not to draw attention to the shoulders. Bear service to you will have a voluminous decor on the bodice and shoulders, draperies. Do not open your shoulders either. You will like a dress with a simple top, long sleeves and a free-flowing skirt. And look at the Basque, it will help to add the missing volume and bring harmony into the image.

The figure “apple”

This type of figure involves concentrating the volumes in the middle part of your body. In apple women quite often elegant legs and hands, but with a heavy body, there is a tummy and a large chest. Choose an evening dresses with a high waist, sleeves ¾ and a loose skirt. Such an outfit will make the silhouette more harmonious and hide certain problem areas.

The figure “boyish”

Or, if we go to the obvious letter designation “H”. This type is typical for women with a slightly outlined waist, with the upper and lower part of approximately one width. Traditionally, in such cases, it is recommended to refer to dresses with a low waist

The figure “hourglass”

If you are the owner of this type of figure, you are very lucky. After all, it is considered the standard of femininity. Thin waist, voluminous hips, and chest – harmony and seductiveness in one bottle. You can pick up a tight evening dress “mermaid” and subdue everyone with its shapes and silhouette.

How to choose your evening dresses color

In order not to lose with the color of the evening dresses and not to go out into society in a dress that makes you paler / greener / duller than you really are, you need to know your color pattern.

Spring type

evening dresses

Spring girls should choose the evening dresses of peach, coral, salmon shades. Here we add beige shades and all the variations of green. Black and rich blue are better to avoid.

Summer type

Evening dresses that will look good on a girl-summer, gray-blue, smoky, gray-blue, cherry, burgundy, lilac, pink. Be wary of aggressively orange and yellow flowers.

evening dresses

Autumn type
As for evening dresses, a luxurious outfit of golden color, shades of orange and red, brown, olive and khaki will decorate you and make you inimitably beautiful.

evening dresses

Winter type

Evening dress for the representatives of winter can be: white, black, bright pink, purple, gray, dark brown, green, dark blue.

evening dresses

How to complement the image with an evening gown


evening dresses

Of course, a full-fledged evening image suggests and even requires shoes with heels and preferably high. Often it is refined sandals, less often – shoes-boats or some original variations.

But, of course, you should listen to your body and realize if you will be able to spend a long time on the studs. If not, then opt for a sustainable wide heel or thin, but not high. Choose the most convenient shoe. Some celebrities decide to go out on the red carpet in shoes without a heel, but still, it looks not entirely appropriate and in a bad sense simplifies the image.

As for color, if the dress is bright, then choose neutral, black or silver shoes. And here, to the reserved dark toilet it is possible to add shoes or sandals of rich color.


Handbag to the evening toilet – miniature clutch. It can be in the tone of the dress, and maybe one of the colors combined with the dress. The decor is welcome: original clasp, sparkling stones, embroidery, brushes.

evening dresses

Preparing the evening bow – the best reason to purchase the pathos jewelry: massive dangling earrings, a necklace strewn with crystals or precious stones, sparkling under the light soffits bracelets and rings, rims or hairpins.

evening dresses

Where to wear evening dresses?

The film festival, awards ceremony, the opening of something or a premiere. The main thing is that the organizers of the event specify the appropriate dress code. You do not need to wear evening dresses during an ordinary campaign in a theater or restaurant.

Brands creating the chicest evening dresses

Christian Dior



Elie Saab

Which world brands do you like best and why? Share your opinion in the comments under the article.

In addition, we have prepared for you a selection of the most successful evening images of celebrities in dresses. Be inspired, express your opinion in the comments below:

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