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Toxoplasmosis is one of five infections that carry a frightening TORCH prefix. What is this disease and why should it be feared pregnant?


Endometriosis – Symptoms and Treatment

Many have probably heard of a disease such as endometriosis, but few know what this disease is. Often it is confused with other diseases, and the reasons for its appearance are still arguing even...

Heartburn during pregnancy 1

Heartburn during pregnancy: causes, treatment

Even if you have never suffered from heartburn during pregnancy you have every chance to get acquainted with it. The phenomenon is so unpleasant and common among pregnant women that it is considered one...

Importance of vitamin D during pregnancy 2

Importance of vitamin D during pregnancy

Your body needs vitamin D to maintain the proper level of calcium and phosphorus levels that help shape the teeth and bones of your child. Deficiency of vitamin D during pregnancy can lead to...

weight loss during pregnancy 5

Weight loss during pregnancy

Weight gain during pregnancy is a natural phenomenon that is caused by many factors: baby’s growth in the womb, an increase in the amount of amniotic fluid, hormonal changes. But it also happens that...

Do I need to take vitamins for pregnant women? 0

Do I need to take vitamins for pregnant women?

  Taking vitamins for pregnant women is really necessary, because getting all the nutrients you and your child need from food alone is difficult enough, even if your food includes a wide range of...

What is fertility 1

What is fertility? world of women

Have you decided to become a parent or are you trying to conceive a child in the second (third, etc.) time ?! Then you will certainly come across such a concept as fertility or...

The effect of smoking during pregnancy 1

The effect of smoking during pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy Perhaps, no one will argue that smoking is harmful to any young woman. But when it is in position, the damage caused by nicotine is incommensurably increasing. After all, most of...

Hormonal contraception: types and selection 3

Hormonal contraception: types and selection

Contraceptives based on hormones are less popular than barrier methods of protection, but are not inferior in effectiveness, and are often more effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies.   Hormonal Contraception For women who are in...

Hormones during pregnancy 2

Hormones during pregnancy

Hormones during pregnancy From the work of the hormonal or endocrine system, all the processes that occur in the human body depend. It is the hormones released by the glands that regulate the growth of...