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Causes of hair loss in women 0

Causes of hair loss in women

Female hair loss is a process that is pathological or physiological, depending on the cause of it. Areas that remain without hair can be extensive and visible, which is called baldness.

Herniated disc: Symptoms, diagnosis, treatments 0

Herniated disc: Symptoms, diagnosis, treatments

When back pain radiates in the leg or arm, the diagnosis is usually herniated. The herniated disc is a disease of the spine, in which parts of the intervertebral disc protrude into the spinal...

Dental implants structure, types and treatment 1 0

Dental implants: structure, types and treatment

If a tooth and its root are missing, a dental implant with matching dentures is a viable solution to replace the tooth. The placement of dental implants is considered a proven routine procedure in...

Ozone therapy: the benefits and harm 0

Ozone therapy: the benefits and harm

Ozone therapy, as one of the types of physiotherapy treatment, appeared relatively recently. These procedures, which involve natural ozone gas, are used both externally and intravenously.

In vitro fertilization What is IVF pregnancy in vitro 0

In vitro fertilization: What is IVF pregnancy in vitro

In recent years, more and more talk about IVF or In vitro fertilization. What lies behind this word? For some, this is the last hope to acquire offspring, and someone, considering that there is...

Green tea the benefits and harms 0

Green tea: the benefits and harms

Green tea is a perennial evergreen shrub, reaching 10m in height. The plant has beautiful, long, dark green leaves, having the shape of an oval. The leaves contain in their pulp supporting sclereids. In...

What is Weight Loss Surgery and how does it work? 2

Weight Loss Surgery: Types, Safety, And Benefits

Weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery is a physician-approved surgical procedure to remove excess fat. It is only recommended if you have a BMI of 35-40 or higher and are suffering from diseases related...


Ectopic pregnancy: Causes, Signs, and Treatment

Every woman should know about the concept of ectopic pregnancy. This is a very dangerous pathology. According to statistics, it overtakes about 12% of women. This pathology has been described in medical books since...


Menopause: causes, symptoms and signs

Sooner or later, every woman begins to think about the onset of one of the important periods in her life, which follows menopause. Often these thoughts cause concern because the state is associated with...

Vaginal dryness: causes, symptoms and treatment 0

Vaginal dryness: causes, symptoms and treatment

The female vagina is an intimate organ that needs special care. As with health in general, we do not think about the peculiarities of its functioning until we experience a certain discomfort, and then...

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