Cabbage diet for weight loss: menus for 3, 7 days

Fighting excess weight, girls are looking for their ideal way to grow smaller by several sizes. Cabbage diet for weight loss combines high efficiency, accessibility and the absence of allergic reactions. This type of table will help to lose from 10 to 15 kilograms for 10 days without counting calories.

How to choose the right cabbage

Cabbage table refers to one of the mono-diet. This means that it is allowed to eat mainly this product, adding to it a little fruit or vegetables.

Among all types of cabbage, it is better to give preference to white cabbage, the caloric content of which is fresh in the form of 27 kcal and 19 kg in sour cabbage. If you don’t like it, you can substitute cauliflower, Peking or Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and kohlrabi are also suitable.

Always choose a fresh vegetable, no black dots, and streaks. The leaves should be firm and crunchy, in no case, not dry with red color.

Cabbage diet for weight loss: menus for 3, 7 days

Allowed and forbidden products with cabbage diet

Diet does not limit you to meals. If there is a feeling of hunger, then you can eat a couple of cabbage leaves. Drink plenty of pure water, it can also be replaced with green tea.

It is allowed to eat:

  • low-fat varieties of meat and fish,
  • fruit, except bananas and grapes,
  • vegetables, except potatoes,
  • coffee in small doses.

At the time of weight loss you need to refrain from:

  • salt,
  • baking, sweets, muffins,
  • alcohol,
  • mayonnaise, ketchup,
  • canned products,
  • smoked products.

Exclude fast foods and fried foods.

cabbage diet menu for 5 days

The cabbage diet can be broken down for 3 days, 5 days, and 10. The most sparing option is 3 days. During this time there will be no strong effect, but the body will be partially cleansed of toxins. You will lose about 3 kilograms. This is a good option for express slimming before an important event.

Table with a menu for 5 days of cabbage diet:

Reception 1 2 3 4 5
Breakfast Leaves chervochanki, a piece of cheese, mineral water (at first you can have coffee) Cabbage salad with eggs, toast from bran bread, green tea Orange, cabbage leaves, toast, coffee Vegetable salad, apple, coffee Boiled vegetable, a slice of cheese, toast, coffee with milk (fat-free)
Lunch Cabbage with salad, pepper, apple juice Boiled egg with leaves of vegetables, tea Pechenka with arugula, chicken fillet, tea Cabbage casserole, a piece of cheese Salad from vegetables, arugula, cabbage, chicken fillet, juice
Dinner Vegetable casserole from cabbage, cabbage soup, tea Boiled fish, casserole with cabbage and pepper, coffee without sugar Cabbage stew, broth, boiled fish Cream-soup from cabbage, cream skim, juice Shchi with onions, boiled fish, tea with milk
Dinner Salad from vegetables and chicken fillet, compote of dried fruits Orange juice and leaves Cabbage, green tea with lemon Quick sauerkraut, tea Cabbage-apple salad with nuts, water with lemon

Each of the dishes can be replaced by another, the main thing – that the main ingredient in them were cabbage leaves. Many girls also like to simply chew on the kachan – its juice will help to reduce the appetite. In a day you need to drink up to 2 liters of mineral water. If in the morning you feel dizzy, then half an hour before breakfast you need to drink a glass of warm water with a spoonful of honey.

cabbage diet for 7 days

You think that minus 24 kg per month – it’s impossible, but the reviews of those who lose weight on a cabbage diet will be able to completely refute this. With proper nutrition, it is possible to achieve such an indicator. An important role is played by the initial weight – the bigger it is, the better the results will be.

The principle of the seven-day cabbage diet is the same as in the five-day, described above, only in the last two days, the menu becomes similar to the first two.

All the rules remain the same:

  1. Do not eat after 9 pm;
  2. For dinner, do not drink milk, kefir and other products that cause flatulence;
  3. During lunch, it is allowed to eat a little cereal, but only without salt and oil. Preferably, coarse grinding. It is a good option to clean the small intestine and reduce the volume of the stomach. For example, the buckwheat-cabbage diet will saturate the body with useful mineral compounds (iron, magnesium);
  4. For harmony, you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water a day (this is in addition to juices, tea, and other liquids).

