Cholesterol diet – basic principles, menu for the week

Everyone has heard about the dangers of cholesterol for the human body, repeatedly and from various sources of information, but few people know that this substance is one of the basic building blocks of the cell membrane, and also performs many other equally important functions in the human body. To say that cholesterol is “absolute evil” is in fact not at all true, since low-density cholesterol is isolated, the deposits of which lead to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the lumen of blood vessels and many other problems, as well as high-density cholesterol – the structural component of the walls. It will not be difficult to guess that in the first case it is a question of “harmful” cholesterol, and in the second – about “useful” So, let’s figure out what the cholesterol diet is based on.

Naturally, a decrease in the concentration in the blood of low and very low-density lipoproteins (LDL and VLDL – so-called “harmful” cholesterol) will lead to normalization of body weight, cleaning of blood vessels and many other improvements. Along with this, the lack of “useful” cholesterol will negatively affect health and cause metabolic disorders. That is why the cholesterol diet under consideration is constructed in such a way that HDL and VLDL are eliminated from the human diet, and the intake of “useful” cholesterol with food is not affected.

Cholesterol diet - basic principles menu for the week

Cottage cheese and cheese are low-calorie sources of vitamins and calcium

Please note that the cholesterol diet is quite stiff, and leads to a significant restructuring of metabolic processes. This explains the fact that such a correction of the diet can be safely applied in people who have no physical pathology (that is, a person is allowed to have alimentary obesity and hyperlipidemia, but not any other metabolic or organic pathology). Otherwise, it will be necessary to coordinate the possibility and expediency of using a cholesterol diet with your doctor. In addition, you should undergo a comprehensive examination of the body (biochemical blood test, ultrasound of the abdominal cavity organs – at least).

Basic principles and implementation mechanism of cholesterol diet

Menu with a cholesterol diet is made in accordance with the treatment table number 10, which is prescribed to patients with coronary heart disease and hypertension. The effectiveness is simply amazing – the usual adjustment of the menu, without the use of medicines, allows you to ensure a decrease in cholesterol by 10-15%! The rules on which this diet is built will be given below:

  1. Correction of the diet, which involves the refusal to eat, which increases the concentration of “bad” cholesterol in the blood. All sweet, fatty and fried foods, fast food, shrimp, sour cream, pork, and lamb are excluded, as well as flour products. Instead, unsaturated vegetable fats, turkey, chicken, sea fish, skim milk, and foods containing large amounts of vegetable fiber (vegetables and cereals) should be on the menu;
  2. It is necessary to make sure that the chemical composition of the food consumed corresponds (to plus or minus) the listed criteria: the content of pure protein is 90 g, the fat intake is 70 g, carbohydrates 400 g, salt 5-6 g, water 1.5 l.
  3. Correction of a way of life. It makes no sense to wait for a result from any diet in the first place if you do not throw bad habits and do not play sports. Regardless of how old you are, and how many extra pounds you can “boast”, regular physical exertion will be necessary in any case. Exercising at the fitness club? Wonderful if health allows. Pool? Better. Even a walk for an hour will have a beneficial effect on your health.

Cholesterol diet - basic principles, menu for the week

Menu for the week

To give data on the number of nutrients a person should receive per day on a cholesterol diet is certainly good, but this should all be translated into real practical recommendations. Below is a table with an approximate menu for the entire week, which is already preliminarily divided into three meals (unlike many others, the cholesterol diet does not provide a four to six-fold intake).

Day of the week Food intake Menu




In the morning it will be best to eat an omelet with buckwheat or oatmeal. For dessert, the apple or pear is best, as well as green tea


For lunch, a soup with cereal, cooked on vegetable broth, cutlets or meatballs for a pair of chicken, is perfect. Plus – a vegetable side dish. On the third, it would be nice to eat a baked apple (you can with honey).


A fine dinner can be baked fish with rice and a salad of stewed vegetables. By the way, olive oil is best used as a dressing.




Have breakfast with boiled rice with chunks of chicken (preferably also boiled). All this can be eaten with pears, kiwi, banana or some kind of fruit.







. Soup on chicken broth with pearl barley, cutlets from beef or turkey, steamed, vegetable salad.




Salad of vegetables and baked fish in a tomato sauce.





