Botox injections for wrinkles: pros and cons

Pros and Cons of Botox injections against wrinkles

Each time creates their heroes, their own legends, their own rules, and even their own fashion. Today, in fashion, youth – to be in a trend, a person must be healthy, look young and energetic. Of course, respect for old age is also topical, which is not surprising, because the world population is steadily aging, but modern old people look completely different than a hundred years ago and look much younger than their peers from past times.

Of course, a healthy lifestyle, a high level of medicine and social standards are of great importance for maintaining youthfulness and maintaining a form, but cosmetic procedures play an important role. Young people want to look not only artists who are always in sight, but also politicians, representatives of big business, and ordinary people.

Modern cosmetic industry offers many ways to keep youth, including plastic surgery, but still many prefer to do without, if possible, without surgery and at least for a while to be limited to less traumatic and dangerous methods, among which Botox is known (Botox injections in particular). What are the advantages and disadvantages of this method, that is, the pros and cons of Botox injections against wrinkles?

Brief information about botox

Of course, before deciding on any cosmetic procedure, you need to understand its essence. And if the word “injection” does not raise any questions, then that’s what Botox is, not everyone knows, although today almost everyone at least heard something about this drug.

What is Botox? First of all, it should be said that Botox is known much earlier than it was used to correct appearance. This drug was used in medicine in those cases when it became necessary to relax muscle tissue, since botulinum toxin, which is contained in the composition of Botox, has exactly such properties.

Botox injections for wrinkles: pros and cons

Thus, botox was used only for medical reasons (it is still a toxin, that is, a poisonous substance) and only in strictly defined cases. Botox was first used as an ophthalmic drug to eliminate strabismus because with the help of botox it was possible to eliminate muscle spasm, which formed this defect, and later botox became interested in neurology since it botox allowed to eliminate various spasms, tremors, tics and other manifestations of local hyperactivity muscles.

Attention! Botox effectiveness (both in medicine and in cosmetology) is due to the presence in its composition of botulinum toxin type A, which is a poison that can block the possibility of transmission of a nerve impulse in the direction from the nerve end to any cell of the body.

With the help of botox, it became possible to fight hyperhidrosis, that is, with increased sweating, which arises as a result of hyperactivity of the parasympathetic nervous system and causes abnormal activity of the glands that produce sweat. With the help of botox, the transfer of the pulse from the nerve end to the sweat gland is blocked, thereby reducing sweating.

By the same scheme of effect, facial wrinkles are smoothed – Botox blocks the hyperactivity of facial muscles (facial muscles)

Interestingly, the effect of Botox, which is now in high demand, was discovered quite by accident, when people who were treated with Botox to eliminate strabismus or tics, disappeared or significantly reduced not only the main problems but also wrinkles on the face, including wrinkles around the eyes, and even quite deep wrinkles on the forehead.

The randomly discovered effect was comprehensively investigated – clinical trials were conducted by different research and medical centers in different countries. As a result of clinical studies, conclusions were drawn about the possibility of using Botox in cosmetology and the complete safety of Botox in cosmetology, since in these cases the drug is used exclusively in therapeutic insignificant doses that only local effects can exert. In addition, as a result of studies that preceded the use of botox in cosmetology, it was found that this drug is eventually excreted from the body as a result of natural metabolic processes, so the drug is limited in time.

Attention! In cosmetology, botox began to be used more than three decades ago after the successful completion of large-scale clinical trials and trials.

Botox injection from wrinkles

When using Botox with a cosmetic purpose, the drug is injected with the thinnest needle into the area that requires correction, that is, exactly where the wrinkles were formed. Under the influence of Botox, which has a relaxing effect on the muscles, the facial muscles relax, and their ability to contract decreases, resulting in mimic wrinkles being smoothed out and either disappear completely or decrease substantially.

Attention! Botox is considered a unique drug, which is indispensable in cosmetology since it affects the facial muscle tissue (muscle) exclusively locally.

After the procedure, which is carried out in a cosmetology clinic, the effect becomes noticeable within a day (but not immediately) and gradually intensifies. The maximum effect after injections of botox is observed about a week after the procedure.

Attention! Some people are insensitive to the effect of botulinum toxin, as to any neurotoxins in general, so the use of Botox injections for such people makes no sense.

However, it should be remembered that the drug is excreted from the body as a result of natural metabolic processes, so its effect is limited in time. As a rule, therapy with Botox preserves its effectiveness for about half a year (from four to eight months), however, there are cases when the positive result persisted longer, reaching a year

To maintain the desired skin condition, cosmetologists recommend repeating Botox injections several times a year (up to four times a year).

Attention! The duration of the effect of Botox injections is very individual and depends on the rate of metabolic processes in a particular organism.

