Breast augmentation: the pros and cons of methods

The breast augmentation is the dream of millions of women. Someone is trying to increase the size of the bust on their own, and someone wants to entrust his fate to a plastic surgeon.

The desire to improve the condition and size of the breast is due to the fact that, in fact, girls want to look better in the eyes of men. It is for their rapturous looks that the weak sex goes to various victims and experiments.


  • Today, you can enlarge your breasts in various ways:
  • apply a visual increase;
  • thanks to special physical exercises;
  • injections;
  • resort to plastic surgery.

Let’s consider each method in more detail, after all how many women, so many opinions. Each girl is unique, therefore she chooses the most suitable method for her breast augmentation independently, relying on previous experience, the advice of girlfriends and specialists.


Many girls are afraid of surgical intervention, can not afford to pay for plastic or for some reason it is contraindicated to them. If these situations occur, you can resort to a visual breast augmentation, without surgery.

Here immediately remember the adolescents, who 15 years ago for this purpose were put in a bra cotton wool. This seems ridiculous and awkward, but even this method really worked.

And it was he who became the ancestor of bras with the effect of push-up and models with pads in the form of a sheet.

In this season, many girls have already purchased advertised busts on a silicone-free strapless and any fasteners. They visually raise, increase and approximate the breast glands to each other due to the strings located in the middle.

Selecting a model of underwear for the visual increase, pay special attention to the design of the bra. It should not press down the breast, rub or provide compression action.


What is it necessary to know the girl who decided to increase the muscles of the mammary glands at home using a special set of exercises? Many are confident that some physical exertion will help breast augmentation by several sizes. But do not confuse the concept of “breast gland” and “chest.”

The first does not have muscles that can be pumped up. They consist of glandular and adipose tissue. The main task of the mammary glands in the production of milk during the lactation period, they do not have muscle fibers.

To increase the volume of the tissues of the mammary glands, performing exercises is impossible.

You can increase them only by increasing the amount of fat tissue that will pull them up and visually do more. This happens when typing the total body weight, which is not very attractive.

Affect the size of the muscles of the chest can be due to exercise. The chest will be tightened, rounded, but its size will remain the same.

To the muscles of the chest visually increased, the exercise in the hall will have to be regular and a lot.

Only in this situation, the inflated muscles will positively affect the posture, raise the bust, and it will look slightly larger.

Lack of method

Very often, with regular exercise, girls, as a result, receive the opposite effect. Instead of increasing – the muscles decrease, the photo before and after the increase in glands in this way confirms this fact.

This is due to the fact that with physical exertion fat tissue is burned by the body. Therefore, resorting to this method, first consult with an experienced fitness trainer. He will help to choose the right set of exercises, taking into account all your wishes and physical preparation.

This method is ideal for those who want to tighten their breasts.


Before the beginning of the massage procedure, it is necessary to soften the skin of the breast, so as not to injure them in the process. Ointments and creams are ideal for this.

They will make the skin smooth, supple, and some will help get rid of stretch marks. But they do not affect the breast augmentation.

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The cream is applied in light circular motions. Then perform a circular stroke, from the nipple gradually move toward the armpits. The duration of the procedure should not exceed 5 minutes.

Hydromassage is also considered effective, however, it is worthwhile to monitor the pressure of water so that it is average and does not injure the delicate skin. A simple daily contrast shower, as well as improve the elasticity of the breasts.

It is not necessary to hope, that the cream from advertising will breast augmentation. Its main actions are to give elasticity, tightening and smoothing stretch marks


When in the opinion of specialists without plasticity is indispensable:


  • small bust size;
  • loss of size due to sudden weight loss;
  • severe asymmetry of mammary glands.

Having decided on the operation, it is necessary to choose a good surgeon. On the site of the clinic read the reviews of clients, go to the section “enlargement of the mammary glands of the photo before and after the operation” and carefully review them.

There are such accesses during surgical breast augmentation:

  • Axillary. In this case, the tissue is cut in the armpit area. This method is considered by surgeons to be the most traumatic. But there is an important plus of the technique – after surgery, there will be no scar on the chest.
  • Periareolar. With this method, the tissue is cut in the areola area. As a result, the scars will be hidden, and barely visible with the naked eye. But surgeons note the fact that a woman runs the risk of damaging the milk ducts. This significantly interferes with natural lactational functions.
  • Submammary. If this method was chosen, then the doctor cuts in the submammary fold. This method is loved by many surgeons since for them it is quite convenient. He also has a plus for the operated woman: the scar is hidden in the crease.


Before performing the procedure to increase the bust, it is necessary to pass a number of tests and undergo examinations appointed by the doctor. The duration of the operation depends on:

  • skills and experience of the surgeon;
  • the desired result;
  • the complexity of the operation.

After the increase, experts recommend staying in the clinic for a few more days, since the doctor must follow the general condition of the patient. And after discharge for at least seven days, you need to avoid physical activity.

Special compression lingerie is recommended to be worn during the rehabilitation period. It is designed to support the pectoral muscles. About conventional bras with iron bones will have to be forgotten for about four months.


Benefits                              disadvantages

Quick result                        High price
Beautiful breasts                Presence of contraindications for health reasons
Long Effect                         Long postoperative rehabilitation


Lipofilling is another method of breast augmentation. This is an operative intervention that involves the use of your own fat in order to increase the volume of the mammary glands.

To lipofillinga incline in such cases:


if malignant neoplasm has been eradicated;

  • to make the breasts symmetrical;
  • To increase the mammary glands by 0.5-1 size, adjust their shape.
  • With the help of lipofilling, it will not be possible to enlarge the breast of the first size and get 3 sizes, this is
  • evidenced by the photos of patients before and after.
  • Lipofilling implies a slight increase. If a large correction is required, then it is worth considering the use of implants.

There are such contraindications of the method:


  • inflammatory process, skin diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • detection of malignant tumors.
  • The operation is carried out in the following sequence:

Take the fence of fat cells from places where they are in abundance. It can be the stomach, hips, etc.
The resulting material is processed using a special centrifuge.
Injections are performed, during which fat is injected into the chest. After the procedure, there will be no scarring left on the body.


To increase the breasts, hyaluronic acid is used. It is a gel substance that is present in the human body. It is capable of retaining water molecules, thereby providing moisture.

In modern cosmetology preparations based on hyaluronic are used to increase certain parts of the body without surgery. With their help, correct flaws on the face, make more lips, etc. Such manipulations are referred to as contour plastics.

With the help of such drugs, you can enlarge your chest. To do this, they are injected.

It is necessary to understand that the effect of the procedure is short-lived, and after a while, it is required to go to a second session.

Also, it is worth remembering that it will not be possible to increase the breast greatly, only by 1-2 sizes. For radical changes, one must be inclined to implant implants.

The procedure does not require special preparation. The doctor examines the woman, discusses the desired changes, excludes contraindications, and then proceeds to injections.

Such manipulations take about 40-45 minutes. First, miniature incisions are made, through which the filler will then be introduced.

But do not worry, because, after this, there will be no scars. Similar incisions are made and at lipofilling.

It will be about an hour after the introduction of the preparation of hyaluronic acid, after which the woman can return to previous cases.

The result can be seen immediately: the breast is not only enlarged in size, but also the skin condition on it is improving.

breast augmentation with surgical intervention is the most effective and practical way. Many consider it to be extremely expensive.

However, after researching the prices, it can be concluded that for food, massage and personal pieces of training with the trainer in financial terms for the month, you must pay an amount that is much higher than the cost of plastics. And the real result is much less.

This does not concern the increase by the operation, since, only in this case the result will be seen immediately and will remain so for a long time.

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