Cucumber diet: the menu for 7 days

Cucumber diet is one of the best for cleansing the body of toxins, cholesterol and when getting rid of excess weight.

The results of the cucumber diet are amazing – for a week you can throw off up to 10 kilograms, after a break for a month and again. But the success of this type of food is a merit not only of a quick effect but also of the numerous advantages of such a menu:

Cucumber diet: the menu for 7 days

  1. Cucumbers contain useful minerals and vitamins, which are quickly absorbed due to the wateriness of this vegetable;
  2. Also in this plant contain unique components that contribute to the complete neutralization of acids in the body. This is an excellent option for women who can not sit on diets because of the increased level of acidity of the stomach;
  3. Fiber normalizes the work of the kidneys, liver and other organs of the excretory system. In addition, it helps to remove toxins and cholesterol plaques from the blood;
  4. Tomato-cucumber diet has one unique property – due to tartronic acid, these vegetables convert fat into energy. This helps to eliminate fat deposits even in areas where they accumulated for several years. Under the influence of this substance, fat cells are processed and removed from the body.

In addition to these useful properties, it is also worth knowing about the unique ability of cucumbers to accelerate the digestibility of iodine. But, at the same time, this food has its own disadvantages.

Disadvantages of cucumber diet :

  1. There are two options: hard and soft. Naturally, the hard is considered more effective, but it is very strict. It is necessary to monitor the time of food intake, the amount of food, count calories when preparing a dish. In addition, he has contraindications: problems with the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine system diseases, pregnancy, and lactation. Therefore, it is better for the first time to use a soft way to lose weight;
  2. Any mono-diet requires a very cautious exit, otherwise, the lost weight will return in doubled size. It is necessary to start to leave already from the 5th day, and after the end of food strictly follow your table for another 4 days;
  3. Cucumbers belong to alkali-forming products. They contribute to the appearance of edema and can cause stomach upset.

But, nevertheless, it is an excellent and convenient variant of growing thin which is practically the most accessible for girls.

Kefir and Cucumber Diet

There are many variations of this type of food. Cucumbers themselves can be the basis, but not a full-fledged diet. This is dangerous because there may appear abdominal cramps, a decline in strength and even a symptom of poisoning and exhaustion. Vegetables help to saturate the body with vitamins and minerals, but not protein, which is necessary for the synthesis of numerous substances necessary for normal life support.

Cucumber diet: the menu for 7 days

For quick and soft weight loss is most often used a combination of vegetables and sour-milk products, this is called a protein-cucumber diet. They contain a minimum amount of fat, but help to normalize the production of protein. In addition, milk is considered an excellent way to clean the intestines at home without harm to the body (especially in combination with cucumbers and tomatoes). It does not extend for a week, like other species, but is considered the emergency, that is, it is used to lose weight before some holiday or another important event. At this time you can eat only cucumbers and drink kefir. In a day should not eat more than one and a half kilograms of vegetables and drink no more than a liter of fat-free yogurt. You can repeat the system twice a month.

Similarly, the day of cucumber is also served. During this period, just as all meals are prepared salads, which are washed down with kefir. Due to fiber, the intestine will not stop, but yogurt will help to relax it and clean it thoroughly.

If a more serious result is required, then it is worth trying for 7 days a cucumber-kefir diet with calorie counting. There are different options for conducting it. Some girls just eat all the allowed products, not counting their calorie content, and measuring the volume (for each meal of food one palm is used). Others strictly follow the menu for a week or more.

Sample menu for a week of cucumber diet:

  1. Breakfast – cucumber, the slice of toast and cheese. Lunch – cucumber salad and yogurt. Dinner – Salad of cucumbers and eggs, warm kefir with cinnamon, orange;
  2. Oatmeal with cucumber, kefir or green tea. Okroshka of carrots, beets, and radish, potatoes can not. Cucumbers, toast, and yogurt;
  3. The third day can be made curd-cucumber, changing kefir for low-fat cottage cheese. In the lunchtime, it is allowed to make a salad of vegetables and chicken fillet. For dinner, a glass of kefir and cinnamon is drunk;
  4. For breakfast, you need to make toast with cucumber and cheese. The second meal is a salad of greens, cottage cheese. Before going to bed, a glass of kefir is drunk;
  5. The whole day you need to eat salads and drink them with a sour milk, in the evening you can eat an apple or an orange;
  6. Begin to introduce the usual products. In the morning, you can eat a little chicken fillet with a salad. In the afternoon – soup with zucchini, the salad of cucumbers. For dinner – kefir and toast with cheese;
  7. Combine recipes with salads, chicken fillets (boiled or partnered) and sour-milk drinks.

Similarly, an egg-or cabbage-cucumber diet is performed, only here instead of simple cucumbers, salads are used from a mixture of vegetables. After the seventh day, you can eat everything (except for sweet and fatty) in small quantities. If necessary, repeat the table after two weeks.

Reviews about the cucumber or a combination with a sour-milk diet, extremely positive: it, like cheese, cleans the organs, eliminates bad breath, normalizes metabolism. In addition, cucumbers are hypoallergenic and are highly digestible.


During the diet on cucumbers cannot do without the advice of experts. It is very important to consult a nutritionist before starting the introduction of the menu. General recommendations:

  1. Like a watermelon, apple or carrot-cucumber diet, protein requires a lot of drunk liquid. It should only be mineral water without gas;
  2. After the third day, vegetables can have a bitter taste in their mouths, which means that the gallbladder is broken. To normalize it, you need to enter a few kinds of cereal in the menu (for example, take a menu of rice or buckwheat cucumber) and drink herbal decoctions;
  3. Such a diet is effective only in case of exact compliance with requirements. You can not disrupt, otherwise, the departed kilograms will return extremely quickly;
  4. Categorically prohibited coffee, sugar, carbonated drinks, alcohol and fried.

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