It is interesting that doctors who perform this procedure note the appearance of the so-called cumulative effect, explaining it by the fact that the facial expression, shortened due to the effect of the drug, remains after its elimination (the habit is activated), so the formation of wrinkles begins to occur much more slowly.

As a result of clinical studies and long-term clinical practice, it has been proved that Botox can not cause mimicry disturbance and does not adversely affect the blood supply, including the blood supply to any facial muscles.

In what cases are botox injections advisable?

Undoubtedly, even with all its advantages, Botox injections cannot be considered a panacea for any problems with appearance. It should be understood that botox injections, like any other medical procedure, are applied only on indications and only after consulting a specialist.

It is known that injections of Botox preparation are most effective at some cosmetic defects – at so-called mimic wrinkles. Most often, cosmetologists advise injecting Botox to get rid of wrinkles that are located in several areas of the face (four types of wrinkles).

First of all, Botox injections are effective if necessary to eliminate the vertical wrinkles that are located between the eyebrows.

The high effectiveness of Botox injections is proven, if necessary, to eliminate horizontal wrinkles on the forehead and on the bridge of the nose.

The use of the drug allows for a long time to get rid of wrinkles that are located around the eyes and are called “goose paws”.

Botox injections are very effective if you need to get rid of nasolabial wrinkles and from any wrinkles that arise around the lips.

Attention! If botox injections in potentially dangerous areas are done before the appearance of facial wrinkles, wrinkles may not appear. Thus, Botox injections can be a preventive tool to prevent aging of the facial skin.

Botox injections are also used to slightly change the shape of the end of the eyebrows, as well as to correct the shape of the lips (botox makes it possible to raise the corners of the lips and/or give the lips some swelling and additional volume).

However, cosmetologists warn that excessive use of Botox may lead to an undesirable result – a person may look like a frozen mask and lose its naturalness.

In addition to correction of the face, botox injections have proved to be very useful in the treatment of hyperhidrosis of armpits (increased sweating).

The use of Botox with hyperhidrosis allows you to get rid of the problem for about a year.

Attention! Botox injections can be effective up to about 65 years. In each specific case, the question of the possibility of making such injections should be solved only with the attending physician-cosmetologist.

Contraindications for injections of youth

Like any medical procedure, Botox injections have some contraindications, including absolute ones.

Absolute contraindications include diseases and conditions of the body that are categorically incompatible with Botox injections.

First of all, botox injections are categorically contraindicated in any oncological diseases (however, like any other cosmetic procedures).
Strongly prohibited are Botox injections in hemophilia (in the same way any other invasive procedures are prohibited).

To absolute contraindications for correction of the face with the help of botox is myasthenia gravis – an autoimmune neuromuscular disease, among the symptoms of which is called very rapid (pathological) fatigue.

It is extremely undesirable to do Botox injections to those patients who are mentally unstable.

Practicing medical cosmetologists warn those patients who are too optimistic about Botox injections and their miraculous effects.

Cosmetologists also warn that for elderly people, Botox injections can be completely ineffective: the fact is that with age, facial muscles weaken in themselves and the use of Botox loses all meaning. However, the aging process is very individual and the age limit for this procedure varies from person to person, therefore, in each individual case, a preliminary consultation of a cosmetologist is required, which specializes in Botox injections.

Attention! Contraindications for the use of Botox injections should be specified at the doctor-cosmetologist, preparing for each procedure.

To avoid unnecessary frustrations, it is necessary to understand that wrinkles can have not a mimic, but some other nature and that to combat such non-limp wrinkles, it is not botox injections that are required, but other methods. Cosmetologists are often advised to use injections of hyaluronic acid to fight non-wrinkles.


In antiquity, it was known that any poison can become an indispensable medicine. Similarly, in the case of botox, the poison is the botulinum toxin, if properly applied, it can provide youth and beauty. Of course, botox itself does not do a miracle. To maintain youth, you should lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, give up tobacco and alcohol, avoid stress, increase physical activity …

But Botox injections will help you escape from the captivity of inexorable time and save or restore the youthfulness of your face. Many are still afraid of these injections. But this is not surprising, because everything new causes fear, then fears, then cautious curiosity, and only then becomes a familiar and integral part of life. Presumably, Botox injections are now going through a period of cautious curiosity, because the effectiveness of the procedure has long been proven.

Of course, it is very important to fully implement all the recommendations of the attending physician and apply only to well-established clinics, but this applies not only to Botox injections but to any medical examinations, procedures, and manipulations. Pros and cons of Botox injections? The pros are obvious – a young face that often provides many other benefits. And Cons? Minuses can be avoided if all medical recommendations are strictly followed. So down with wrinkles and forward to beauty and youth!

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