Lose weight on cabbage soup in 10 days

If you want large daily plumbs, then the diet on cabbage soup, designed for 10 days, will help. Soup diet is a great way to diversify the menu. On it, you can eat almost all vegetables, but only in the form of first courses.

The rule of 10-day cabbage diet – no salt, spices, and sugar.

The recipe for cabbage soup:

  • fresh cabbage,
  • carrot,
  • onion head,
  • pepper,
  • tomatoes,
  • celery, herbs.

For a change in taste, you can remove or add other vegetables, except potatoes.

Each hostess in the soup adds the ingredients by volume to your taste, but principle one – cabbage should predominate to a greater extent. Soups are cooked for 20-30 minutes, depending on the smaller / larger fire. You can cook in two ways.

1 method: in a saucepan boil 5-10 minutes of cabbage, and after adding the remaining vegetables, except for greens. For a couple of minutes until ready, add parsley or dill to taste.

2 method: all vegetables, except cabbage, put out in a frying pan or a pan with the addition of oil, preferably olive. At half-preparedness, add water and cabbage and cook for 20 minutes.

Cabbage diet for weight loss: menus for 3, 7 days

You can cook vegetable stew, grind it on a blender and just drink the mixture. This is done with almost all dishes. This is necessary to reduce the feeling of hunger, besides, the stomach is quickly saturated with liquid food. This effective diet for the shortest time will bring the figure back to normal. An important point – any recipe should include cabbage leaves.

There is one soup for 10 days is difficult, and not everyone will be able to hold onto it. Diversify the diet can be other permitted products. Here is the list.


soup + green tea or coffee + additional product from the list to choose from:

  • a couple of pieces of cheese
  • 1-2 boiled eggs
  • orange
  • 1-2 apples
  • 3-4 spoons of oatmeal on the water
  • the piece of bran bread
  • boiled chicken about 50-100 grams


soup + additional product from the list:

  • boiled fish
  • boiled chicken (if it was not for breakfast)
  • a fresh vegetable salad


soup + to choose from:

  • vegetable salad
  • boiled fish or chicken
  • 1-2 eggs
  • dried fruits compote
  • fruit
  • cabbage casserole

2-3 hours before bedtime, you can drink a glass of fat-free yogurt.

Between meals, drink plain non-carbonated water at least 1.5 – 2 liters per day.

The first results of the cabbage diet will be noticeable on the evening of the second day. The average plumb line will be up to 500 grams. Each day this number will increase (with the correct approach to its table). The maximum figure that can be achieved is 1 kilogram per day.

Advantages and disadvantages

Lose weight on cabbage is not suitable for everyone, this diet has features.

Advantages of cabbage diet

  1. The stomach, digesting the vegetable, burns more calories than it receives with its assimilation;
  2. It is very cheap. If an orange or Kremlin diet requires certain investments, then cabbage is considered one of the most affordable;
  3. Classical ten-day apple-cabbage diet saturates the body with vitamins. It is recommended for use in the autumn-winter period, for saturation of the body with vitamins and minerals;
  4. From the body are removed slag, toxins, cleared intestines and blood. This is an excellent prevention of diabetes and other diseases of the circulatory and endocrine system;
  5. It does not require restrictions. It can be any time and any number. This will allow feeling full all the time, even eating only vegetable leaves.
  6. Not everyone will like to lose weight on one cabbage, and not all she will do. Consider the disadvantages.

the disadvantage of cabbage diet

  1. She’s strict. To lose weight, you have to limit yourself in many ways. Food is consumed without salt and fats, it is allowed to add only natural herbal spices;
  2. Drink fluids other than water, green tea and coffee cannot;
  3. Very few carbohydrates. After the 5th day, there may be a decrease in attention, memory impairment, irritability;
  4. Like other mono diets, she quickly gets bored. 10-day in its effectiveness does not know of equal, but most girls simply cannot “stand” on it for more than 7 days.
  5. Increased emission of gases. In particular, flatulence begins in the evening.

Separately, it should be said about its diversity. There are many variants of diets: carrot, onion, cucumber, kefir and potato-cabbage, rice. It is fashionable to choose any type of food you like.

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