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Sexual fantasies - a taboo subject? 1

Sexual fantasies – a taboo subject?

At the heart of good relationships is sincerity. It is believed that with a loved one we can speak literally about everything. Is it so? Can you tell your loved one about your sexual...

Aphrodisiacs - the secret of loving pleasure 1 0

Aphrodisiacs – the secret of loving pleasure

Already in ancient Greece and Egypt, it was known that some substances of animal, vegetable and mineral origin stimulate a love desire. In honor of the goddess of love of Aphrodite, they were called...

Masturbation: Myths and Facts 1

Masturbation: Myths and Facts

totally normal masturbation (touch yourself for sexual pleasure) whether you’re sexually active with other people or not. Masturbation even has health benefits, like reducing stress.

Sex toys for men 1

Sex toys: do you need them,how to choose them

Types of sex toys for women, men, and couples, recommendations for choice and care and tips for beginners Why try sex toys? “Everything should be natural,” some will say. “But what is the point...

Vaginismus phobia of sex 2

Vaginismus: phobia of sex -Sex

The absence of orgasm is not the only common sexual problem in women. Some women can not even allow a partner to have sexual intercourse because of fear of sexual intercourse. Sexologists call this...