Brown mascara: who is suitable?

Many leading make-up artists of the world quite rightly believe that brown mascara is more suitable for some shades of eyes, skin, and hair than its classic black version. Such cosmetics, sustained in chocolate, dark bronze or coffee tone, will be the perfect everyday solution for girls with a warm skin tone, sparkles in brown eyes and a soft character in general.

And if you decide to replenish your beautician with brown mascara, get ready to spend money on new, more suitable to her, blush, tonal foundation, and lipstick.

Selection rules of brown mascara

Brown mascara: who is suitable?Brown mascara is a win-win for a calm and make-up for every day. The final shade of this cosmetic will depend on the color of the eyes and curls of the woman.

For example, dark brown-haired women, ladies with blond strands should dwell on the product of coffee tones, whereas red-haired and golden blondes are more suitable for mascara with a faintly reddish tint.

If this cosmetics is taken to create evening makeup, then it is better to choose the option with the smallest golden glitter. Most strikingly, it will look at the owners of tanned skin.

It is worth noting that the more vivid the option of day makeup will be chosen, the more cautiously you should approach the choice of brown mascara. In this case, it will be appropriate to add shadows, sustained in a golden beige and warm palette. But green, brown or even blue eyeshadow perfectly combined with cilia, painted in the color of cold coffee or dark chocolate.

Such additional cosmetic products as silver shimmer, pencils, eyeliner and shadows aged in gray-blue and cold colors are “ contraindicated ”.


Those who prefer brown mascara should always have a pencil or liner of the same shade as the dye for eyelashes in their cosmetics bag. To visually make your eyes bigger and more expressive, you need to outline the line of growth of eyelashes, and under the brows put a thin layer of cream satin shadows or a delicate golden highlighter. In no case can you use eyeshadows in pink tones, because in a tandem with brown mascara they begin to create the effect of a tear-stained woman.

For eyebrows, use the means of gray-brown color, which will be in harmony with the shade of the painted eyelashes themselves. In the case when the carcass contains golden particles, their presence can be maintained by imposing golden highlights in the inner corner of the eye.

Now about the tonal basis. With brown eyelashes will be well combined with a tone of ivory color, or a beige base masking imperfections. In any case, the use of coral, dark beige blush, or tools with the redhead.

Lipstick, which is supposed to become red-brown, purple-beige or even pink-salmon, plays a big role in the harmonious image. Use of decorative whitish and pink and nacreous cosmetics is inadmissible.


Brown mascara: who is suitable?If you find it difficult to choose a brown shade of mascara and all other means for successful makeup with it, for a start you can buy ready-made cosmetic sets with already selected shadows, lipstick, and blush.

Having learned a little about the new image, correctors and powder are easy to choose on their own, focusing on the color of the skin, the eyes and the situation for which the make-up is intended.

If we talk about how to apply dark brown or light coffee mascara, then it is permissible to use two methods:

  • Apply a means of zigzag movements, moving the brush from the bottom to the top. This will make the cilia as voluminous as possible;
  • You can paint over the upper eyelid if you simply bring a brush with mascara to it and blink. Cilia will be fluffy and finely made up.

Otherwise, for the perfect staining of the ciliary row, you need to follow these recommendations:

  • Waterproof or ordinary paint for eyelashes should be applied with a brush in a horizontal position. Otherwise, there is a real chance to achieve the effect of ” spider legs” ;
  • Mascara is first applied to the middle of the upper ciliary row, then to its outer, and then to the inner edge;
  • Since almost all modern products make it possible to get a complete eye makeup the first time, it is not recommended to paint the eyelashes again to avoid their sticking and inaccurate appearance. The second time it is permissible to paint only the upper cilia;
  • If you intend to make up the upper ciliary row twice, do it before the carcass is completely dry, but not when it is still wet;
  • In a couple of layers, only those black and brown carcasses are applied, which contain a lot of wax. The rest do not have the same elasticity, and after drying they begin to crumble;
  • In the case when the eyelashes are stuck together, they can be combed and spread with a special brush or a brush from the old mascara, but this should be done before the paint dries completely;
  • Never go to bed with make-up eyes. This leads to inflammation of the eyeball and fragile eyelashes.

And remember that eye makeup depends on many factors, and the color of the mascara is not always decisive. Select cosmetics depending on your mood, season, dress and other things.

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