Buckwheat porridge cooked on milk, cheese, and broth of dogrose


You can have lunch with vegetable soup, boiled chicken with mashed potatoes.


For dinner, a cottage cheese casserole with fruit




Vegetable salad, chicken fillet or baked white fish, cereal bread.


You can afford a chicken fillet, fried in olive oil, garnish (buckwheat or rice), whole wheat bread.


Low-fat cottage cheese with yogurt and fruit




Oatmeal with prunes and dried apricots, broth of hips


Shchi or borscht, but only with chicken or turkey meat, baked pollock and potatoes.


For the evening – salad from sea kale and any other vegetables, rice or buckwheat porridge, as well as 200-300 g of boiled chicken meat.






Omelet, steamed and chicory broth, diluted with milk (to taste)


Soup with rice and vegetables, boiled fish or low-fat varieties and vegetable garnish


Baked fish, potatoes – mashed potatoes or “in uniform”. For a dessert, you can use any fruit, preferably citrus fruits
Sunday Breakfast


It will be nice to use a vegetable salad dressed with olive oil and flavored with a spicy seasoning. To the salad – a few slices of low-fat cheese, whole grain bread. It is worth to drink tea with lemon.


Soup from vegetables with wheat, boiled meat (chicken or turkey), and garnish with grits with baked vegetables.


Oatmeal with dried fruits, broth of wild rose

How to determine the amount of food that must be consumed at a time? The duration of the cholesterol diet

After reading the table above, the reader involuntarily thinks about how to determine the volume of consumed portions. If it is said, for example, for breakfast today, soup with rice and vegetables – how much does this soup should be consumed, a ladle or two plates? Many nutritionists describe in grams each component of the diet – they say, you need to eat 100 g of fish, 200 g of meat and 300 g of buckwheat. All this is a theory that has nothing to do with practice. Tell me please, who will weigh the products before they are consumed, each separately? Of course, no one.

However, the question of the amount of food consumed remains open, and if a person wants to get rid of excess weight, one can not rely on the “clues” of his body. In fact, everything is much simpler – it will be enough to remember the size of the portion served in the catering establishments. It is this amount (plus or minus) that is the standard, from which calorie calculation and the required portion of the consumer product are carried out.

Typically, the cholesterol diet in its duration takes about two to three weeks, nothing more. There are, of course, exceptions, but they need to be coordinated with a nutritionist and therapist, as following the principles of a cholesterol diet for a period exceeding the maximum allowable results in significant changes in the metabolic processes of the human body, which can lead to undesirable consequences.

The given menu for each day is worth changing only, that’s all. That is the dishes that are intended for consumption on Monday, next week to eat, for example, on Wednesday. There is no need to change the list of allowed dishes and food.

Recipes of delicious and healthy dishes, which can not be better for a cholesterol diet

Few diets can be not only effective and safe but also delicious. In this case, you can afford to “lose weight deliciously.” Read examples of recipes for dishes that have not left anyone indifferent:

Vegetable salad with chicken and sea cabbage.


  • 200-300 g of chicken fillet (boiled);
  • 300 g of sea kale;
  • 100 g of carrots, grated on a large grater;
  • 100 g of sweet pepper;
  • 200 g of tomato.

Preparation will not be difficult – all the ingredients will need to be finely chopped, and then thoroughly mixed. After that, it remains only to fill with sunflower oil and everything – the dish is ready!

Oatmeal with dried fruits.

It will be enough to pour 300-400 grams of porridge with 1 liter of hot milk and cover with dried fruits. After 20-30 minutes of steaming, you can eat.

Cholesterol diet - basic principles menu for the week

What results can you achieve through the cholesterol diet?

As already mentioned above, the cholesterol diet is one of the “hard” ones. It exerts a significant load on the body, as it fundamentally reconstructs and significantly optimizes many metabolic processes, which leads to an increased energy expenditure, and as a result, to the splitting of the fat reserve and to a decrease in the concentration of “harmful” cholesterol in the blood.

Judging by the reviews of those people who dumped weight on the technique in question, its effectiveness does not cause any doubt – on average, for one course, it took 3-4 kg of excess weight. This is the optimal result, which will help not only to get rid of unnecessary fatty deposits but also does not harm the human body.

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