engagement ring: How to choose it?

If you are going to offer your beloved to become your wife, it’s worth knowing how to choose the engagement ring correctly, because many women treat this event and the gift with special trepidation.

Which finger of which hand is the engagement ring worn?

in Europe and the United States – the ring finger of the left hand. In both traditions, it is believed that the ring finger is particularly associated with the heart. While wearing this ring on other fingers is not desirable, so as not to upset the future wedding.

engagement ring: How to choose it?

If the girl has agreed to your proposal, she can wear a ring. On the day of the wedding, before the bridegroom arrives, the engagement ring is taken off, and already in the registrar’s office or in the church, the wedding is worn instead of him. Some women wear an engagement ring next to an engagement ring after the wedding if they match in style.

What ring is given to the betrothal and how it should be

The engagement ring is not just a gift, it’s a special symbol that is given great importance. The way a man makes an offer to his beloved, what ring he gives, the woman will remember them for a very long time. The ring itself is often stored as a family heirloom and is passed on to the next generation. That’s why it’s so important to take his choice seriously.


The first thing that you should decide for yourself is how much you are willing to spend on the engagement ring? In Western countries, for example, there is a tradition to give a betrothal ring, the cost of which is equal to the salary of a man for 1-2 months. Probably, no girl will refuse such a gift but still approach this issue sensibly, do not get into debt and take loans only for the sake of one ring, because in the future you are waiting for no less important expenses (for example, for a wedding and a honeymoon ).

Therefore, the recommendation is simple: give what you can afford, choosing from the classic options.

The engagement ring by definition will not be very cheap (since by tradition it should be made of precious metal and decorated with a stone), but today the choice of such rings is great enough

And one more tip: try to pick up a model with a twist, even if it’s a classic style. It is better not to buy engagement rings for large-scale actions “Buy one – the second you will get for free!”. Especially if the advertising banners are located throughout the city, and your girlfriend probably already saw them. Do not create a beloved feeling that you are trying to save on it.

The size

So, you have decided on the budget, it’s time to figure out the size of the ring. This stage can be the most difficult, but here there are tricks. You can ask for help from a friend of your future bride (but choose one that you can trust and that will not reveal your intentions ahead of time!) Or try to figure out the size yourself. If your girl wears a ring, then the task is a little easier. You can secretly take the girl’s ring and come with him to the jewelry store or you can measure it in advance.

Consider the following points:

  • As mentioned above, you choose the ring on the ring finger of your right hand! Therefore, if you measure a ring from another finger, keep in mind that, perhaps, it will be more or less than the engagement (for example, the index and middle fingers are thicker than the ring finger).
  • Remember that, as a rule, the size of the ring finger on the right hand is about 0.3 mm more than on the left (if the girl is right-handed). So, if you take the rings from your left hand, do not forget to add 0.2-0.3 mm to it.
  • Also, do not forget that the ring must pass through the joint, which is usually slightly wider than the base of the finger.

Stone and metal

Knowing the size, you can safely go to the store and choose a ring. Here the main rule works: the engagement ring must necessarily be of noble metal and necessarily with a precious stone.

Classics is a thin gold ring with a diamond. However, gold can be yellow, and white, and pink, you can choose platinum.

If your girl wears mostly silver jewelry, you can choose an engagement ring made of silver.

The size of the diamond is not decisive. A large protruding diamond is not always convenient – especially in the cold season when you have to constantly wear gloves. For the engagement ring, a small diamond (sometimes, by the way, it even shines and shimmers) is neatly built into the ring. In the engagement ring, two or more diamonds are also allowed.

When choosing a ring, it is certain to take into account the preferences and tastes of your chosen one. Pay attention to what kind of jewelry she mostly wears. If this is a classic gold, then the ring can safely choose a classic shape of gold and a diamond. If she prefers something more extravagant, then you may have to choose from non-standard solutions to find the right one.

Beautiful engagement rings

In the design of modern engagement rings, the traditions and customs of different times and peoples are symbolically intertwined. Today in jewelry stores you can find both classic options and original ones.

Classic engagement ring

As already mentioned, the classic engagement ring is gold and necessarily with a diamond. It can be made of white, pink, yellow gold or platinum. In the classical version, there can be one diamond, two or three stones.

It is interesting The
location of two and three stones, one of which was a diamond, became popular even in the Victorian era. The design of the two stones was called “I and you”, and three – symbolized the past, present, and future of the pair.

In this case, one of the stones can be a diamond and others – of your choice.

Sometimes three diamonds are placed on the ring, but they are stylized as one. This technique allows you to visually perceive the ensemble as a single stone of large size.

Original engagement ring

The original engagement ring is suitable if your girl does not like classics and prefers bold design. It would be nice to find out in advance how it relates to such ornaments. But an undoubted plus, that such a ring will not be exactly banal, and you will be able to show all your imagination here. It would be nice if the idea of originality you and your future wife did not differ much.

It can be a ring of the unusual shape with a fantasy diamond, a whole scattering of diamonds or any other stone, for example, with a sapphire.

Exclusive Engagement Rings

If you can not find what you like or want to make a gift even more individual, buy a ring made to order! Experienced jewelers will consider all your wishes, add engraving or come up with an interesting form – in this case, you will get a truly exclusive engagement ring that your bride will surely appreciate.

After reading the article, take a rest and do not forget about the main thing: you are going to make a very important step by offering your beloved to become your wife. By giving the ring, you express this your desire to protect it, take care of it and hand it as a confirmation of the boundless power of your love. But even if it is not exclusive and very expensive, for a loving woman it will still be the best. Happy engagement to you!


The tradition of giving the engagement ring is rooted in antiquity. Today, many girls are waiting with impatience for this event and often attach special importance not only to the engagement but also to the gift. Which ring to choose depends on your financial capabilities, as well as on the taste and preferences of the girl herself. But there are also classic win-win options, which, most likely, will not leave indifferent any bride.

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