Brown lipstick: how to choose and apply to make-up

Fashion is constantly changing and often returns to the long-forgotten old, in order to manifest itself in a new way. Brown lipstick was at its peak of popularity a decade and a half ago, and now it is back in fashion. The peculiarity of this color is that it goes far from all girls and does not suit any image. Therefore, before you paint your lips, you need to understand what to combine it with and how to choose all the components of the appearance correctly.

The variety of shades of brown lipstick allows you to choose the most suitable color for hair, makeup, and clothing. Although it is, of course, not a pink lipstick that suits almost everyone. Therefore, the choice of the desired shade should be based not only on external attractiveness but also matched to other elements of the image.

The value of brown lipstick

Brown lipstick: how to choose and apply to make-up

Make-up lips brown can only confident woman. There is a certain amount of aggression and sexuality in it, so brown lipstick doesn’t go to pretty girls who prefer softness in clothes and image. It is a color of assertiveness and independence, ideal for women who are accustomed to achieving everything themselves and not to succumb to obstacles.

Another distinctive feature of the fair sex, who chose a brown lipstick, is the dominant leadership qualities. She is accustomed to managing and is sure that everything is within her power. Therefore, the lips of this shade can often be seen in women in leadership positions.

To brown lipstick in harmony with the overall image, the face must be perfectly smooth. It is important to understand that this color on the lips adds a few years, so, at a certain age, women need to stop using it, preferring softer shades. In this case, communicating with a woman whose lips are covered with brown lipstick, it is unlikely that someone will have a desire to argue or ask about age.

Features makeup, in harmony with dark lips

Brown lipstick can be of different shades, and depending on this you need to choose other cosmetics to create a unique and harmonious look on your face. Conventionally, the whole range of this color can be divided into several basic shades:

  • Light coffee lipstick, similar to the beige color
  • dark brown chocolate
  • brown with a touch of red.

To choose one of them, it is important not only to take into account the hair color and skin features but also the clothes to be worn. In addition, you need to combine lipstick with the color of eyeshadow, blush, and other cosmetics. Therefore, when creating makeup you need to take into account such nuances:

  1. Coffee or beige lipstick is suitable for girls of any color type, even blondes. At the same time, its light tone allows you to highlight your eyes with bright or dark shadows.
  2. Chocolate shade is more suitable for brown-haired women. In this case, you can select eyebrows, and the shadows do not use. Dark lip color does not fit well with pronounced eyes, you need to focus on one thing.
  3. The saturated red-brown lipstick looks good on the lips of brunettes, highlighting the hair color. Golden skin and neutral makeup will make such lips the main focus on the face, which practically does not need to be supplemented. The only part of the face that you can still highlight is the eyebrows.

Brown lipstick can be matte or shine depending on the preferences of the girl. It should be remembered that the dullness of the lips makes the face slightly gloomy, so you can add brightness with blush or suitable shadows. But the gloss on the lips will allow “throw off” a few extra years.

Brown lipstick: how to choose and apply to make-up

Thus, a harmonious and attractive makeup can be made with any shade of brown lipstick, it is important to choose the other cosmetics correctly and not focus on several elements of the face at once, but select only

How to choose the right brown lipstick

To buy lipstick and enjoy its tone on the lips for a long time, and not to throw it away after the first use, you need to take into account several important factors.

  1. Firstly, such a color looks unattractive on thin lips, making them the owner of a slightly gloomy. If the woman has pronounced nasolabial folds on her face, the dark color will make them even more noticeable.
  2. Secondly, it is better to buy brown lipstick and use it in the cold season, since dark color harmoniously combines with warm voluminous sweaters, shawls, and fur. In summer, brown lips will age a girl and spoil the feeling of lightness of her image.
  3. Thirdly, dark lips should be combined with a perfect makeup when the skin is smooth and well-groomed. Otherwise, the dark lips will age the girl and make her look careless.

Given all these nuances, you can go shopping. It is best to make up lips in a store with a sampler in the store and see how the chosen color goes to the girl, in harmony with facial features and hair color. If this is not possible, then for the first time it is better to buy a light shade of brown, get used to it and learn how to select a make-up, and then try a darker version.

Makeup options with brown lipstick

Despite the peculiarity of the dark color of lipstick, it can be used in both daytime and evening makeup. It is important to choose the overall image correctly and harmoniously and not to overdo it with accents on the face.

Daytime makeup is characterized by quieter colors, and for the evening, especially if you are to attend the celebration, you can add color and shine.

To make your day makeup look beautiful, you need to do it in the following sequence:

  1. Apply a suitable shade to cleansed and moisturized skin. It should look natural and hide all skin imperfections.
  2. Using a darker foundation and rouge to give the face pronounced contours. It is important to take bright blush, which in daylight will look natural.
  3. If you are going to use dark lipstick, it is better not to be zealous with eye makeup. It is enough to bring them in a suitable pencil and make up the eyelashes. But it is desirable to highlight the eyebrows with a black or dark gray pencil to highlight their line above the eyes.
  4. To lipstick lay on the lips exactly and kept for a long time, you need to use the base under the lip makeup.
    Evening make-up can be created anew, or you can add a few strokes to make-up to look more expressive. Especially it concerns those cases when in the evening a festive event or celebration is expected. On the eyes, you need to put the shadow with the effect of shine – gray, gold, bronze or lilac. In this case, it is worth painting not all of the eyelid, but only its outer part.

For evening makeup, you can also use a brighter blush. During the day it will look vulgar, and in the evening – harmonious and appropriate. In addition, for the lips, in addition to the base for makeup and lipstick, you can also apply a pencil, which will make their borders even more expressive.

Thus, the choice and use of brown lipstick have its own nuances and features that must be considered to look attractive and harmonious. This color is not for everyone, so before buying it, you should mentally try it on yourself, think about what to combine it with, and then go with confidence to decorate the world.

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