contact lenses: types, brands and recommendations

All contact lenses appear to be the same if you do not use them. But as soon as there is a need for them, it turns out that there are many brands and varieties of lenses. Let’s try to figure out how to pick up comfortable contact lenses and what to look for when choosing.

Correct problems with vision can be through surgery, glasses or lenses. Many people prefer the latter option. Correctly chosen contact lenses for sight are imperceptible and invisible, they do not create any discomfort – do not fog up when you go from a cold street to a warm room, do not limit peripheral vision, you can safely wear sunglasses on the street and glasses for watching movies in 3D In addition, with the help of contact lenses, vision can be adjusted more accurately. But how to choose the convenient and quality contact lenses?

Visit an ophthalmologist and get a prescription for contact lenses: step 1

Modern contact lenses are the thinnest flexible plates, which are applied directly to the eyeball and work just like eyeglasses with diopters. And, like glasses, they should be selected by an ophthalmologist.

contact lenses: types, brands and recommendations

contact lenses: types, brands, and recommendations

At once we will say that universal lenses do not exist – they are always selected individually. With the help of contact lenses, you can correct myopia and hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. But even if you used to wear glasses and decided to switch to lenses, you still have to pay a visit to the doctor and consult with him. The fact is that glasses and contact lenses are not exactly the same thing. The lenses fit tightly to the eyeball, and so that they do not cause discomfort, the doctor must take into account not only the visual acuity but also much more: your lifestyle, how often (and for how long) do you intend to wear lenses, individual features like a cut and eye sensitivity. The doctor will also determine visual acuity, assess the condition of the fundus and conduct computer diagnostics.


Lenses should not be worn during influenza and other infectious diseases. If you are sick, discard the pair of lenses that you were wearing just before the onset of flu symptoms – they can remain a causative agent of the disease.

After that, the doctor will choose the type of lenses that best suits you, teach them how to properly remove and put them on, and write out a detailed recipe that you can buy contact lenses in the future yourself. It will indicate the diameter of the lens, diopter, radius of curvature, for the lens for correcting astigmatism – the cylinder and the tilt axis, for the correction of keratoconus – the type of lens.

Decide on the type of contact lenses: step 2

There are several types of contact lenses:

  • classical, multifocal or for correction of astigmatism. Each of the varieties is designed to solve a particular vision problem, and the ophthalmologist will tell you the type you need during the consultation.
  • hard or soft. Rigid lenses are made of dense silicone. Modern hard lenses are not as comfortable as soft ones, but they are indispensable in cases where a patient has very strong astigmatism, refractive errors, keratoconus or age-long farsightedness. Rigid lenses serve for a long time. Soft lenses are more comfortable to use, they can be either disposable or reusable. They are used to correct moderate astigmatism, hyperopia and myopia, and also in some cases of presbyopia. one-day or with a prolonged period of wearing.
  • One-day lenses are changed every day, and prolonged-wearing lenses require regular replacement – their lifespan is from 2 weeks to 12 months, depending on the variety. If you have preferred lenses for prolonged wearing, remember that they need to be carefully taken care of. You will need a container for their storage, a special disinfectant solution and a solution for cleaning lenses from protein deposits.
  • the day or daily wear. Lenses of the day wearing should be removed at night and stored in a special solution. Contact lenses daily wear can be worn without removing up to 30 days.
  • colored or transparent. Transparent lenses are completely invisible, and many prefer to purchase them. However, colored lenses are popular, especially among girls. Color lenses allow you to temporarily change the color of your eyes and at the same time adjust your eyesight, but they have drawbacks. Such lenses cannot be worn for as long as they are transparent (in general), moreover, at dusk, when the pupil expands, the colored part can fall into the field of view and interfere with the survey. Doctors do not recommend using such lenses all the time – they should be reserved for special cases.

Choose brand: step 3

Contact lenses produce many brands. We will consider only the most famous and popular ones:

  • Air Optix. High-quality silicone-hydrogel lenses from the United States, whose characteristic can be called excellent air permeability – in practice this means that these lenses do not cause discomfort and sensation of “sand in the eyes”.
  • Acuvue. Perhaps the most famous American lenses on the market. Manufactured by Johnson & Johnson. They differ inconvenience and an innovative approach. In the development of Acuvue silicone hydrogel lenses, Hydroclear technology is used, which makes it possible to maintain the optimal level of moistening, and when creating hydrogel lenses, the Lacreon technology that binds the moisturizing components to the hydrogel. In the assortment, there are both colorless and ottenochnye lenses.
  • PureVision. These silicone hydrogel lenses are manufactured in Ireland by the famous company Bausch & Lomb. PureVision differs in a blue tint – it does not affect vision, but to find such lenses in a container is very simple.
  • Proclear. Proclear lenses are very thin, well-breathable and therefore comfortable to use, especially for those who have recently used lenses. Special coating Hioxifilcon, close in structure to the membranes of the cells of the cornea, allows you to maintain a feeling of moisturizing the eyes for long hours.
  • Biofinity. Quite expensive, but very comfortable lenses, which especially like people with sensitive eyes and those who have to work a long time in front of the computer. Air is well let through, and Aquaform Comfort Science technology allows you to maintain the necessary level of moisture.

Choose the store: step 4

You can buy contact lenses at the optics store, at the vending machine or at the online store.

contact lenses: types, brands and recommendations

contact lenses: types, brands and recommendations

In an ordinary optician shop, prices can be a little higher, since the store must pay for renting premises, maintain staff, etc. But there you can talk to the seller and ask his opinion about a particular brand and product.

If you have been using lenses for a long time and know your preferences, it is more economical to buy contact lenses in vending machines or in online stores. Usually, the prices there are lower, and the delivery is either free or inexpensive. This is especially useful if you do not have time to go shopping or if there are not so many optics stores in your city. In addition, online stores that specialize specifically on lenses, often offer special conditions, discounts or gifts.

Lenses also allow you to save, but there are not so many, especially in small towns, and the choice there is very limited.

Make your first order: step 5

If you just start using lenses and do not know which ones are right for you, it’s better to take a few small lens packs from different manufacturers for the first time and compare them in practice. You can trust the reviews in this case with great care – all individually, and if the X lenses came up to almost all the forum participants that you read, it does not mean that they will suit you either.

After you tested several types of lenses and decided on your preferences, order them with large packages – this will save you money and sometimes you will get some nice gift.

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