Blue mascara: who is suitable, makeup options

For many years now, the makeup of the eyes in blue, as well as dark blue colors, has remained relevant and loved by all. It is great for green-eyed and brown-eyed girls, making their eyes more expressive by creating a contrast effect. On the other hand, blue mascara does not fit well with blue eyes when everything merges together.

In addition to a certain type of person and style of clothing, the selection of mascara must take into account the specific character and temperament. This is especially important when it comes to celestial colors associated with many symbols and associations.

Blue mascara: who is suitable, makeup optionsSo, lovers of azure carcass – natures are naturally peaceful by nature, striving for harmony. They are difficult to ruffle or to make something rash.

The girl, who prefers eye makeup of all shades of blue, has a heightened sense of devotion and justice. In addition, it is unlikely that an unassembled person will choose this color of the hulk: on the contrary, it is women who are internally organized, who do not tolerate unrest both at home or in appearance and in the soul.

Many stylists believe that you need to choose makeup based on your character: this will allow the girl to reveal her individuality.


The choice of a non-classical version of the mascara imposes responsibility on the make-up artist since during its existence special rules for its application have been established.

They can be reduced to the following points:

Blue mascara who is suitable, makeup options 1

  1. Blue mascara does not require the use of a black liner – this can cause color imbalance. It is better to choose a contour pencil of dark brown or dark blue.
  2. Shadows are allowed to apply any tones, except for heavenly shades.
  3. Color cosmetics look better on well-opened eyelashes, so before you make makeup, you need to curl them with special forces.
  4. An interesting option for painting the eyelashes is a combination of different color cosmetics. One of them is applied to the upper lashes, the other – on the lower.
  5. To finish the image created with the help of azure eyelashes, will help applying on the very tips of black mascara. This way you can visually enlarge the eyes.
  6. Blue mascara is not suitable for owners of gray or blue eyes. This neighborhood emphasizes the yellowness of proteins.
  7. The ink of any bright colors must be repeated in accessories and clothing items.


In the modern world, makeup is considered one of the types of art, because not every woman knows how to properly and beautifully apply cosmetics. Therefore, if we are not talking about the everyday classical painting of eyebrows and eyelashes, but about a full-fledged make-up procedure using bright eyeshadows and mascara, it is always better to contact the master. However, you can also experiment with cosmetics at home, try to make unusual eye makeup. Originality will add blue mascara, which is most suitable for owners of brown eyes.

Makeup is done in three stages:

  • The imposition of shadows on the eyelids. You should first apply a special base for makeup – this will ensure its durability, as well as prevent the shadows from rolling down over time

Blue mascara who is suitable, makeup options

Brown-eyed women are easy to choose the shade of the shadows because they are suitable for absolutely any color. Brunettes often prefer silvery or golden shades, and blondes prefer pink or beige. This approach most advantageously emphasizes the beauty of brown eyes.

It is better not to apply shadows with a sponge, which, as a rule, is attached to various palettes, but with a special round brush with a soft bristle. Having chosen the desired tone, they carefully apply shadows on the entire eyelid, shade them well, so that there are no clear boundaries. Some stylists have advised applying white shadows on the area under the bend of the eyebrow to create a flickering effect.

It is important that all transitions are smooth, so you need to rub them well with a brush.

  • Use liner. After the imposition of shadows, you can use a contour pencil or liquid eyeliner. In this way, with the help of make-up, you can visually change the shape of the eyes, enlarge them, or lift the corners. Carefully draw the arrows of medium thickness from the inner to the outer corner along the growth line of the eyelashes. If you plan to use blue mascara, you should not choose a black eyeliner: it is very interesting and at the same time dark brown arrows will naturally look.
  • Mascara application is the final stage. Before you do it, curl your eyelashes with forceps to open your eyes. Mascara is applied evenly along the entire length of the eyelashes so that there are no lumps. Upper eyelashes are dyed with blue mascara. At the bottom, you can apply the composition of a different color, for example, dark brown. Also for the makeup of brown eyes is suitable to use a variety of sparkles.

Bright makeup will look good in the evening. It is important not to focus on the lips if the eyes are made up in this way. It is better to use natural inconspicuous shades of lipstick.


Now it is easy to find recipes on the Internet, how to make mascara at home from natural ingredients: activated carbon, wax, vitamin E. However, they have one major drawback – such compositions are usually not stored for long. In addition, it is not always that such cosmetics can fully replace what was bought at the store, lying unevenly on the eyelashes.

However, it is not difficult to make a good mascara with your own hands. In special cosmetic stores, you can buy special substances with which it is easy to prepare the most genuine colored mascara, no different from the brand.

To do this, you need to prepare in advance the following ingredients:

Blue mascara who is suitable, makeup option

  • borage oil 17%
  • dark blue oxide (or another, if you want to make a mascara of a different color) 19%
  • emulsion wax 7.8%
  • acacia gum 7.8%
  • candelilla wax 0.9%
  • distilled water 45.8%
  • vitamin E;
  • grapefruit seeds (extract 0.6%).


  1. Divide the ingredients between two bowls: in the first mix water and acacia gum, in the second – borage oil, emulsion and candelilla wax, oxide.
  2. The components of both bowls melt in a water bath to a liquid state, then mix everything.
  3. Cool the mixture, pour in all the remaining components, mix well. Blue mascara is ready to do it yourself

A brush for applying the composition on the eyelashes can be purchased at the store or use a brush from under the old mascara, after washing it with warm water. This mascara not only paints the eyelashes well but also nourishes them, saturating with the vitamins that are present in the recipe.

Blue mascara is an indispensable thing in many women’s cosmetics because with its help you can quickly create an original and unique image, emphasizing the beauty of brown or green eyes.

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