Beige lipstick: features, how to use makeup

Beige lipstick is the perfect complement to any look. With it, make-up artists from all over the world do nude-style makeup. This image looks natural, does not cause undue attention, and the woman feels confident and comfortable.

Naturalness and naturalness is the motto. But, as practice has shown, such a lip product should also be able to choose. Despite the fact that the beige color refers to neutral shades, there is a huge palette of colors.

Not every woman lipstick fits the complexion, skin, hair. To create the perfect image you need to be able to choose shades of beige.

Beige lipstick: features, how to use makeup

Secrets of choice beige lipstick

Very often, from the makeup artists and stylists, you can hear the same advice that beige lipstick needs to be selected only to match the tone of the lips. Experts in one voice say that the shade should be as close as possible to the natural color of the lips.

However, other experts of the beauty world recommend first of all to pay attention to the type and shade of the skin. In other words, your beige lipstick should be either a few shades lighter or darker. Only, in this case, the makeup will look beautiful and natural.

If you have a pale skin tone, then beige-pink lipstick will look perfect on your lips. But a pure beige color can only ruin the entire makeup, as it will completely discolor your face.

A light beige shade is ideal for brunettes, as well as for those representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, whom nature has awarded with a dark complexion.

If you have very pale skin, then you should not even look at natural beige lipstick. They will only spoil your image and make you inconspicuous to society. But if you still want to use this color in your image, then we advise you to pay attention to different shades. For example, you can choose a lipstick with a pinkish or lilac shade.

Therefore, before going to the store, carefully examine the color of your skin, as well as focus on the color of hair. Choose the right lipstick is not so difficult as it may seem at first glance.

Beige lipstick: features, how to use makeup


Some women underestimate the role of beige lipstick in makeup. Someone even thinks that it is completely useless since it is almost not noticeable on its lips. However, she greatly influences the image of the girl and gives him some mystery and understatement.

  1. The main advantages of lipstick such a natural beige shade
  2. gives the image maximum naturalness
  3. preserves the balance of natural beauty and brightness
  4. emphasizes natural skin color
  5. suitable for women of any age.

Bright lipsticks are very often not appropriate in the female image. And every girl wants to emphasize her beauty. The beige shade is a real salvation. It can be used for a daily look. In addition, it protects lips from wind, frost, and sun. Even in the winter season, such lipstick will look beautiful.

If you want to focus on the eyes, not on the lips, then beige lipstick is perfect for such makeup tricks. A light beige tint will complete the image and will not distract from the beautiful make-up on the eyes. Such a tone is especially topical with a classic world-famous make-up called “Smoky Eyes”.

It has already been said that the beige tone perfectly emphasizes the skin color. If you are a happy owner of a golden or olive complexion, then this lipstick will look perfect on your lips.

With this color, the skin of the face will look more tanned, even if you are unable to get out to rest to the sea. But keep in mind that pink shades only spoil your image. For dark skin, they are absolutely not suitable, as they will give the face pallor, and in some cases even a painful color.

The main advantage is the absence of age restrictions. Lipstick would be perfect to look at the lips of a brunette schoolgirl or a blonde older woman. The main thing to remember about all the criteria for her choice, and then it will become a real highlight of your image, and men simply can not take their eyes off you.

Natural makeup

Now let’s look at how to properly use beige lipstick, as well as how to make a popular make-up in the style of naturalness and naturalness – “nude”.

The basis of this makeup is, of course, the beige color of lipstick. This make-up is perfect for every day. You can apply it to work, and to study, and in a cafe or restaurant. In any case, your image will look stylish.

  • So, the first thing you need to choose the right shade of lipstick. There are several tones of beige color: pink, lilac or even caramel. Choose the shade that best suits your facial tone.
  • Try to completely hide all the flaws of the skin. Before applying makeup, be sure to treat your face with a good scrub that will completely peel off all the flaws. But this will also not be enough, so you need to use different cosmetics to achieve the desired effect. For example, bruises under the eyes can be removed with a special corrector for the tone of the face.
  • Red spots are removed with a dense concealer. And uneven complexion can be corrected by different shades of foundation, powder, and blush.
  • Next, you need to apply a little foundation on the face, which will form the basis for makeup and moisturize the skin. For such makeup, it is desirable to choose a concealer with reflective particles. Apply with your fingers or sponge.
  • For nude makeup, experts do not recommend to emphasize the contour of the lips, even with a light pencil. All lines must be natural.
  • Focus on the eyes. Bring your eyes with a black pencil or special liner. Shadows also select dark, possibly gray with a pearl shade. Remember that you do not focus on the lips, but on the eyes. Golden and brown shadows will also look good.
  • Before you apply lipstick on the lips, they need to moisten. To do this, you should apply hygienic lipstick or colorless lip gloss. Wait until they are well absorbed in the lips.
    If you do not want to focus on the eyes, then we suggest highlighting the cheekbones. To do this, the store should purchase a special tool called highlighter. But it can also be replaced with cream shades with glitter. Remember that even the blush in such a makeup should look stylish and easy.
  • Take care of your eyebrows. They should be thick and, as you might guess, natural. To do this, you can use light brown and gray shadows. You need to match the color to your face and hair.
  • Next should apply the foundation of our natural makeup – lipstick. This should not be done in the traditional way. To lay it well and evenly, apply it with your fingers.
  • Another secret: before applying to lubricate your lips with foundation. Believe me, you will immediately notice the difference between applying in this way and the usual painting of lips.

Applying beige lipstick is the final step in creating an image. Believe me, this makeup will look advantageous even on vacation. He will not attract too much attention.

Therefore, if there is no beige lipstick in your cosmetic bag, we advise you to go to the store to look for it.

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